Thursday, 17 April 2014

Message to Victoria Denise Lloyd and Andrea da Silva

August 22  I see that nasty Vicky  is now claiming she knows who her troll is. As I said all along... not me. I have no idea who she says is uploading my blog, but thanks for all the hits on this post today. See also comments under this post.

Really? Golly.

A screwdriver in the head?  Lovely pals there Vicky. No idea which rumour started here, maybe you can tell me?

Jewish girls? Which ones? Ambrosine Shitrit or her pal Nilli Willis? Andrea Silva and Sheryl McNaught aren't Jewish. And this blog isn't about religion.

I'm sure she will be making an apology to me soon? The trolling has nothing to do with me.  And updating her police report? (As will I of course... I have an incident ref, has she? :0) )

You are of course welcome to read my blog, all of it.  It's about truth. Remember, Vicky is a troublemaking troll and truth and her are often far apart.


Update to original post:

and another

Yes there's a troll account trolling you. Yes, posting pics of your kids too.

It's not me. Just for the record. I gather it's using Android to tweet, and I certainly don't use Android. Vicky seems, however, to revel in the trolling, and engages with it. Stirring much?

I've a collection of screenshots of  BS about this which I have been forwarding to the local police for a while now. I've updated today. There are threats too, to me and another person. Twitter lynch mob?

Making threats to people via the internet, Vicky,  that you will "see them soon" and they should "expect a visit"? Malicious Communications Act and harassment? Andrea favouriting threats?

Update: I gave W Midlands Police (as Vicky lives in Coventry and is spamming W Midlands Police with BS) a ring via 101. I spoke to Joanne. I explained Vicky's allegations, threats and trolling, I see supported by Andrea (surprise...) and was assured there has been no report by her about this. However, I have reported the lies and trolling to police. No they aren't coming to visit me Vicky. Your lies are exposed.  I doubt they will be calling on you either, but you never know.

I left my name, phone number and name of local police contact I have been sending screenshots to. Those include you, Andrea...  shall I call Bethnal Green again?

BTW libel has nothing to do with police. Just setting the record straight.

And no Andrea, it's really not very interesting. Thanks for reading my blog from Brazil though. Bored are you?  Not just once either. Stalky stalky? There there. Don't have too huge a meltdown, and try not to spam Twitter support too much.

As I said, police have been kept updated with the BS and your involvement. I'm not the troll accounts, and I've a decent set of screenies of Vicky's trolling and yours too,  favouriting her lies and contacting trolls, and Vicky hasn't even reported any of it to police.  It can't be worrying her that much then. If it bothers you, suggest you report it. 101. Police are welcome to talk to me any time about you. I have so much to say :0)

Sounds to me like you're the one queefing daggers. Hey ho.

This is interesting though...

and my word... going down?  Fakers eh?  Real follower count in the 1200 region? Twitter rules say you shouldn't buy followers or gain them by those 'get followers fast' bots.

Vicky and you seem to be loving the attention and drama. Perhaps it's one of the trolls you love to try to get to do your dirty work is posting the pics?

It's not me.

I see Vicky has still not got the message, but is now assuring her pottymouth ex porn movie pal the fake accounts are in part mine. Dumb and more dumb.

Well, good luck with that one.

A further update 18th April. Called my local police today, placed on record what is going on, the naming me, saying I am the troll account posting photos of their kids,  that I am a paedophile, the threats  etc etc.

Of course Andrea isn't above trawling the internet to post stolen photos, is she?

Additionally have called Andrea's local police and placed on record that the troll who is using her photos of her kid is not me. I will be speaking further to them soon.

Also have again called W Midlands Police, to update.

I don't think it's the other person they are naming either, who I think also will be reporting to police.

But instead of smearing people on Twitter, tweeting at @BruceDaisley and troll accounts, why don't either Vicky or Andrea call police and report it all?

Is it because they know they are going to look very silly indeed? They are simply enjoying the drama?

April 19th Oh look, the useful fools have decided (on no evidence at all) they know who the troll is.

And the even bigger fool Sheryl claims she knew all along. Now, let me guess who she claims is involved also? Still in that parallel universe Sheryl?




  1. How very interesting !!!!more surprises ?¿?

  2. You're missed on Twitter... Come back soon... R x

  3. she doesn't know anything she claims too she has blamed half of twitter and it was me who published your website to try and expose her lies and drama ..keep up the good work ..

    1. I have little or no sympathy for Vicky. She was vile to me for years, from her @Angel_Infidoll account and onwards, using her disgusting far right pals to troll me also. It made her feel good about her sad life I suppose. She has a foul mind, disgusting woman. She interacted with and encouraged the troll, whoever it is, and loved both the attention and the shitstirring she did, pointing her finger at people she didn't like as they had challenged her in the past for her rabid support of the EDL and her anti-Muslim hate. She was still supporting Lennon /Robinson not long ago, she hasn't changed really. It was all quite deliberate, she knew what she was doing. She called me a paedophile, made threats she was coming to pay me a visit etc. Police have a file of her tweets and threats and lies on record, and I have a police ref number. She claims she will apologise if the troll is outed. She knew all along it wasn't me but continued to lie and smear as it suited her purpose and that of her pals. Vicky loves the attention. She even published a blog where she claimed she had 'proved' it was me and another man. It was laughable, no proof at all, but again, people like Vicky are happy to wind up their vile friends to make threats, and they did. She a very sad, nasty woman. Perhaps if the troll is eventually outed, Vicky can do the internet a favour and delete her Twitter account in shame.

    2. She left twitter for her kids safety but came back worried was she really ..She has blamed everyone for her trolls but as you pointed out when some of us called the police we were told she should not interact with them let alone DM them.I made the mistake of thinking she was ok despite being told stories , I know see the side of her she exposes on twitter daily almost 12 hours a day. every other tweet is an argument or swearing. I do think a lot more people are finally seeing her for that she is ...

  4. Yup. She loves the attention, she loves the chance to smear those whom she doesn't like.

    I certainly called police and sent many screenshots of her accusing me, saying I was the troll, a paedophile and more. Of course her anti-Muslim hate tweets are well known also to police.

    She's an attention seeker, and a vile woman. I've known it for a very long time, she and her pal Scott Crosbie used to abuse me in the most disgusting way on Twitter. She was originally @Angel_Infidoll EDL fangirl. I feel sad for her kiddies, brought up in such an atmosphere.

    He's a pal of Andrea also. See this blog, numerous posts...

  5. Victoria "Denise" Gomm: 29/11/1972