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Andrea Urban Fox, homophobia, Bonehill, the Bale

Quite. See end of blog*  for source. I thought long and hard before posting this blog. 

Andrea's been attention seeking again. Trollololing?

She may have a short memory, but some others of us haven't.

Her pitifully inept Storifies are multiplying, and are up down up down on off her page like a whore's drawers, though they do give many a chuckle and an insight into her inadequacies as a social commentator, and her inability to differentiate fact from her own fiction.

I would have thought by now most people with their ear to the ground will know about Joshua Bonehill, and his Daily Bale, and the rest. Apparently, Andrea has a faulty memory.

 Andrea's Storify. All screenshots will enlarge with a click. Bear with me as there is more purpose to this than simply posting Andrea's Storify and making 'fair comment'.

Well yes, homophobia is vile, but then yes so is Bonehill, a man with 'convictions'. I mean, court convictions. I understand another appearance coming up soon.

So by  Hey Twitter! Show this homophobe some love Andrea, are you asking your followers to troll him, spam him, mass report him? Yes I think you are... giving him the oxygen of publicity he and you crave.

Not very "Libertarian" is it? (Though Joshua has it about right about Andrea's importance... not much else he's ever right about...)

So Andrea spams a sleb @BoyGeorge in the hope of attention, a retweet and fame, and hashtags her tweet #homophobia #LGBT in the hope of attracting comments back, in order she can abuse the person tweeting at her, and then can  maybe Storify and report the tweeter involved to Twitter. Andrea also likes to send her pals links to her abusive  posts as she thinks she's a wit.

So far the usual stuff for Andrea. Yawn.

It's all old hat but it's how she operates.  Yep she's an attention seeking troll. As indeed is Bonehill, but he's rather better at it than Andrea.

See Andrea, if you put a tweet link in it pings to mentions, it's nothing about anyone searching for themselves. Doh. Messed up again, Toad?  Or just trying to attract Bonehill's attention without obviously adding his @?

So after drawing attention to Bonehill, without actually linking him in as she's too fastidious, and getting the response she craved, Andrea now can't handle him responding so swears and Storifies it. "Sick fuck" says Andrea.

Well of course homophobia is wrong. Very wrong.

Odd though isn't it, that not so long ago, Andrea was tweeting homophobic abuse at a man as she didn't like him? Bitchy cunty queen, ref to AIDS,  hope he dies painfully? This from a supposed Christian woman? Here's a flavour of it. 


'Sick fuck' Andrea? Looked in the mirror have you?

Back to Bonehill.

Yes of course Bonehill is a nasty and a far right troll, as anyone with their ear to the Twitterverse knows.

A quick google will bring up many hits about his far from illuminating career so far.  2011 when he broke into a police station and stole an inspector's uniform?

Drunken Somerset teenager burgled police

By Western Gazette - Crewkerne  |  Posted: August 04, 2011

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A MAN who broke into Chard Police Station and stole uniform clothing said he opened the locked door using his Conservative Party card.
Joshua Bonehill-Paine, 18, of Higher Kingston, admitted burglary and assaulting two police officers who tried to arrest him when he appeared before magistrates at Yeovil last week.
Prosecuting, Christine Hart told the court that Bonehill-Paine had turned up at the station drunk at around 2am on March 11.
He told the officer on duty he had been thrown out of the Phoenix Hotel and wanted a lift home. The officer told him he could not take him home but made him a cup of tea and locked the door after he left.
Later, at around 3.20am, PC Matthew Turner saw Bonehill-Paine standing near the station wearing a police-issue balaclava and top. Recognising he was not an officer, PC Turner asked where he got the uniform. Bonehill-Paine pointed towards the police station and said: "Do you know how I got in? Your security is s***. I got in with my card."
Mr Bonehill-Paine kicked out when efforts were made to arrest him, assaulting two officers in the process.

 more: http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Drunken-Somerset-teenager-burgled-police/story-13067846-detail/story.html#ixzz3ArEq9W7x


For the offences of burglary, assault and criminal damage, magistrates sentenced him to a 12-month community order including 100 hours' unpaid work and supervision by the probation service.

Woolwich strong?


Yes there is a great deal more.

In August 2013 Bonehill's Daily Bale site, which existed to spread lies and propaganda, posted one of its many fake stories about a pub in Leicester, the Globe. Bonehill's Bale claimed:

The Globe Pub in Leicester has recently enforced a new scheme which seeks to ban all British Military personnel from entering their premises in fear of upsetting local non British citizens


The Bale even went so far as to suggest the clientele of the pub were paedophiles.

And lo it came to pass that the story went viral, helped along by the gullible and the plain malicious.

To cut a long story short, the pub was targeted, and it all became very nasty indeed.

Naturally, the English Defence League joined in. Here's EDL News reporting:


And yes it did all end in tears for Bonehill, who ended up in court... again.

This isn't the real Bale site (no longer in existence) but a site with a great deal of history and info, for those more interested.


 He's still at it of course, attention seeking and pulling in the gullible.

And who were and still are the gullible? (Or possibly worse, the knowing trolls who enjoyed spreading his lies to cause trouble? Who knows the motives?)


Yes amongst them the self same Andrea Urban Fox, aka Andrea Silva Goncalves  who was an enthusiastic follower of the Bale on Twitter and happily helped spread the lies which saw the pub at the centre of a national news story which anyone with a grain of sense knew was a huge pile of bull.. and worse. 


Andrea and yes, her pals Ambrosine Shitrit, Sheryl McNaught (both suspended from Twitter though they keep popping up again with new accounts only to be suspended again eventually)  their so called anti hate 'org' YadbyadUK, and Andrea's pet troll account the suspended @_Newsextra (see also this blog, several posts,  @VDissdentZ)

More Bonehill:


*And another excellent blog on Bonehill, highly recommended. to sum it all up, which is from where the quote on the shot at the start of this blog comes:


Bonehill  continues his far right lunacy, of course and his elaborate trolling and flaming.

https://musicalbecki.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/bonehills-18-point-plan/#comments His 18 point plan?

Andrea has helped him no end today.  She may be interested to know that Joshua doesn't like being challenged and can retaliate big time. Hope she's up for that if it comes.

Ask Nikki Pilkington!

"The messages and comments threatened me with:
  • rape
  • murder
  • public lynching
  • public villification
  • being anally raped with a dead man’s penis
  • having my children hurt / raped / killed
  • having my house torched
  • having my car torched
  • BEING torched
  • having bricks put through my windows
  • having my business destroyed
  • and much much more"





I was never one fooled, any of the time.  Sad to see some still are.

More recent Bonehill:





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