Monday, 23 December 2013

Andrea Urban Fox calls CID!

Really.  I'm on their 'most wanted' list apparently! Laughing at Andrea is a crime now!

Love it!

Re 'crime refs'

Well, CID has not been in touch. The 'crime report'  appears to have fallen into a black hole.  (As for 'crime refs', they are more usually called 'incident refs', which is so things can be filed and referred to, and until it is proved a crime has been committed, then it's tad dodgy to keep saying it has.)

That could be because:

a) you are lying?

b) they looked into your complaint and appreciated you are a liar with a history of trolling (Trent Reznor?) and therefore, no case to answer?


c) they contacted my local police force, who gave them the low down on you?

One look at your sleazy, silly Twitter timeline gives your game away, doesn't it?  And that daft blog? Oh dear. If you say CID had my Twitter account suspended, obviously I need to take this up with Tower Hamlets police.

It's a pity in some ways CID hasn't been in touch,  as I would have enjoyed a chat. I have many screenshots which I haven't published, including some which make me wonder if Social Services should  know about you (smiley face).

Perhaps after Christmas, I'll contact Tower Hamlets CID for a chat. Of course I could cite reports and refs too.

All that scouring of this blog, searches on your own name, and Google did take a look too, but obviously, decided it is all OK?

And your pet troll account is suspended too.

Have some cream for the butthurt.

As for online reputation management, it's difficult to 'regain your name' if  you have none in the first place. (I hope they enjoyed the read.) Truth hurts?


N xxx

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