Friday, 22 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox still baleful?

Whine whine whine...  trolling trolling trolling... trollolol

Yaaaawn. That butthurt is strong today Andrea? I can guess who you are reporting again. Pathetic.

I see saddo Andrea Lying Toad continues to make pointless Storifies, showing her love of tired old cliches and her obsessive trolling. That drama  queen at it again?

I have a whole heap of abusive URLS of Andrea's saved I could report to Twitter... she's very fond of reporting others, perhaps it's time she was reported? I wonder what her Libertarian pals think of her un-Libertarian actions?

There's her suspended troll accounts they should know about too?

She's already had a Twitter warning for abuse and Twitpic has removed several of her pictures as being anti-Muslim prejudice, amongst other things.

She's a spitefully nasty creature isn't she?

I believe she has reported Alison Chabloz to police for a non-crime (another blog... when I have time... ) was that so she could get a 'crime ref' to send to Twitter support? That one must be wearing thin now dear.

Andrea appears to have missed the purpose of Storifies, hers are without any meaningful narrative, simply more of her spite and bile in longer format. Still, it keeps her busy, as she's unemployed and probably unemployable?

Following her Joshua Bonehill BS and trolling, as detailed here:

she's now pretending she was never a keen follower and retweeter of his Daily Bale.

Nutter? Disablist again dear? What would Josh think of that slur on his character?

But there is a link Andrea... you were happy enough last year to follow and retweet the lies which ensured another court appearance.

NB yes that's you and your then pals Ambrosine Shitrit and Sheryl McNaught (suspended again I see) he's referring to as Zionist Right wing capitalists in that tweet you were happy to reproduce.

Have you kissed and made up with Sheryl yet? She's another liar, so you two should get on really well.

I see Andrea's  pal Vicky is happily chatting, DMing  and retweeting him too.

Has her love affair with Tommy and the English Defence League now waned?

All very amusing, catching Andrea making a tit of herself as usual.

More Bonehill:



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