Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox plays victim again.

Who is she kidding? She's a manipulative, victim playing liar. Police won't 'act' as she's simply a lying attention seeker, making her own problems.

Oh yes I have so much evidence of this!


This is the woman happy to write lying, abusive blogs about me, with crazy comments from people I don't even know (just who IS Andy Andrea? An alter ego of yours?), spread my details on the internet, troll me, have me trolled, encourages her troll pals and her family to abuse me, even makes accounts in her four year old son's name on Facebook and Google + to abuse me and others,  has my Twitter account suspended by lying to support, and she lies and bullshits she's a victim?

Yeah right.

The stuff I have on this blog is only a small amount of the evidence I have and police are welcome to the rest. In fact, police have quite a bit of evidence already.

Anyhow Andrea thought you were a Libertarian? Police? oh dear :0)

As one of your fellow Libertarian troll pals advises you:

I'm not Andrea's only target, so really, hardly a shock people retaliate to her hate campaigns, but if she's had anything like the stuff that Owen Jones has had happen to him it's nothing to do with me.


Maybe she should start blogging and Storifying that then instead of targeting me with her lies and her fake accounts spreading bullshit?

Hey, when have you that holiday booked in the village in which you think I live? Soon is it?  Don't forget the midge repellent, Toad!

Have a nice day Andrea. Don't let the butthurt stop you from spending all day on the internet spreading lies and crying victim.



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