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VdissidentZ and its coat of many colours: Episode One

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Yes this @VDissidentZ, troll account spreading as much hate filled sh*t as possible.

I dunno about anyone else, but I think not calling someone a harlot, whore and w*g in the first place would have been better than to have to retract it later.

This blog will be a little long and convoluted as of necessity, but bear with me. I'll make it episodic.
Part 2 is here


 It will raise a few questions for which I don't have the definite answer though it will also provide a certain amount of evidence and I have a great deal more.  Only Andrea Silva Goncalves can solve the mystery of Josh (as in joshing?) and 'his' coat of many colours. Or maybe Andrea and a few of her pals?

Sockpuppetry. Hmmm.  See this blog passim.

Oh what a tangled web... @GotaBoneToPick Andrea?

Same troll under its most recent incarnation VDissidentZ spent a long time tweeting spite at me,  on my Republic account. I have a plentiful supply of screenshots of it doing so, but this goes back much further than "VDissidentZ".

"Josh" is now tweeting bile at and about Alison Chabloz, sending tweets to Ambrosine Shitrit and her lawyer pal Mark Lewis to attempt to smear. Of course Andrea has been attempting to smear Alison for a while, as herself and using her pals to tweet to Alison's employer. (Andrea is too big a coward to do it herself, though yesterday brought this mystery... so many mysteries! How involved was Andrea in the defamatory letter sent to Alison's employer and signed Ambrosine Shitrit Yadbyaduk?)

In fact there's a Storify all about it! Highly recommended! Andrea and a timeline of treachery, fraud and deception!

And here's another all about our little troll Josh:

Of course linking to something doesn't always mean agreement... right Ambro? But hey... I'm sure this man liked you tweeting his video out? As I'm sure did your pal Pammy Geller!

As an aside, there's a neat little tie in too with rabid Muslim hater and foul mouth Mark "Robbo" Robertson of the English Defence League and Ambrosine, who appear to be best of buddies? Ambrosine offering him help over a claimed arrest at Batley EDL demo where a number of far right taking part were also waving Israeli flags. Of course Sheryl McNaught had to join in. Wonder what Sheryl's backyard must be full of?

Ambro and pals don't like Hope not Hate, no idea why, it must be because they are actually successful and against hate?

VDissidentZ has (not very successfully) run a longstanding internet smear campaign against the TellMAMAUK org.  Funny isn't it how these attempts at reputational damage are carried out by this same little bunch of trolls?

Mark Lewis is, or has been, I understand, Mrs Shitrit's lawyer when she was accused of defamation in the past, a lawyer who claims to be an English lawyer / Reputation Manager (here seen himself attempting some reputation damage aimed at Alison Chabloz? Most unpleasant and also untrue! And oh look who made it a favourite?)

and who made his name representing victims of phone hacking, though not all former clients are terribly pleased with his services it appears?

Gosh. Here's the Libertarian (isn't Andrea one of those?) who has upset Mr Lewis.  He says he's making him the subject of a comedy routine at Edinburgh Fringe! Has he been arrested yet? 

And here's a little blog on VDissidentZ, who possibly identifies as male on Twitter, but hey... on the internet you can be whoever you want using a sock account?

Links with far right EDL and support for its leader?

And pally with far right Bluehand supporters?

As is Ambrosine of course, a long time pal of its "founder" the inadequate fantasist troll and Muslim hater Jezza aka English Terrier. (Some problem with people who aren't white living in London?  Why is that?)

So, VDissdentZ is a Twitter pal of Mark Robinson (Robbo) of EDL, Sheryl McNaught, Ambrosine Shitrit (both of the many suspended Twitter accounts and so called anti-hate 'org' Yadbyaduk, which seems to be a front to bully people) and er... I pose the question... a very, very close pal of one Andrea Urban Fox Andrea Silva Goncalves?

Now I have no definitive answers, but I can provide a number of clues and some past history of this troll account.

Oh look, this is who it was in a former existence...  alternative and back up Twitter account of my longstanding (and now suspended)  wee troll @EDLNewsextra which became @_Newsextra formerly called @NemesisRepubllc (there were two incarnations of that), an account shared between  Ambrosine Shitrit and I pose the question... Andrea Silva Goncalves?

"No shit Sherlock!"

Elementary my dear Watson. Yes I can prove EDL supporting, rabid Muslim hating troll account RightSideNews aka @EDLNewsxxtra aka @_NewsxXtra  and who was also @EDLNewsextra  then @_Newsextra  (suspended) is now tweeting as @VDissidentZ

Name change to troll @EDLNewsXtra and @EDLNews. Yep.

 Part 2 to follow!




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