Thursday, 26 June 2014


Wooo! Bet that has people quaking in their boots!

The butthurt gets worse!

Perhaps other people are doing the same about you Ambrosine? In your case, who are 'the relevant people'?

You've been making threats for years to try to stop people being critical of you, exposing what you are...   If you can't stand the heat etc...

This sounds like lala land to me.  Blackmail? Really?

Just remember... you and Sheryl McNaught are suspended by Twitter on multiple accounts for harassment and abuse and violation of Twitter rules.  Yes you can deny it but it's the truth.

That actually means all your accounts should be suspended, including Yad. (Several of those are suspended too...) Is pointing that out a threat, blackmail or truth? Would notifying Twitter be against the law?  Er... no.

Still no answer as to why you used the gmail address of someone else to register a Twitter account? Or told a Twitter user an account was run by someone it isn't?

Looks like a warning to me.  Cease and desist?


Nem xxx

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