Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Can Andrea get anything right?

What threat? I see no threat.

Nothing at all to do with the Quirks, if that's who the silly woman is referring to. Not a thing. Though I'd suspect they made rather more of a mistake than simply support for UKIP, but hey. Andrea knows nothing. She really should read this:


and yes this:


Neither of the Quirks are either rumoured to be trolling UKIP councillors (they weren't elected) nor are they Tweeting solicitors with whom Alison has been in email contact Andrea. Can't you read your own Storifies?

Here's the Daily Mirror.

Think again.  (Screenshots enlarge with a click)

I'm not sure they would like being referred to as an elderly couple (similar age to you maybe Andrea, the yap yapping old troll??? Not a great deal older anyhow! ) and sorry Andrea, but you clearly know NOTHING at all.

One person who isn't self aware and publishing crap on a daily basis? OOOF?  Or should that be AUF?

 Earlier Andrea had this to say about Alison Chabloz? UGH!

So enjoying how stupid you are though...  another facepalm moment for Andrea! LOL!




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