Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Andrea Urban Fox... liar and cyberbully?

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... or someone massively delusional and paranoid?

I don't know. Possibly Andrea can enlighten me.


Chapter one there.

Chapter two of the Andrea rebuttal saga... there are further chapters to come...

In which this writer humbly suggests that Andrea is a fantasist, which is a polite way of saying she's possibly an out and out liar?

Oh look... it appears that others think so too.


New year, same old from this person. Its latest fad is writing blogs about me…and claiming I`m the one obsessed…Oh sweet irony! LOL! < Snork! Andrea, who writes crazy blogs about me AND allows the most barking of comments from her more than slightly obsessed troll pals. Irony indeed :0)

Here's Andrea's Twitter Faker score by the way. She's obviously gained her massive following by using those 'get more Followers fast' spambots. So of her 'fanbase' only 5% are real / active? Wow. Impressive.


I could do this sequentially, but I thought I'd do it in flashback and flash forward. That's cos I'm a literary sort of person as well as an academic sort. Also, I feel her most recent outbursts should be shared with a wider audience, in order they can see for themselves the extent of what I construe as her manipulation and lies.

Andrea describes this blog as 'peurile'.  Clearly I have hit a nerve as she's also described it as 'crap'.  It's also truthful, which is possibly why she's so keen to rubbish it?

Poor Andrea. It appears me writing the truth has made her foam and attempt again to libel me and lie about me.  Apparently only Andrea can write blogs...

I've read a few of her blogposts, and her comments on other blogs, not only those where she's lying about me, and being paranoid, and attempting to play victim; although everyone has the right to an opinion, I haven't found her opinions to be other than banally expressed, angry rants mostly, and in great need of an editorial hand, but hey.

Over the past almost two years, Andrea has made all manner of barmy claims about me, and I have kept a copy of some of those. Yep, I can post screenshots, so the evidence remains even when she's deleted them.

Mostly what I have done is laugh at her, and point out her lies. And frankly, she's made a huge laughing stock of herself, and is continuing to do so with her crazed claims and massive butthurt.

Amongst her barmy claims, she says I stalk her, cyberbully her, that I have set up numerous fake accounts where I 'slate and destroy her character', that I supported now banned Islamic group MAC, that I am an anti-Semite; she claims all manner of untrue things. She claims I am so scary she has moved house and changed phone number. She lies I have put her address on the internet. She foams about it, then claims she has never hidden who she is, what her real name is and her address...  she's called Andrea Urban Fox then?

As I haven't a clue re her address and phone number, and only found out she is called something along the lines of Andrea da Silva or Andrea Goncalves recently, when she herself posted a video on her very public Facebook Page, that's bit of a joke isn't it? (Reading public posts isn't stalking dear. If you don't want things to be read, don't put them on the internet).

It was OK for her to name me on her blog, lie about me, call me a troll, attempt to destroy MY character, allow the most crazed comments on her own blog about me, and link from there to a scurrilous, lying, trolling blog about me in which she admits she had a hand, but that somehow is different?

Andrea quote > Not long ago I totally lost my cool and wrote a blog asking my followers to block/report her because she brought my son into her trolling

It appears Andrea is keen on manipulating mass reporting of those with whom she disagrees. Also I cannot recall 'bringing her son' into anything, and I don't consider I'm a troll.

Andrea, if you help others to troll me and join in with cyberbullying,  then no use whining and playing butthurt and playing the I'm all grown up now and wish to forget my past game.  I'm going nowhere and nor is the truth. I'll carry on exposing that truth, and your lies

So Andrea, tell me which are these loads of fake accounts you claim I have? The parody one you claimed on your FB Page was me wasn't me, and despite me telling you this you continued to write whining abuse at me. You whined I had written on your PUBLIC Facebook Page defending myself, (the only means I had of communicating with you) then you whined when I deleted what I had said.

Then there's this pile of nonsense, posted on a blog when someone reblogged your whining about me.

 My take on that? You were joining in with an episode of cyberbullying and harassing on a blog by someone who I HAVE reported to police and who agree was defaming me,  someone er... associated with far right groups with a reputation for violence.  You do seem to associate with these people on Twitter too...  some of those abuse me...  You may not belong to these groups but you do associate with those who do. You associate with people whose abuse of me is longstanding and malicious and it is my view you encourage them to do so. I have proof of your involvement.

And your smears about antisemitic comments are wearing thin.  It's a lie.

I'm sure many far right, racist and abusive trolls will be happy to add malicious comments Andrea, and you will be happy to allow them. However, consider how badly this reflects on you, how it all undermines what shred of credibility you may have thought you had left. ( See footnotes screenshots too).

Your view of me I really don't care about, but outright lies, as a great deal of the above is, is really making you sound not quite sane. I don't have 'associates' whom I get to 'troll you' (though I can't say the same about you). Whatever others put on the internet is not at my instigation.

I did find wry amusement in the Official EDL Twitter RT ing your nonsense though. Championed by the far right, who use cyberbullying names and claims of 'fascism'  to those refuting their extremist hate agenda?

My you do have interesting friends! But no links to far right, of course...

You appeared to find this amusing, so why then whine about it? Though the account was certainly NOT mine:

Note: photo is a YouTube still.  Not Andrea's copyright. Andrea did not add the beard. 

As I said in chapter one of this, I only came across you I think at around the beginning of 2011, and you Followed me on Twitter then. I have DMs from you dating from the end of January 2011, so how can you have blocked me before then as you keep claiming?

I've never Tweeted your address.. though apparently it's not a secret... and you apparently don't care?

I`m not hiding behind fake accs, with no pic. My pics are online, they know where I live. I`m not a coward like they are.  < Andrea

 You seem happy enough to smear me, bandy my name around on your blog, and now my location, my age (yes I'm a senior citizen) and an ancient photo of me (which you also posted on Twitter). You are happy to encourage people to troll me and harass me. You lie I stalk you, whatever you mean by that.  You lied you blocked me for making anti-Semitic comments. I didn't, you didn't, as I stated in the first chapter of this blog.

 Bullshit is my response. It's all a steaming pile of self-obsessed dung.

This is from your own blog, not aimed at me this time (are you always this unpleasant to people by the way? You do seem to go out of your way to be vile...). Interesting. Either you care or you don't, can't have it both ways. You do appear to have a high opinion of your own importance too...
And why you were telling a load of porkies (again...) this week?

You still get daily mentions? Lies, though since this I have been tweeting it and other shots. Sure, I want my blog and my view of your nonsense to be widely read.

Several sock puppet accounts to bully you? Proof please? Though you have happily joined in with an account created to cyberbully me,  and yes I have evidence of that.

Links to extremist groups? Nope, can't say I've done that, I'm sure you aren't a member of the EDL, though you do appear happy to tweet with supporters of such groups, and allow them to use what I perceive as your bullying, lying bullshit on their blogs.

Police? I suspect police aren't interested in those who are proven liars.

Police need a known associate of Muslim hating extremists whose Followers are mainly fake to help with their Twitter? My that's er interesting! Can't Tower Hamlets employ someone with expertise?
And you are going to 'bargain' with police? You seriously think you can do that, and that you have any case at all? Wasting police time more like.

You have moved home, changed phone because of me? Staggering if true. If true, it shows how deluded you are and I suggest you seek professional medical help.

Er... slander is verbal. I have put very little online about you until now, though I can't say the same about you, whining about me on Facebook, on Twitter, and on your bizarre blog for a very long time.
Nutter? Hmmmm

Posting your pics? Well, as far as I knew the YouTube pic was not your copyright, if indeed copyright can be claimed for a frame from a You Tube video it's not yours, and if you don't wish the other photoshopped job on my blog, why not say so? But you don't seem to mind photos of you being used? See blog extract above...  and you were happy to pass round on Twitter a picture of me, along with bitchy comment,

Hated all over the internet? Really? Juvenile. I suspect billions of people on the internet neither know nor care about me, most 'hater' stuff has been posted by you and pals anyhow. I have around 3,500 Twitter Followers, last time I checked only 2% were fakers (when I find who I block them). Do they Follow as they hate me? Wow.

Trolling? So they Follow me as I'm a troll do they? Really?

There is more to come Andrea, if you feel any of what I have said is untrue and you can prove it, there's a comments box. Post the proof.

As for taking steps... that's interesting... do tell. I hope it isn't anything unlawful, as those who harass me are reported to police.




I'll add more tags later Andrea...  OCD sociopath liar and troll maybe? Stalker?  Things you have labelled me? I recall terrorist too LOL.