Saturday, 28 June 2014

Mrs Shitrit returns... trampoline?

Hello Ambrosine. I see you have a new Twitter account, to replace all the others suspended for multiple violations of Twitter rules, including targeted abuse. I know as I have the emails telling me so.

Maybe I should make a list of all suspended accounts?

Hmmmm. No doubt Twitter will deal with that one eventually also. Once suspended you should not make new accounts and any violation of Twitter rules should  mean permanent suspension on ALL accounts...




Friday, 27 June 2014

Happy Families! Sheryl and Andrea

Mr Bun the Baker,  Mrs Sheryl the Fool, Ms Andrea the Fraud?

A game for juveniles?

I see Sheryl is busy making a prize fool of herself on the comments section of a website, libeling me and another person.  It's news to me I'm a 'virulent jewhater' and nor is Alison but in Sheryl's addled brain etc etc...

She's not making YadByAdUK look too good!  In fact she's making them look the bullies they are.

And it's a  family affair is seems. Her daughter Hailey Campbell who apparently graces Alness Academy according to her posting 'handle'  has decided to post semi-literate, defamatory and very silly comments about me. Not once but twice!  Doh!

I'm a jolly person with a higher degree, quite, quite sane,  and I have a lovely life thanks Hailey, which it appears you and Sheryl maybe don't. I'm not too sure Sheryl should have been allowed near kids either if this is the result, but hey :0)

It's wonderful winding 'em up then watching the loons crawl out of the woodwork to show themselves up. They really should read site rules before posting abuse.

Sheryl's daughter Chaela (Michaela) McNaught also used to abuse me and others on Twitter.  Chaela had a nice line in lies. Like mother like daughter? She claimed she worked for the Benefits' Agency in Scotland. One tweet she claimed she had 'investigated' me for fraud. Given that I don't live in Scotland and have not been in receipt of benefits and  therefore have never defrauded the Agency that was a typical lie from a member of the McNaught clan.  Possibly she's never done an honest day's work in her life, who knows?

It seems it runs in the family, this sort of stupidity.

Sheryl denials she and Ambrosine Shitrit  are suspended from Twitter on multiple accounts?


Want me to post the emails from Twitter?

And here's a thing!  Andrea is busy posting abuse about Alison Chabloz on Facebook and elsewhere using a profile of her own SON  to LIKE her own posts?

Isn't he about FOUR? Isn't that against Facebook rules Andrea?   Isn't there an age limit to be on Facebook?   Is he really reading and LIKING those posts himself?  Isn't this just SAD? 

Woo.  Families. 




Andrea, Kippers and other fishy stuff

 An update. Mrs Jackie Twentyman Quirk is a liar. Thankfully she was not elected to public office. This diatribe and others show her for what she is. Why does the term 'South Shields fishwife' enter my head after reading her rants? ( I see she has now deleted her libels and threats from the website concerned,  but there are screenshots of this and another comment... I may return to this at another time.)

I have not sent any emails to UKIP or anyone else so far about the Quirks. I made one call to UKIP head office who passed me to regional office where I had a conversation with the regional official after Joe Quirk made appalling comments about me on Twitter, where he seemed to be very pally with one of the more virulent of the EDL supporters, see original below.  I made no 'constant' demands, though I would suggest UKIP would be wise to dump the pair of you. At that time I had no idea either of you were actually standing for election,  merely that you held some sort of support role within the local party (it was on UKIP website). I have never had any contact with your 'elderly friend' whoever that may be.  I had not had any contact with either of you until your husband, for whatever motive,  made vile and defamatory comments on Twitter about me. I have the screenshots and they appear to be made in the official name of UKIP and are certainly actionable.  This had nothing to do with your 'political beliefs', I was targeted by your husband, who made vile claims about me and lied I am under police investigation. I reported his lies to police, by the way.

I have tonight made a call to UKIP and  left a voicemail asking for a return call.  Mrs Quirk should consider actually writing the truth and not abuse, which is all this is.

I think neither of you are fit to stand for public office, having seen how you both behave.  I see neither of you as innocent people. Smear campaigns appear to be how you both operate.

Democratic society? You feel some are not allowed the vote as you disagree with them?   Or is this something more sinister? Apparently your husband thinks all who disagree with him should be culled.  Is this UKIP policy?  How appalling. Friends of YadByadUK I believe?  Says so much. No wonder neither of you were elected. With this sort of inability to see how to behave, you are a liability to UKIP.

You  appear to be a vicious liar who is carrying out a vendetta against a woman whose political views you disagree with, and smearing me too. Making sure someone doesn't 'go unpunished' sounds to me like a threat. Perhaps police need to be informed.  I'm happy to make all the screenshots public, if ether of you stand again for election.

I'm sure the 'chosen paths' of UKIP councillors will be more difficult after seeing this and other comments made today on a website.  Hard to believe these bizarre comments were made by someone seeking public office. I'm   thankful I don't have to come across either of you nor your friends if this is the manner in which you behave. The thought of being cooped up on board a ship  with people like you is the stuff of nightmares to me.

I have in addition reported all the abusive libelous posts on the site to the site owners. I suggest some of you read the Terms and Conditions of posting.

I also note one of Shitrit's pals posting vile tweets libeling Alison Chabloz and me on Twitter and Andrea is happy to RT. I  reported to Twitter as abuse.  That's the sort of stuff people get suspended for.

Just like Ambrosine Shitrit is suspended. Shitstirring is her speciality. Actually, when I reported Joe Quirk to police I also added these screenshots. For the record.

The 'girl' by the way is older (and probably far wiser) than you Ambro.

Original post  

As usual Andrea gets things so wrong it's laughable. There's really rather more to it all than she has a clue about. I will, however, write about my experience. Alison Chabloz has her own story to tell, and it doesn't chime with Andrea's, see end of post also.

  I am still deciding if I should take this further. I could sue UKIP for a very large sum :0)

The 'elderly couple'?  They won't like you saying that, I'm sure they think they are in their prime...) The UKIPpers? Acting as officials for a UKIP branch,  supporting an elected councillor? The 'elderly couple' both standing for election in the recent council elections?

I reported one of them to police and to UKIP, when out of the blue, and I had never had any contact or in any way had anything to do with him prior to this (well, we all know who wound him up to it),  he began posting libelous comments about me on Twitter, sending them to a really very rabid English Defence League regional 'leader' in order to attempt a Twitter storm,  and  making a comment which could also be construed as him being anti Muslim. Hardly the actions I would have though appropriate from a would be local councillor.

I spoke both to UKIP HQ and to the UKIP regional official.  The upshot was the UKIPper concerned changed his Twitter name (it sounded like an official Twitter account from a north east UKIP region) and deleted his tweets. I must push for an apology...  I still have a full set of screenshots!

Same 'elderly' person didn't get elected (nor did his wife) and the councillor they were UKIP  'officials' for didn't get re-elected either. Is that karma? Or simply a 'quirk' of the voting system?

I doubt Andrea ever feels silly, she can't or she wouldn't carry on as she does making such a prize fool of herself.

Mmmmm. Andrea is so butthurt at being made to look a fool again she has resorted to a personal attack of Alison on Facebook. I'm sure that's reportable :0)  What a bully Andrea is isn't she?  Very juvenile.

Of course her petulant attacks and violation of several Facebook and another site rules HAVE been reported. Truth isn't her forte is it? (Nor is writing...)

Wind 'em up and watch 'em fume...   so easy.




So true Andrea...

I would suggest those who write defamatory letters to people's employers, especially when they pretend to be writing on behalf on an 'org',  in order to try to have them sacked come under that category, wouldn't you?  Golly, what sort of vile saddo would do that sort of thing? Not cool.

Now that smacks of a really sick, twisted and unhappy character.

I hope said 'org' has registered to collect and distribute data by now? Data Protection Act and all that?

Ambrosine Shitrit of YadBYadUK is of course suspended on multiple accounts on Twitter for targeted abuse, cyberbullying  and other violations of Twitter rules, as is her sidekick Sheryl McNaught.  Sheryl appears to be in denial over this. @Sheryl2311 and many other accounts?  Ambrosine too, it wasn't fake reports had the pair of you suspended, it was links to harassing, cyberbullying, lying  tweets from both of you, reported via the Twitter abuse report system.  Twitter responded to myself and others stating you are suspended  and the reasons, and I have the emails from Twitter to prove it.

Same as those who fill in genuine surveys about racism and make stupid comments and encourage their mates to do the same as a spoiler  Of course IP addresses are also known once the form is submitted.  So racism isn't to be taken seriously?

Such maliciousness, on both counts, gets reported to police, I suspect.

I also think those making false claims that a Twitter account  @PreventW is the sock account of someone it isn't and trying to get police complaints made to attempt to have someone arrested isn't very 'cool' either. This isn't the first time.

Especially when that person has made numerous sock accounts of others (including myself) to cyberbully. Yes, Ambrosine Shitrit  Queen of Sockpuppetry :0)  See this blog and many others:

Why did Ambrosine Shitrit register a Twitter account using Jason Schumann's gmail address? That's one of the great mysteries of our time.

Gosh yes, there must be a few VERY unhappy people around, who do this sort of thing.

This is rather sad also, non?

Me, I'm full of joy.  It's fun exposing the hypocrisy of some.  They provide ammunition on a daily basis with which they can shoot themselves in the foot.

Have a lovely day now!




Thursday, 26 June 2014


Wooo! Bet that has people quaking in their boots!

The butthurt gets worse!

Perhaps other people are doing the same about you Ambrosine? In your case, who are 'the relevant people'?

You've been making threats for years to try to stop people being critical of you, exposing what you are...   If you can't stand the heat etc...

This sounds like lala land to me.  Blackmail? Really?

Just remember... you and Sheryl McNaught are suspended by Twitter on multiple accounts for harassment and abuse and violation of Twitter rules.  Yes you can deny it but it's the truth.

That actually means all your accounts should be suspended, including Yad. (Several of those are suspended too...) Is pointing that out a threat, blackmail or truth? Would notifying Twitter be against the law?  Er... no.

Still no answer as to why you used the gmail address of someone else to register a Twitter account? Or told a Twitter user an account was run by someone it isn't?

Looks like a warning to me.  Cease and desist?


Nem xxx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Uber butthurt

Oh dear. Now that Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit) and Sheryl McNaught have been suspended on multiple accounts for many violations of Twitter rules (including targeted abuse and harassment, I know as I have the mails from Twitter saying so...) the lies continue via their YadBYADUK account. Of course they should not have that account either under Twitter rules, but they are too dumb to keep their heads down, and continue to shit stir and troll.

Far left? Really?  Who are these people then?  How can you file a false report to Twitter? You have to send links to abusive tweets. I did, many of them. So have others I'm sure.

Golly. Is there?  If this is me, nothing malicious about my blog, I just publish the unvarnished truth :0) Want me to post the emails from Twitter Support again? Perhaps I need to tell Twitter support you are lying about them also?

Really, the desperation is laughable.

I gather Andrea needs a bit of butthurt cream too, I wonder why she deleted her nasty tweet at the weekend about a certain org and certain person's blog then another vile tweet about that person yesterday after it was tweeted at Tower Hamlets police? Thanks goodness for screenshots eh Andrea?

Aw bless!  You made all your own problems the lot of you. Playing victim still?  Forgotten all the vileness, the abuse, the lies, the trolling, the fake accounts, the troll accounts?  The winding up others to troll for you?

I'm sure the  damage limitation attempts will be read by police. I gather other emails have been sent? I see your pals at Yad  tweeting your photo outside the police station, the one taken last year (pre the vampire face lift) where you went to show police how to tweet four letter words or some such to liven up their tweets. I'm sure police will have been thrilled to find how calling people c*nts and telling them to f*ck off will make them more popular on Twitter!

It's all quite unsophisticated stuff isn't it?

Oh yes such a hard time.  HAHAHAHAHA!




Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Guilty conscience Andrea?

'Libertarian' (LOL)  Andrea Silva  aka AndreaUrbanFox,  whose 20 page 'complaint' about me to police was read and dismissed as having no substance whatsoever as actually, I have not committed any 'crime' (though she probably is still lying I am under investigation...) appears not to have any idea of irony.

Hmmm. Someone seems to have a guilty conscience.

Yesterday this was tweeted, with a direct link to one of her abusive, homophobic tweets.

The link doesn't work now as after six months of the tweet being on Twitter, Andrea suddenly decided to delete it once it was brought to the attention of police.  Now why would that be?

Possibly Andrea is now worried she will be following her pal Ambrosine and be suspended from Twitter if she carries on being abusive :0)?

After all she's had one abuse warning hasn't she?

Not to worry, there are screenshots extant of that tweet with the URL. Here's one made yesterday:

Though I also made shots at the time of the vile homophobic and racist abuse, as detailed in this blogpost:

Ugh. Really, Andrea is fond of violence isn't she? Nasty case of foulmouth too. Needs to see a specialist for that.

She's so full of warm charm isn't she? Here's what she wished on journalist @PennyRed Laurie Penny:

Worrying stuff, what goes on in Andrea's head.  Far from normal really.




Monday, 23 June 2014

Is Ambrosine Shitrit really Mo Ansar?

UPDATE  email from Twitter Support

@RealMrsShitrit is now suspended. How many is that now Ambro?  She never learns does she?

Four? Really? Had no idea Yad HAD four so called 'staff', but Ambrosine and Sheryl McNaught were suspended for plain old targeted abuse and harassment, cyberbulling in fact, not a lot to do with 'Jewish advocacy', so that's yet another giant fib.

Goodbye again Ambrosine.

Still no explanation why you stole another person's email address to make a Twitter account?

Original post from 23rd June, prior to Ambrosine's latest suspension for abusive behaviour:

"Is Ambrosine Shitrit really Mo Ansar?"

No it's not a serious question.  She isn't, she's just a very silly woman sounding more pathetic by the day.

I see Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit)  is still obsessed with claiming I am Ann Fields and that Ann is a sock account of Mo Ansar.

Ambrosine Shitrit was suspended from Twitter for making abusive tweets mentioning me.  There was a long list, from several accounts. I know as I reported each and every abusive, lying, cyberbullying tweet URL dating back a very long time.  I also sent the list to police,  for the record, and a list of all known sock accounts, current and suspended.

Whine whine whine.

Her other new accounts were then suspended which she made after suspension, against Twitter rules, as I reported those too, and she carries on being stupid.  Unlikely now she will get back her original account after continuing to break Twitter rules.  Hardly the way the 'founder' of a so-called 'anti-bullying org' YadBYadUK should be acting is it?

I am not Ann Fields as I have said in previous blog posts. I doubt Ann is a sock account of Mo Ansar, nor, obviously,  is Mo Ansar me, and I am not Mo Ansar, and I think Ambrosine Shitrit  should consider how stupid she looks, day in day out, tweeting this sort of  idiotic stuff. 

She needs some sort of help for her obsession and lies. This is a middle aged woman addicted to trolling. 

Mo probably doesn't use as much eyeliner as you Ambro?   What are the wider implications of your bizarre tweet? Really, have you nothing better to do in life than this? No-one want their fortune told? Tarot cards? Crystal balls?  Isn't that how you make some sort of living? Can't be very busy.  You clearly didn't forsee Twitter suspending you. Hopefully  it will again soon, when it catches up with fresh abuse reports. I suggest you cease and desist.  




Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Screenshots enlarge by clicking on them 

Really? I thought your 'staff' (staff? Trolling on Twitter is a job?)  Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit) and Sheryl McNaught had been suspended on multiple Twitter accounts for abuse and harassment? It's hardly smearing you to state what is true, as I do on this blog. Also, once suspended you both made several new accounts (serially suspended, though some are still active for the moment) which again is against Twitter rules and cause for permanent suspension. No doubt Twitter will catch up eventually.

Ambrosine additionally has been making fake accounts including 'clones' of others over a long period of time, to cyberbully.  See this blog, passim. 

How many accounts have the YadBYadUK 'staff'  had suspended, as themselves, in other names, and variants of YadBYadUK?  Quite a number.  How many new email addresses have they made,  both in their own names and possibly even pretending to be someone else in the probably vain hope Twitter won't suspend on that one?

I'm sure there is an explanation why Ambrosine  made a Twitter account using the gmail address Jason Schumann?* (See below...)

'We' ie Yad BYAdUK are not fixing anything. Ambrosine, Sheryl  (and sidekick Pottymouth Nilli)
are part of the Twitter problem of harassment and bullying and hate.

All manner of hate crime is carried out on social media. Ask Ambrosine and Sheryl, they are happy to tweet and joke with perpetrators.

Yes I can give numerous examples.

George Milnes, whose anti-Muslim hate neither of them said a peep about, but encouraged him in his stupidity and harassment of myself and others? It was all monitored by police on Twitter for a considerable period of time.  I have a rather fine set of screenshots sent to me of Andrea Silva Urban Fox having a cosy chat with George only very recently, when she thought no-one was watching. My they are both really butthurt  about me, yes?

Oh look here's George being  anti-Semitic too. Muslim Curry Bum was his Twitter account also.  All round hater in fact?

Now, where are all those screenshots of Ambrosine's dear pal @WeAreTheBrits previously known as @WeAreTheBritish and his Hitler worship, his 14/88 White Supremacism Youtube comments, his racism, his threats to behead Muslims in Birmingham and pour petrol down their throats? I need to fish them out. This is one of the least offensive.

Hmmm.  (Maybe I should transcribe these, they are a tad small...)   here is something for which surely Ambrosine should be shopping him to the law?  Police do still want a word with WATB.

Racial Purity for the UK? SMASH chocolate England? 14/88?  That's what it says.

Then there's her pal who runs the #Bluehand troll account.  Wooo.

Who can take these women seriously as supposedly 'staffing' an anti-hate org?  I have so much more, but that's a flavour.

I gather also Ambrosine and mates have been smearing and stirring again today, and this has been reported to police. Interesting.

Bless. Don't see anything threatening really here.  It's just telling it like it is. Stop smearing and stirring is the solution.  Every action has a reaction and all that

And oh look here's proven liar and bully Sheryl McNaught shitstirring and again, as with Ambro and mates today claiming a Twitter user is behind an account he is not, trying to suggest their pal WATB was the same person who wrote the blog linked to above, *Jason Schumann, and I (Doris is one of the pitiful juvenile names she used to use to try to avoid using mine, though Twitter is now wise to these bullying tricks too) knew all about it. Bullshit, on both counts.


Nem xxx