Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox & her Alison obsession.

All screenshots enlarge with a click. 

Andrea has been making more of her laughable and pointless Storifies. Quite a source of amusement though possibly not for the reason Andrea intended!

Yup.  Andrea and her juvenile Storifies. She's a woman in her late forties is Andrea, but to read her output you would think she was around 14. Arrested development? Hmmm...

She hasn't actually grasped how to make an interesting narrative, she strings together conversations with abuse and her own immature, extremely ill-informed spin on things.  In real life, is she like this? Maybe she should get out more and socialise and find how normal people behave?

Oh Miss Manners eh?  Alison Chabloz is a "piece of shit" is she Andrea? Ah yes, the Andrea Silva Goncalves charm in action again!

Her obsession with Alison Chabloz is becoming really quite a cause for concern...  Storifying and making adolescent comments on just about every conversation she has?  Sounds like a bad case of butthurt to me. :0)

Safe bet Andrea's been whining to police to get a so called  "crime ref" too,  in order to report Alison to Twitter, as she did with me.* (Perhaps others can play that game?) Libertarian Andrea?

I point out Alison is her own woman and I'm certainly not pulling any strings.  But you won't believe that as it doesn't suit your trolling agenda does it?

Bonkers? Spammy? Puppetmaster? Really?

Oh there's so much of it.

Andrea sounding more than a little not really very balanced here?

Really? And Andrea isn't obsessed?

The UKIP couple? Ah yes the Quirks, would be local councillors, who defamed and abused and made threats, for no apparent reason? Pals of yours are they Andrea?


(And yes I sent certain tweets from Mr Quirk, a person with whom I had previously had no contact at all, to police to have on record Andrea...  you have a problem with that? I also spoke to UKIP about lies being told about me on Twitter and another site. Alison also made contact with UKIP, why should she not? Threats and unwarranted abusive comments were being made on Facebook, also outright lies being told. UKIP officials were helpful.)


Andrea clearly knows very little of the background, but hey... being informed isn't part of her trolling and smearing agenda is it? No, informed is about the last thing Andrea is.

The not so anonymous email to St Matthew's Church? I can assure Andrea neither Alison Chabloz nor myself sent any email to the vicar.

I am aware that an email was sent as the person who sent it told me of it. I did not instigate it nor did I send it, and I understood it was not anonymous.  Why not ask the vicar? What have you done that you feared the vicar would find out about? Was it your foul mouthed abuse, your lies, your hatred, your deeply unChristian behaviour, what?

As for this: so someone tweeted my blog and said something was "for a pal"?

Only thing malicious and vindictive in that blog by the way were the screenshots of your own tweets. Disgusting stuff. Is that why you tried to have it removed?  Showed you for what you are?


If this carries on however I will feel obliged to contact the vicar to tell him I sent him no email, anonymous or otherwise, and you are defaming me... again.

Sad to say, Andrea appears to live in a tiny bubble of self delusion. Naturally she's an innocent... in her dreams.


Screenshots may not be viewable but anyone reading can see the "treachery, fraud & deception"...

As for this...  an offer to meet, talk, a sort things out amicably? That was a threat?

*Here's one of Andrea Silva Goncalves'  takedown notices sent to Google. Nothing came of it... I'm waiting to see what lies she's told on her most recent one, see link for further details:


Perjury. Not a nice word is it?

Perhaps it's time Google was notified.

I see Andrea's pal Josh aka @VDissidentZ aka vile abusive troll @EDLNewsxxtra @_Newsxxtra  (alternative account of suspended @EDLNewsextra @_Newsextra) has removed himself from Twitter.


 I believe it's connected with being abused by Andrea's pal Vicky. Biter bit, eh?

I note Vicky's main account has been suspended again on Twitter.  I still have that police ref number from when I reported her lies about me and her threats :0)

http://nemesisrespondsto.blogspot.com/2014/04/message-to-victoria-denise-lloyd.html < see updates and comments; there may be more to come :0)

And this. Seems others have Andrea sussed :0)

More hashtag flaming and trolling from Andrea in the hope of getting a response so she can post her foul mouthed abuse and think she's a wit. She's not. I agree... she's a very boring and negative troll.

Yep Andrea, a real credit to your parents and your heritage, and such class what?

 Make that 13!

By the way Ms Stalky Stalky Andrea, when is that holiday you claimed you booked?  The whole village is waiting to greet you... pitchforks are sharpened...




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