Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

 I have been out most of Christmas Eve having fun, and came home to find several informative and amusing links to tweets in my email from friends. Thanks all. It adds to the seasonal jollity!

Andrea has a stalker who writes blogs about her? Andrea has spent Christmas Eve tweeting about it?

She does like to play the attention seeking drama queen and refer to me as her 'stalker' (for laughing at her very public tweets and blog?).

Anyhow, my last blog post was published yesterday, and that wasn't Christmas Eve, so this time it can't be me. So who else is writing blogs about her?

Call CID!

Oh I forgot, she's tried that. And er...   I'm not languishing in a dungeon.

That could be for various reasons, see blog from yesterday.

I'm also told there is some sort of competition to see who has the most blog hits, and these stats are supposed to make me choke on my mulled wine.

 Hmmm okay.  Well. I have several blogs, this one has been going just over a year and I don't push it every day on Twitter like some do. It's basically just a light-hearted record of some people's abuse / obsession/ sheer bizarreness.

But, in the spirit of Christmas giving, here goes:

10,945 up until today.

My other blogs? Well, I haven't updated them in a long time, but they still get read daily.

Those three added together?  Almost 157,000. Add that to the stats above and I make that... ooooh, lots.

Not bad for what are basically little personal blogs, written for fun.

So, baubles is all I can say.

Lots of love



Monday, 23 December 2013

Andrea Urban Fox calls CID!

Really.  I'm on their 'most wanted' list apparently! Laughing at Andrea is a crime now!

Love it!

Re 'crime refs'

Well, CID has not been in touch. The 'crime report'  appears to have fallen into a black hole.  (As for 'crime refs', they are more usually called 'incident refs', which is so things can be filed and referred to, and until it is proved a crime has been committed, then it's tad dodgy to keep saying it has.)

That could be because:

a) you are lying?

b) they looked into your complaint and appreciated you are a liar with a history of trolling (Trent Reznor?) and therefore, no case to answer?


c) they contacted my local police force, who gave them the low down on you?

One look at your sleazy, silly Twitter timeline gives your game away, doesn't it?  And that daft blog? Oh dear. If you say CID had my Twitter account suspended, obviously I need to take this up with Tower Hamlets police.

It's a pity in some ways CID hasn't been in touch,  as I would have enjoyed a chat. I have many screenshots which I haven't published, including some which make me wonder if Social Services should  know about you (smiley face).

Perhaps after Christmas, I'll contact Tower Hamlets CID for a chat. Of course I could cite reports and refs too.

All that scouring of this blog, searches on your own name, and Google did take a look too, but obviously, decided it is all OK?

And your pet troll account is suspended too.

Have some cream for the butthurt.

As for online reputation management, it's difficult to 'regain your name' if  you have none in the first place. (I hope they enjoyed the read.) Truth hurts?


N xxx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hello there!

I gather Andrea has been making complaints to Blogger about this blog, which is basically factual. So far Blogger hasn't been in touch.

I know you are scouring every post Andrea now looking for stuff to complain about. Tell you what, if you hadn't written ridiculous blogs about me in the first place, and allowed all sorts of Tom Dick and even bigger Dicks to write juvenile and defamatory comments on yours, I wouldn't have needed to write a blog at all.

Stop playing victim, delete your blogs, stop the troll accounts, and I will stop blogging.

Oh and I have it all backed up, and can migrate it elsewhere if required.

Have a nice day.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots

Update... no crime ref, it's an incident ref, and no proof any crime committed.  I have sent this blog to police. Time Andrea stopped all this whining.

I borrowed the heading for this blog. Banal, isn't it?

Right, rapid post, may need to come back in the next day or so and add stuff or edit when I re-read and decide it could have been more elegantly expressed; however, recent events make speed necessary.

I began writing this blog, tongue in cheek, in order to document and refute and, actually, poke fun at some of the strange people who appear to be obsessed with me, and who downright lie about me via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest. I believe it to be truthful and I have evidence to back up what I say where I am specific.

I had hoped a few of the guilty detailed in this blog might get the message that they are making prize fools of themselves, but alas, some people have not the ability to search their own hearts and realise how silly they come across as.

A great deal of it, sadly, so far has been taken up with one person, and I had hoped I would not need to document her further, as clearly she thrives on the attention. However, I need, yet again, to refute some of the stinky stuff.

I hope she sends it to her local police force in order to lie again I am stalking her after she posted her most recent blog, and tweeting it and getting it retweeted.  And so yes I read it, no I didn't get the link from reading her actually, quite dull tweets, yes I had to laugh yet again. Nintards? How old are you Andrea? Fourteen?

My local police force is aware of some of the nonsense spread about me and also aware of the evidence I can provide to refute it. I haven't pushed it but I have placed stuff on record, in case the situation escalated. I have received help and sound advice from them.

I've even offered police my computer and my phone records if they need them, to refute the lies some tell that I make malicious calls and have numerous Twitter accounts with which to stalk people etc etc. They laughed. Said they had enough to do seeking actual criminals.

Now I'm not pretending I've never said a few things I possibly shouldn't, but hey who hasn't? I don't have the patience of a saint, and I do at times respond to stuff aimed at me. Yes I can be provocative maybe, and I can poke fun at folk, but nothing really too dreadful.

But I can hand on heart say it's NOTHING compared with the daily crap spread about me and posted day in, day out to my Twitter account and elsewhere. Foul mouthed, crazy and obsessed stuff, showing the worst of humanity. Maybe I will blog about it all another day, with samples.

It does make me wonder what sort of weird lives some people lead, and what goes in in the minds of some doesn't bear too much scrutiny. (Un)social media is their stamping ground, and I wonder if they have the same lack of social skills in real life as so many people display on Twitter.

And I can point a finger at small number of people who wind up a faithful army of the not-too-bright and the plain malicious, by spreading their bullshit and playing victim to them. Grown adults even have alternative names for me, slug is a favourite, middle aged men and women calling me slug day in, day out, imagine. Sidesplitting, hey?

Now let's begin with some truth. If you tweet, post on a public Facebook Page, blog and put it on the internet (especially with my name or Twitter name in the search tags) that's not the same as a private conversation or phone call. It's out there, in public. If stuff is written about me, either directly naming me or indirect reference but obviously about me, and I read it, and even respond to it, to laugh at it, to refute the lies, it's not actually stalking. I checked with police. Don't want stuff read, don't put it on the internet.

If other people read it and send me links, having decided the rubbish written is about me, see previous para, that's also not stalking.

If someone posts stuff on Twitter on a public hashtag and I respond, politely and with no abusive language, that's not harassment. Interaction is what social media is about. If you don't wish to read my tweets, then block me, and don't reply.  But if my tweets are not abuse, or lies, even though you don't like the truth they contain,  then don't maliciously report me to Twitter in order to try to have me suspended.  It makes you look pathetic and spiteful.

This is particularly so if you are quite happy to have vile troll accounts be really abusive about me, and feed them, interact, send them lies about me,  and wind them up with your whining and drama queen antics.

OK, preamble over.

My @NemesisRepublic Twitter account, with well over 4000 followers, is currently suspended from Twitter.

I have  received a number of kind messages re my suspension, and thanks all, I am just sitting it out until Twitter deals with my appeal ticket. Sad, as some of what I tweet is animal rescue stuff, in the hope of finding new homes for abandoned dogs and cats, and raising funds for same, but clearly, hugging themselves with childish glee at my suspension is more important to some.  Hey ho.

Now from reading tweets and and some crowing from at least one silly woman, I gather a couple of people have reported me for some reason or another.  I know as apparently they have been whining that tickets took a long time for Twitter to respond.

Who has been reporting me in the hope of having me suspended?  Sheryl McNaught and Lady Andrea da Silva Goncalves Fox, I have some reason to believe. If I am wrong, the comment box is available to you. Just post your proof.

Sad Sheryl must spend all her time writing report tickets in order to carry on with her vendetta:

The entire reporting process is bizarre, and I think possibly automated, the appeal system takes forever. I daily get the sort of abuse that these people wind others up to post by spreading their lies about me. However, each to her own.

If thriving on hate is your thing, then so be it. (I note Sheryl has been winding up the faithful again over the past couple of days with outright lies about me again. She's clearly got some problems she needs to have help resolving.)

The fact Andrea's ticket possibly got looked at after Sheryl's serial tickets, and I was already suspended, doesn't mean she didn't try, and she has tried previously. I gather she tweeted she had a reply saying the 'problem' had already been resolved, which is what Twitter says in these circumstances.

I know she has attempted to have my Twitter account suspended in the past, when Twitter didn't oblige she tried this: lying nonsense, clearly designed to wind people up and to mass block and report me (actually also I blocked her and she was sending me DMs way past November, so proof she's a liar):

Really, this woman needs to get a grip.

The more I read from her, the more I agree with this:

If she is now claiming  her ticket wasn't connected with me, as she's getting some sh*t about it, that's between her and her conscience.

Andrea is claiming that 'useful idiots' are campaigning to have her banned from Twitter. Well, up to them, I've seen no such campaign. She's really not that important in most people's lives, I suspect.

(She's also now claiming, I gather, she's been to police about me. I look forward to hearing from them, I can robustly defend myself from her allegations and I doubt the CPS will wish to waste cash in pursuing it.)

And one person, @Alixir13 on Twitter, has been watching some of what has been happening with the BS surrounding me, the pitiful bunch of people who seem to have me at the forefront of their minds 24 /7, and has been documenting it and challenging a few of them.

I don't know her in real life, I certainly do not have any control over her tweets or actions; however, apparently Andrea has taken it into her head she is one of an army of trolls she claims I have at my disposal to harass her.

This is entirely untrue and I have no control over anyone, but in Andrea's alternative world, I suppose fantasy and reality at times become difficult to differentiate.

So where are we now?

Andrea has taken exception, it seems, to @Alixir13 championing my cause and recording tweets in Storify and wryly pointing out a few home truths.

Andrea has written another blogpost.

No she doesn't name me, she's too cowardly, she refers to me as her 'stalker'.  I think she actually believes this rubbish.

Remember, this is the woman whose bizarreness extended to claiming I had stalked her and posted her address and phone number somewhere on the WWW, and she had to move home she was so scared of me.

The fact is, I did no such thing (don't have her address and phone number) though she has done it to me and another person:, here it is...

And yeah, I'm sooo scary. I mean, mad axeman stuff, in Andrea's vivid imagination? The fact I wouldn't hurt a fly also has bypassed Andrea I presume.

So, a few specifics.

I once screenshotted something where she was lying and foaming and winding someone up about me, and the shot included her avatar with TINY pic of her kid in it and put it, for a short time, face unblanked, on my Twitpics. ( It wasn't on my blog, I always blank his face here no matter how tiny). Apparently that made me some sort of pervert. As soon as I realised I had not blanked I removed (a matter of hours?). The main point was to record the rubbish Andrea was writing about me again.

And lo it has come to pass, that this week, @Alixir13 fell foul of Andrea's uncontrolled inability to have anyone point and laugh at her. Here she is...  so much in one small tweet, all very revealing.

So,  Andrea on Groundhog Day, calling this person a 'nutjob' and making a huge furore over a tiny pic of her son being posted, which no-one would have even noticed if Andrea hadn't made such a juvenile fuss.

She's fumed and foamed on her blog too, as though said person had deliberately posted a pic of kid with some nasty comment.

Reality check: Andrea's very public Twitter page had screenshot taken in order to evidence something. This is actually what police suggested I did too, to record evidence.

And on that Twitter page, Andrea has her photos, on the left, as we all do. The fact there is, tiny, tiny, a photo of a child, apparently Andrea's, and he was included in a screenshot has Andrea popping and fizzing and asking why his face wasn't blanked out.

Er...  but it's there Andrea, in public, on your Twitter page. It was a screenshot of your own, very public, Twitter page.

Ok, I've part blanked it, to avoid further accusations I'm some sort of pervert,  though it's so tiny its clear she's manufacturing a fuss, for reasons of her own. Drama queen? Attention seeker?

As with the one time I inadvertently did this also, it's not evidence of child abuse, paedophilic tendencies, harassment or anything else. It's simply recording what  Andrea's PUBLIC twitter page has on it.

She's even pulled in the anti-Semite smear again in her blog. The 'pig' ref Andrea, by @Alixir13, I'm sure she knows but again is trying to muddy the waters, is here. I doubt the person quoting it has any idea of her claimed Jewish ancestry. I'd stop the anti-Semitism smears now, Andrea, it's devaluing real and unacceptable anti-Semitism. Neither of us are anti-Semites. You'd have a hard time defending that one in a libel court.

Actually, from what I have experienced from Andrea, and those she has encouraged to troll me and the lies she's told, that seems quite mild. The Trent Reznor stuff did her no favours and it's odd how many appear to know about it, but that's her affair, not mine.

Calling people nutjobs, nutters, stalkers, psychos, retards, perverts, claiming I egg people on and all the rest says a great deal about Andrea, and none of it reflects well on her. It's called ableism.


I know Andrea reads this. So, some simple advice.

It's time you stopped the nonsense Andrea, it's making you look very foolish indeed, spiteful, vicious and vindictive, attention seeking, harbouring massive amounts of old fashioned butthurt. It may give you some small sense of self-importance, it may be bringing you few like-minded hangers on who actually believe you, but sensible people simply see you for what you are.

As Ewok said a considerable time ago (and no, I'm not Ewok, another lie on your blog):

Andrea, what comes over  from your blogging and tweeting and all the rest is an angry, disturbed woman, so not at peace with herself and the world, who could possibly do with some counselling and help. Sadly, I doubt you will seek it, and will carry on with this nonsense.

Your choice.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Andrea Urban OINK

Someone made yet another supposed parody account of me. It's pathetic stuff,  very juvenile, but naturally Andrea (who frothed and fumed on Facebook when a parody of her was made, she blamed me, wrong as usual.  She's not the sharpest isn't Andrea) is promoting it. Obsessed much Andrea?

(See blogs passim for all the LULZ on the sad old troll.)

Now far from it for me to bitch, but... there's the pic referred to...

And...  here's Andrea....

 Well, that made me giggle. No idea why really...


Nem xxx

PS thanks to the person who reads this blog avidly. Within seconds of me posting this it was back... devouring my deathless prose... can't keep away...

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

This is for my stalker...

I really would have been unaware of this without my stalker.  It thinks it is being clever. Well, no. It has been very stupid.

But thanks. More to come.



I have today heard from the Community Security Trust.

 Mrs Shitrit / Chetrit has made a *cough* major error and I am exonerated. I think she has a great deal of explaining to do and some apologising.

Smearing me as antisemitic to an official body (which is the gist of all this) with no evidence that I was the person behind a vile Twitter account isn't really too wise.  Quite how what was supposed to be a confidential letter to her was published on the internet in the first place perhaps she can explain too?

I'm sure the troll spreading it around can explain from where the photo came. Thanks however. :0) Without you I would have been totally unaware of this matter.

(Explanation... as I was not allowed to post this comment where the original  letter from CST was published I instead put it here)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Andrea Urban Fox is stalking me!

I joined Appnet yesterday. I made one post.


Today I was sent a link to Andrea's account. It seems the charm bypass is still effective.

This sort of stuff doesn't make her look the innocent she likes to claim she is, does it?

I see she's already got a number of the slimeballs of the internet as her bosom buddies. Birds of a feather etc...

She should read the Terms and Conditions of Appnet. Very interesting.  Several breaches already, Andrea. 


Oh look, she's read this already. Must be stalking my Twitter timeline LOL!

I made one post. I only just joined. She sought out my account to get all foamy about.  Oh the hilarity!

LOL! Poor dear. Butthurt cream needed again eh? Remember... Andrea was the one doing all the foaming and bitching and stalking... I mean, if she has me blocked on Appnet and Twitter why is she reading my posts?? 

Updated 5pm August 6th 


Looks like Andrea is indulging in a spot of illegal activity, and clear harassment. 

Not so innocent as she tries to pretend. I wonder what Tower Hamlets police think?

A repost and a star. Nasty stuff. 

And oh look.

Oh my word. Narcissistic or what? 

Has she shown herself up again to be odious, low minded, spiteful, self obsessed,  lacking in humanity, and dull? You decide.  I made one tiny post on App Net.  Andrea did the rest.  There's more but it's sooo tedious. 

And the woman who lied I put her address and phone number on line is quite happy to do that to me and others.

Best tiptoe quietly away. She's not rational is she?


Monday, 22 July 2013

Poor Andrea Urban Fox, still deluded.

Brief post. I got sent this as a link, I don't normally read the silly woman's tedious and foul mouthed tweets. As the attention seeking fruitcake likes to refer to me as her 'stalker' (yes she is that stupid) I thought a response was in order.

I'm sure extreme frothing, protecting her tweets, hysteria etc will ensue. Still chuckling...

Oh well.  I'm sure she'll get over her butthurt at me blocking her and showing her up for the liar she is one day (see previous blogs).

I had to chuckle at this too...

 Not Andrea's photo copyright and  Tower Hamlets police have not made any complaint. Deemed fair usage #Blogger 

Looks like her reputation is well known.


Monday, 3 June 2013

Andrea Urban Fox and the mystery of the email

A quick update on the Andrea Urban Fox /Silva /Da Silva/Goncalves/DaGoncalves/ whatever the sad troll is calling herself these days (Lady Andrea too, apparently, the last word in irony that one) saga. See previous posts for history.


She's still attention seeking and playing the victim, while associating with some rather nasty trolls, which makes her claims of victimhood look ever more the BS they are.

I point out I don't avidly read her tweets, they really aren't very interesting,  though some who follow her send me links when she's clearly having a rant about me. Given that she attention seeks by claiming I'm her stalker (no really, she does, apparently it's the fashionable thing these days to claim you are stalked, though actually, reading crap she posts about me on social media and responding doesn't come under any legal definition of stalking at all) then I suppose I should consider this and what follows is about me? Not that I have used her son, but things like truth and Andrea are strangers. It's a good one to get people on her side too.

 Indeed. I am sure using Twitter helps Andrea hugely. Gives her some sort of stability etc etc

 Yes we recall the Trent Reznor stuff, where Andrea obsessed and blogged about him, to no effect (though Twitter did suspend her):

Apparently I have lapdogs. I wasn't aware I had those either.  Barking. Here in reverse order:

Remember her BS I put her address and phone number somewhere on the internet (unspecified) and she was so terrified (apparently I am a terrorist, or have links with such) she moved house?

The fact I don't actually have her address (Borough of Tower Hamlets is a large place)  nor phone number and did no such thing didn't deter her, oh no. Also the fact I don't know any terrorists not have links with them seems to have passed the deluded woman by.

Well, apparently, reading the above, Andrea thinks I also have her email address, and have been making an abusive Twitter account using it.

Yep, that's the most recent eye-wateringly silly accusation. Nope, I don't actually know any email address of Andrea's but look, that's too much like banal reality and doesn't fit with the fantasy world she has created around me.

As far as I can recall, however, in order to make a Twitter account, you need to register it and then in order to activate it Twitter sends an email to you. So if Twitter sent an email to Andrea, did she click to activate it despite not having registered a new Twitter account?

Andrea,  the whole thing smells, very, very whiffy indeed.

Even more whiffy is the fact after I screenshotted the above and put on my Twitpics denying her allegations, did she apologize? Nope.

OK I forgot. It was it tiny anyhow and as it is all over her Twitter account, the frothing can only be deemed trolling.

Read this Andrea. I know you will.

I'll say it again. The only person using her kid's image to troll and abuse is Andrea. He's not old enough to give consent and dragging him into her online games is very odd.

I blanked his face out there but Andrea hadn't. Using her child as her avatar to abuse me and call me a perv is really showing how low this woman can go. As for DMs, well maybe that Twitlonger one wasn't so secret. I got it by perfectly legitimate means. It was an attempt as usual to manipulate and bleat and play victim. Andrea forgets we are all wise to her trolling and her troll pals

 and that she is far from being a victim.

Well no, not quite showing how low she can go. There is worse. She's fond of calling people paedophiles too.

I'll put this here again. If she would read carefully and act on it, perhaps no-one would waste time having to refute her lies and the lies of her pals about me.

And for that, Andrea called the writer 'pure evil'. Yes her wee troll is still trolling me, though has changed names. Oddly, it sounds just like Andrea, similar style and vocabulary, but who can tell?

You have to chuckle.

Nem. With love.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pottymouth Nilli and the Williamson Group Preston

Today my attention was drawn to this little exchange on Twitter. I didn't see it at first as I had blocked one Pottymouth long ago, for being abusive. It was totally out of the blue. I point out as well as being a former porn movie 'actress' Nilli Willis and then apparently an NHS worker, prior to running a building business (see below) Ms Pottymouth also claims to be a member of  'staff' for a so called  'organisation' which claims to help people who are bullied on Twitter! Oh my.  See also many other posts on this blog about  the other 'staff' Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit) and Sheryl McNaught, both now suspended from Twitter on numerous accounts for targeted abuse and harassment.  Cyberbullies! Ironic, yes?

Ms Pottymouth locked her tweets to avoid being reported. I'm sure the tweets below would have brought her a Twitter suspension.

I'm wondering when the same so-called 'organization' YadByAdUK will comply with the Data Protection Act.

I saw Ambrosine Shitrit  @MrsShitrit was involved,  her tweets were protected at the time I looked to see what her input was, so I have no idea at the moment.

I'll remind readers of Mrs Shitrit's bullshitting about me, her outright lies, her fake accounts etc as detailed in part in a previous blog.


Remember her claims I stalk her, and have done since she joined Twitter in December 2008?
Outright lies of course, I wasn't on Twitter then, and my Twitter archive shows I first tweeted with her December 2010 and nothing connected with Israel. I pose the suggestion she stalks me somewhat though.

She has some real charmers as Twitter friends, as the evidence above shows.

I feel anyone who finds threats of violence to women a joke rather weird to say the least. One Chayalim is also a homophobe  it seems, this is one I had sent to me a while ago and I kept it

 So it does appear filthy minded  birds of a feather etc.

Back to Sunday:

 I'm unsure if Sheryl McNaught is agreeing that her pal is a c*nt or me, but I suspect the latter. She's like that. She's a malicious liar and a hypocrite is Sheryl. Oh, and plays victim too:

So I did a little 'research' on Ms Pottymouth, and tweeted my findings. Pretty basic stuff. I er... read her tweets!

Well, Ms Pottymouth continued to froth and fume and swear at me, and some of her pals joined in spamming me, so I continued to record it. Some of it is going to police and I am considering if I should sue for libel, so I won't repeat, but I will add a few shots of what she felt was OK to tweet at me. The usual BS about jew hate (nope...) and if you abuse people then  expect that you will be exposed. And as for trolling Jews and their supporters and posting personal details? Really?  Proof of all this (apart from you, but you posted your own?).

Especially if this is the sort of stuff you think OK to spray at people over a social networking site

And so it went on. Even someone who claims she is her daughter joined in

A few further shots:

  Actually, it sounds like there's something requires medical attention here. No, frothing isn't usual:

And here she is, again lying I loathe Jews.  Such a pathetic and easily disproved smear.

Well now, personal details. Yep, hands up, I pointed out, after the initial abuse, who she works for. Not too hard to find as she actually posted the info herself. She even Tweeted she had posted it and didn't mind who knew. I'm not a threat either, so that's nice to know.

Apparently she's these days  Business Development Manager of a firm which bears her name, and here it is


Looks like it is registered as Exceptional Living Ltd and goes by the name Williamson Construction Group, HQ is Preston.

 So it's of course up to people reading this if they feel they wish to hire a  'construction company' she claims she owns (small building firm?) whose building development person has such a foul mouth, defames people, and thinks that's OK and doesn't reflect badly on the firm and its integrity and family friendliness.

Personally I think this is shockingly bad PR and Ms Williamson should think before she tweets, but possibly being a foul mouthed abuser is all part of the business and office ethos at that particular building firm. (See also the comments section below.)

There you are Nilli, free advert for your business.  You're welcome!

Nem. With love.


PS I also caught this, part of a longer exchange where Sheryl and pals were obsessing and bitching about me.  The link was to this blog. Given that I was the person Tweeted at, it does make Sheryl look even more foolish than ever. Imagine that. And gosh, is she spying on me? I am their life. Without me, these people are nothing....

Rest of the thread is similar juvenile nonsense.

Also, here's Mrs Shitrit  attention seeking again, not true of course, but see the response from one of her followers. Nice people she knows, huh?

Caught this one; shows she's still being not exactly truthful, as she abused me on Sunday out of the blue.

And here's Sheryl Mc Naught claiming that poor Nilli's business is being harassed by screenshotting her abuse of me and that's anti-Semitism? Oh dear.