Thursday, 7 August 2014

Butthurt in Shoreditch tralala

I'm reminded of Carly Simon

You're so vain I bet you think this song is about you

Though I think it possibly is about a certain Sly Fox / Lying Toad?

The best way to counter pernicious, lying Internet trolls is through satirical humour. Even better when it's set to music.

And we know a Storify about that!

They really don't come more unpleasant than Toad, do they? Bile and spite appear to be what she thrives on. Trolling and attention-seeking on  the #mccann hashtag? And being rude when someone shows concern at her bizarre behaviour? 

"*Update* - Following publication of this Storify, Andrea went quiet for a while. In fact, she was busying herself republishing all her Storifies about me - the ones she deleted last week in anticipation of a police visit - including re-editing the ones with the most hits so they appear at the top of her "page." " 

And not so ill as she claims as she's still stalking Alison's timeline and making more of her laughably juvenile and spite-filled Storifies, which show just how butthurt in Shoreditch she is and how little understanding of the more subtle aspects of the English language she has.
 "You read their tripe once and the rest is just regurgitated tripe."
Makes not a lot of sense. If it's such tripe why bother reading it then?

Oh the intellectual shallows of Andrea's mind! 

This week she's been trolling yet another high profile Muslim (she really doesn't like Muslims...). 

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi hasn't so far responded to Andrea's spamming of her on Twitter. Perhaps like most people spammed by Andrea and her hate campaigns, she appreciates Andrea is a troll? A troll already warned by Twitter for abuse? 

Andrea supports child killing in Gaza too, it appears.

By the way Andrea you have not issued any cease and desist have you?  A bit of wildly inaccurate whining on your silly blog to some persons unspecified?  Based on mainly bullshit and attention seeking, to elicit sympathy from those foolish enough to believe you?  Get real.  Same tripe, ad nauseum. Queef queef queef.

You are hardly an innocent are you? Abusive blogs etc? Trolling? Lies to all manner of people (yes I have the screenshots...). Getting family members to directly abuse me on Facebook, using a FAKE ACCOUNT in your son's name? Publishing a d0x with all my and my spouse's details? (Why was that Andrea? What did you hope would happen to me?)  Posting a blog where you allowed people (still not a clue who Andy is) to be abusive about me, and asked them to report my Twitter account as spam? Lying to Twitter to have my account suspended? Lying to police about me too? I could go on... so much I could detail... So don't bother trying it on with me. Won't wash. You made your bed etc. 


Derbyshire Police worded Alison's letter after a particular course of action was taken by Ambrosine Shitrit, including sending a defamatory letter to Alison's employer (what was Andrea's involvement in that sordid episode?) and vile abuse directly posted on Alison's YouTube channel (signed Ambrosine Shitrit and YadBYadUK).

Alison's employer urged her to go to police and report this.

Should Twitter be told you are the BANNED @_Newsextra and @Gotabonetopick? 

Hey... remember when you claimed I was @ateeve3? 

Holiday time soon? The one where you are going to stalk me for real?  :0)




PS Don't worry multiple suspended Ambro I haven't forgotten you and Lying Feryl Sheryl McNaught, aka @ssenlA_ni_truhttuB  more soon...  still laughing at you... 

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