Monday, 23 June 2014

Is Ambrosine Shitrit really Mo Ansar?

UPDATE  email from Twitter Support

@RealMrsShitrit is now suspended. How many is that now Ambro?  She never learns does she?

Four? Really? Had no idea Yad HAD four so called 'staff', but Ambrosine and Sheryl McNaught were suspended for plain old targeted abuse and harassment, cyberbulling in fact, not a lot to do with 'Jewish advocacy', so that's yet another giant fib.

Goodbye again Ambrosine.

Still no explanation why you stole another person's email address to make a Twitter account?

Original post from 23rd June, prior to Ambrosine's latest suspension for abusive behaviour:

"Is Ambrosine Shitrit really Mo Ansar?"

No it's not a serious question.  She isn't, she's just a very silly woman sounding more pathetic by the day.

I see Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit)  is still obsessed with claiming I am Ann Fields and that Ann is a sock account of Mo Ansar.

Ambrosine Shitrit was suspended from Twitter for making abusive tweets mentioning me.  There was a long list, from several accounts. I know as I reported each and every abusive, lying, cyberbullying tweet URL dating back a very long time.  I also sent the list to police,  for the record, and a list of all known sock accounts, current and suspended.

Whine whine whine.

Her other new accounts were then suspended which she made after suspension, against Twitter rules, as I reported those too, and she carries on being stupid.  Unlikely now she will get back her original account after continuing to break Twitter rules.  Hardly the way the 'founder' of a so-called 'anti-bullying org' YadBYadUK should be acting is it?

I am not Ann Fields as I have said in previous blog posts. I doubt Ann is a sock account of Mo Ansar, nor, obviously,  is Mo Ansar me, and I am not Mo Ansar, and I think Ambrosine Shitrit  should consider how stupid she looks, day in day out, tweeting this sort of  idiotic stuff. 

She needs some sort of help for her obsession and lies. This is a middle aged woman addicted to trolling. 

Mo probably doesn't use as much eyeliner as you Ambro?   What are the wider implications of your bizarre tweet? Really, have you nothing better to do in life than this? No-one want their fortune told? Tarot cards? Crystal balls?  Isn't that how you make some sort of living? Can't be very busy.  You clearly didn't forsee Twitter suspending you. Hopefully  it will again soon, when it catches up with fresh abuse reports. I suggest you cease and desist.  




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