Sunday, 31 August 2014

There's not enough Viagra in the world, Andrea!

So, Andrea wakes up, rushes to read Alison Chabloz' tweets poking fun at her, updates her terminally tedious Storifies which show Andrea's obsession with Alison Chabloz, and sits and fumes. (The piles dear... do seek help! They make you cranky, obviously!)

Thanks for all the links to my blog, however!  That's greatly appreciated, from both Andrea and Alison!

So much rage Andrea! So much anger! So limited a vocabulary!

So NOTHING of use to say about anything!

And oh look... at least all these Libertarian Twitter reports are keeping middle-aged internet crank Andrea busy!

 Click to enlarge 

Golly. Bet Alison is quaking at that :0) As if new Twitter accounts can't be made at the drop of a hat?

Well Andrea, you know all about sockpuppetry eh?

Are you running off to the cop shop again now too Andrea?  ALISON MENTIONED A PAL OF YOURS ON TWITTER? RING 999 like a good Libertarian! Go on go on... another crime ref! Though I suspect police are getting the measure of you now?

 Mute and ignore? She won't even block you, Andrea's so desperate for attention!

She's so desperate she's searching for mentions on Twitter and whining away on Appnet!

Rage and hatred? Laughing her socks off at you more like! As trolls go Andrea's really not got very far has she? Stuck somewhere in the nineties? Not too sophisticated.

But Andrea.. why aren't you tweeting directly at Alison using her @ instead of all this subtweeting and Storifying? Whining on Appnet about Alison and me (and it's bullshit as usual...)?

Hypocritical much?  No guts have you Andrea?

Oh dear though... back again to the low minded homophobic slurs?  Not the first time is it?

Those who have to keep telling the world they aren't gay... well...


Mangyold Fox seriously thinks Alison has some sort of  er... sexual admiration for her?

Fat chance!

PS Stalking  Alison,  Andrea? This didn't take long did it? Got her Twitter feed on permanently have you?




PPS as far as I can see, I put all your Banksy tweets here?  But you really have missed the point as usual. Maybe stuff is lost in the translation?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox & that fake Banksy... again?

Golly she's been busy.

Another pointless Storify, trying to justify her own stupidity?

Yes that was what Andrea tweeted, a faked Banksy. She's no art lover is she? Can't put it in context of his wider ooeuvre?

And yes she was challenged.

I'm sure he would. Did Andrea delete and apologise? Nah that wouldn't suit her anti-Muslim trolling agenda.

Legit? Really? Research Andrea. Research.

So the entire thread is here, on my blog?

But still, Andrea has shown how little she knows about art and how much she is #Islamophobic?

Long words and complex ideas Andrea.  Research!

Probably too much for you? As I said in this post:

Yes no doubt you and your Muslim hating troll "pal" who used the fake as its avatar were only seeing, hearing, speaking what you wanted to see?

Gosh. Not wise monkeys.  Interesting this one though?

Anna Raccoon again:

Oh... and this. Just in case Andrea decides to lie I'm a pervert again:




Andrea Urban Fox still raging?

Another addition to the obsessive (and abusive) Storifies Andrea writes about Alison Chabloz.


Woo. Some serious unpleasantness there Andrea?

Really? Puppetmaster? Trolling by proxy? What an interesting concept! Though actually, I haven't asked Alison Chabloz to link or tweet, maybe she has a mind of her own?

 Is trolling by proxy related to trolling using sock accounts? Sock accounts like...  oooh, Andrea's  "good pal" @_Newsextra and also @GotaBonetoPick? (Both suspended for targeted harassment and abuse, the former police would like a word with too, for various reasons...)

Oh look here they both are publishing a d0x on me and my family! "Trolling by proxy" and trolling directly Andrea? Why was that Andrea? (Twitter's @_Newsextra was @Newsextra on appnet, I have many more screenshots of its abuse.)

 Poor lickle innocent victim Andrea, caught out being vilely abusive?

(I hope the piles have improved by now Andrea. They give a serious case of butthurt I hear!)

Prior to that it was @EDLNewsextra a virulently anti-Muslim account and also a fake account of my own @NemesisRepubllc, which Andrea agreed she was involved with:

Andrea winding up another troll? (There is backstory to this, about the trolling of her and her pal Vicky, she was trying to shit stir?  Getting her troll pals to troll by proxy?)

Applauding his efforts after he published my address and claimed he had called a local (named) undertakers and sent a hearse? (He hadn't... but if it had been Andrea's address published etc. imagine the queefing!)  Andrea and her "proxy troll" @_NewsExtra called me an "old troll(op)" Oh the wit!

 Yes Andrea I did tell police that you found this amusing. It all adds to the long list of reasons why they don't find you the poor innocent victim you claim you are?

And then here was the alternative account of suspended @_Newsextra called @_NewsXXtra  which tweeted abusive crap on Andrea's behalf? Account which changed name to @VDissidentZ

My favourite of Josh's idiot tweets? Police aware of what I (and also the TellMAMA org) log on to, and why, apparently, though there was some serious backpedaling by Josh over this attempt to intimidate :0) Poor Josh. S*y Br*a*b*nd is it Josh? Police aware of everything you log on to and why too? :0)

Josh also trolled the TellMAMA org. As actually, did Andrea.  Odd that connection, eh?

Whatever. Back to Andrea and her raging.

Defamatory? Does she mean ME?  Yet she's quoting my blog?

I use screenshots of her own words. She's certainly told enough porky pies about me over time, which I have detailed here.  And is the problem... I have exposed her for what she is?

Oh hang on... where have I seen that screenshot before?

Oh yes... her pal Keano tweeting at Twitter support in order to troll Alison Chabloz?  Odd that! Of course Andrea is totally unconnected with that eh?  Who made the screenshot, Andrea? Call me suspicious...  but it wasn't YOU was it Andrea? Perish the thought you and Keano colluded on this? Too cowardly to do it yourself? Sly. Really sly.

I wrote about that screenshot, and more besides, here:

and oh look, more on Keano and also more "trolling by proxy" here?

Remember? Andrea's pal tweeting screenshots (which Andrea has tweeted also) at Alison Chabloz' employer in order to... well, what exactly Andrea? Cause trouble? Defame Alison? Try to have her sacked? Really very nasty stuff (I won't publish the shot but I have it, so have police). Do explain!

Someone caught pants down, manipulating?

Still, since Andrea had my Twitter account suspended apparently by lying about "crime refs" when I had committed no crime ( and lied to Google also?)

...and that CID was somehow involved in this suspension, which CID strenuously denies, I've had more time to blog, so it's all good, yes?

I'm wondering if Twitter might be getting wise to her? Any report to police gets a ref... even when nothing comes of it as it's more whining bullshit with no foundation?

Oh look here she is again, as retweeted by her dear pal EDL Keano?

Puppetmaster Andrea? Trolling by proxy Andrea? (Remember George Milnes too...  oh the list goes on... )

Andrea appears to be working the system perhaps?

Finally, for the LULZ:

Mine too!

 Yup. True story.

So Andrea... defamation, eh? Truth is a great defence!

Well worth reading too:

Thanks for reading everyone...  that includes Andrea! 

Andrea and fuming? We have a screenshot about that!  You have to laugh at her... Storifying her own daftness? Did this hit home Andrea?  All those fake followers? The inactives? 




Thursday, 28 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox and her Nem rage

                                                                                                         Andrea Urban Fox 

No, I'm not at all "pissy" Andrea dear. Are you projecting again? Have you a little problem you want to share with us? Slight incontinence? I hear you can get help for that.

Poisonous bile? Thought that was your speciality? Along with lying and fuming, of course.

Sounding so like your suspended troll accounts @GotaBoneToPick and @_Newsextra there luvvie!

Hmmm.  Dear dear. That "Libertarian" Andrea has been whining again to Google. I'm looking forward to reading the latest comedy routine :0) Sounds to me that Andrea is def the "pissy" one.

Actually it's not removed from searches, I've looked, it's just one post is now hosted on .com instead of

All is explained here, with links to the post which had Andrea fuming (as kindly provided by Blogger in its email to me):

Of course I can put in a counter notice if I so wish. Andrea Silva Goncalves has been known to perjure herself to Google in the past, I doubt anything has altered this time.

I get plenty of hits on this blog Andrea, thanks, scores every day, it seems other people enjoy chuckling at you also, though if it's so tedious why are you reading it so avidly dear? No one is forcing you to read are they?

I'm unsure what I'm supposed to be innocent of, I'm sure many things. I am guilty of laughing at Andrea, I confess.

As for "trying my luck on Wordpress" I've been registered with WP for years. Ta for noticing! I'm spreading the joy!




Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Andrea Urban Fox not an art lover? Faking Banksy?

Andrea Urban Fox ie Andrea Silva Gongalves doesn't like Muslims a great deal.  (She also conflates '"Asian" with "Muslim"... odd that.)

She appears to lose few opportunities to knock Muslims. The fact most are peace loving, decent people she tends to ignore.

 This doesn't suit her trolling and hate fuelled agenda?

I wonder what the Muslims at her son's nursery school think? (Yes Andrea YOU tweeted, Google + etc the pics and the vids, so don't bother denying... your wee lad is looked after by several lovely Muslim women while you troll and abuse on Twitter and Storify? You even made a fake FB account and a Google + of him to be abusive to me and others! Don't bother denying.)

Andrea's  been having a "wonderful" time tweeting re the Rotherham abuse report.

And here I declare yes it's shocking, though very complex. Young women not being believed by those to whom they tried to report?

Of course, all abuse is terrible. And it isn't only one sector of society responsible is it? Savile showed us that. And it has little to do with religion, the Catholic Church abuse scandal demonstrated that too?  It's about criminal behaviour really. Abusers are not shining examples of any "community" to which they belong.

Yes Andrea, even that Church of England to which you claim to be part has its share of abusers.

Ah yes... EDLNews has it sussed eh Andrea? A must read!

The excuse that they did not want to do anything so as not to appear racist is a cop out. Child abuse is not committed by only one race, religion or culture as the far right would like you to believe. It is a failure in management and a failure on behalf of those who chose to keep quiet.

However, back to Andrea and the fake Banksy?

Good to see Thomas hasn't totally surrendered to the The Dark Side (his recent Vicky obsession very sad, and a touch deluded? See the comments here )

Yes indeed. So are you going to tweet that one out and apologise for the fake Banksy tweet? Wonder where you got that one from? On your computer is it?

Or it suited your purpose?

But ... but Andrea... the mystery deepens.

I sort of remembered where I had seen that fake Banksy before...

(Yes that's all my personal contact details and more besides...  as retweeted by Andrea the very unpleasant troll?)

Ah yes... your troll "pal"  @EDLNewsextra aka @_NewsExtra, suspended, an account which trolled me in the most despicable manner all over the internet, with your collusion? (Shared with Ambrosine Shitrit of course?)

Yes you admitted as much.

Now given that your pal @VDissidentZ (see this blog passim) agreed "he" was the alt account

of @EDLNewsXXtra and @_NewsXXtra though not @_Newsextra and you agree "Josh" and you are not one and the same, though clearly very close?

despite this?

and this?

and er...


OK, we will sort of believe that at the moment? Sort of... but Andrea agrees "Josh" maybe isn't the same person? And Andrea admits she knows the ID of @_Newsextra...

So Andrea, I always thought the vile troll account  @NemesisRepubllc  aka @EDLNewsextra aka @_Newsextra  (and all  sorts of other aliases to troll me) sounded very like you. Same obsession, same "voice"?

 Go ape, shoot bang foot etc etc you share the same vocabulary.

Police thought there were many similarities too. "Josh" claims it wasn't him. He's gone from Twitter by the way...  apparently bullied by your pal Vicky!

Will you come clean?

I now suggest you were the vile troll who abused me all over the internet for years?  The vile anti-Muslim troll? A spreader of hate? There's a great deal of evidence pointing a finger at you, and / or your collusion.

You admit you know who the troll is / was.

It's your shout...  is the net closing?

Only you can solve the mystery...and clear up a crime report? Help the police you rant about so much? 

Go on... have the cojones. Fess up. You? A pal?

Have you removed all your lies I contacted the vicar yet?

Do it or as I said yesterday... I will.




All posts on this blog are backed up and can be migrated to another platform at any time.  False reports to Google are perjury.