Monday, 20 October 2014

Another Storify, more fairy tales from Andrea

Andrea's still at it, repeating the same old same old.

20th October 2014 she published / updated a Storify.  She must be sitting waiting for every tweet Alison Chabloz makes so she can Storify.  In fact Alison's every move must be being watched :0)

Looks to me like it's Andrea carrying on with her antics. I'll just remind her that she began all this. She carries it on. All I'm doing is recording and commenting and showing Andrea for what she is. In my view she's a foul mouthed, lying bully, carrying out an internet smear campaign against me, and encouraging her pals to join in.  So hey, I'm not prepared any longer to just take it all and not respond. Defamation may be the name of her game, I'm into truth and reality.
Police dismissed it all, let's not forget. Told her basically to stop wasting their time.

Can't see what she's moaning about, she says she's just 'taking the piss' so a court will be interested to know that. Make your mind up Andrea:

She repeats her bizarre injunction demands. It's pretty clear by now that Andrea has no idea what she's doing with this supposed injunction.

I've already responded to her here

and here

but she persists.

She's going to have to prove in court her claims, and Alison and I will be given the chance to oppose her and point out reality.

Two claims again tonight which I've also already dismissed,  but either Andrea is wilfully ignoring truth or is too dumb to read and comprehend.

October 20 2014:

Andrea's supposed email trail?

In reality the tweet linked to one of Alison's Storifies about Andrea using her son to troll, there was no link at all to her son's school.

The two photo links were to instances of Andrea using fake social media accounts in her son's name to abuse by linking to her defamatory and malicious blog.

Andrea however has linked to a video taken inside her son's school. Not Alison. We've been through this already in this blog:

but for the hard of understanding here it is, again, in pictures:

The link Andrea lies was to her son's school was an encoded link, in a Twitter email notification.

Storify. No link to a school whatsoever. I hope Andrea hasn't lied to the court about that. Would make her look very bad wouldn't it? Perjury?

And oh here we go again. October 20th 2014, Andrea Da Silva Goncalves shrieks to Alison:

Last May (I believe she was referring to me, given the wider context and other tweets she made)

Liar Andrea. Outright liar.

And a number of times since she's made the same claims.

And on and on and on.

I haven't harassed the church. Alison hasn't harassed the church. Neither of us have hounded the clergy; this is all FICTION.

I have no idea what form this harassment you claim took, and I'm suspecting it's all in your head. Take us to court Andrea, prove we did this. Prove we harassed and hounded and caused the church untold stress.

You can't as we didn't.

Please cease with this defamation. Knee deep in sh*t is what you will be in if you persist with this lie.

Go seek help Andrea. Medical help, psychiatric help.  Please.

I can't say it any more clearly. You need it.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Dear Andrea... again

Dear Andrea Da Silva Goncalves aka Andrea Urban Fox etc etc 

A small reminder:

"Once again you have been telling lies about me and spreading them over the internet.

Yesterday you tweeted a link to a defamatory blog where you name Alison Chabloz and myself and make a number of libelous statements and unfounded accusations.

You tweeted it to three police forces and an organisation which helps people being stalked. That's properly stalked, not simply those who read your publications about yourself and your family (and myself) which you spread all over very public social media. That is the purpose of social media of course, to be read.

I put on record that amongst those who have retweeted your defamation appear to be Brick Lane Coffee Shop (do you tweet on their behalf?) and Marion Cleary. Both of those run businesses and I'm surprised they have been silly enough to embroil themselves in something as tawdry.

The defamatory blog in addition has a stolen photograph which is my copyright. You had no permission to download it and repost it. Of course this is not the first time you have breached my copyright by downloading and reposting my own work and photo.  Acting unlawfully doesn't make you look an innocent, does it?

You have also posted the same link on a number of social media platforms, and the stolen photo..."

I see that you have now removed some of the untruths and defamatory statements about Alison Chabloz and myself from your most recent blogpost, the farcical CEASE AND DESIST one, though I did take the precaution of copying them for evidence that you lied.

Not that lying and smearing on your bonkers blogs is something new,  especially where I'm concerned, but I suspect by now most sensible people have your measure and see you and your chums for what they are... liars and stirrers attempting to smear, for the most part.

There's that crazed cyberbullying one where you make all sorts of simply bizarre claims about me, allow your pals to make untrue and ridiculous statements about me, then you wail like a ten year old you are being bullied and stalked?

Stalked. Laughable. It's clear you have no idea what stalking is.

I note that you still have the photograph you illegally downloaded from my blog, thief that you are, though I see you are such a coward that you blanked out your own name and left ours:

and I note your claims that you are going to go ahead with an injunction to stop us doing certain things we probably had no intention of doing anyhow are still there. Well, I look forward to you filling in the forms correctly this time. There's a little more to all this than you appreciate I think.

I hope you do also appreciate that an injunction could cost you a great deal of money to pursue, and Alison and I would have the opportunity to respond.

However, I see several things you demand I do that I will have great deal of difficulty carrying out on this risible fantasy list you think a court will rubber stamp.

Contact you on social media directly or indirectly? Wasn't it you contacted Alison just this week? Was that some attempted sting? Didn't one of your pals contact Alison also? I see you removed the Storify where you lied you had gone on a fishing expedition re my address on behalf of the courts.

Just as well I have screenshots isn't it?

Please can you therefore post on your blog or even Twitter... (a Twitlonger perhaps?) a few small details such as your full legal name, in case I don't have it right, as you do use so many names including my own, which could prove awkward:

Your address, which I don't have, in order that I can steer clear, as frankly the thought of actually meeting you is distinctly unappealing. How wide a berth you would expect me to make - all of London?

Where your place of worship is now you don't any longer attend St Matthew's Church Bethnal Green, as I don't know it, and which school it is your son attends? I don't know that either.

As for the real name of your son (you seem to change it on his several social media accounts) I hadn't any intention of using it, have not done so in the past, but as you keep changing it on his several public social media profiles (a four year old? No FB any longer but a Twitter account and a Google + and is there an Appnet?) possibly you can tell me which one you don't want to see used. I hope your four year old and your sister will stop being rude about and harassing me?

As for writing to you, well I had no intention of doing so unless it was through a solicitor, who can obtain your address via police, and why I would ever wish to phone you I cannot imagine.

Without these small details, it's really not going to be possible to do as you ask.

And until you remove all the lies about me you have told in print and spread and continue to spread over many social media platforms, and apologise for the distress your lies and defamation campaigns against me have caused,  I reserve the right to carry on refuting your bull and exposing you for the outright liar you are.

Police have now twice looked at your claims and dismissed them.

More to come Andrea dear.




Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Oh whoops Ambrosine!

Twitter to my Nem account.

Oh dear.  Ambrosine Shitrit aka Chetrit and her laughable 'org'.

Probably telling lies that I am an anti-semite, have had police harassment warnings and have stalked her for six years didn't go down too well? Again?

I wasn't even registered with Twitter six years ago,  not had police warnings, not an antisemite, why does she lie?

Apparently Twitter doesn't like liars. No false reports, no mass block and reports (as Ambrosine attempts to do with others) simply reporting abuse... and Twitter acted. Again.

I've lost count of the suspensions now for bullying, on so many different Twitter names, many many violations of Twitter rules:

Good job I have screenshots of her defamation with URLS. I wonder if Andrea Da Silva Goncalves aka Andrea Urban Fox would also care to reflect that hitting that retweet / fav button on defamation is not a great idea?

Biter bit?

And yes, Andrea should note well:

I did :0) but 'someone' still continues with the malicious, vindictive obsessed sociopathic lies...

You reap what you sow Andrea. Ambrosine Shitrit's lies, fake accounts, and all the rest are documented on this blog.

More about Yad soon, and how it only recognizes antisemitism if it isn't from its friends and those it supports politically.




Monday, 13 October 2014

Dear Andrea: a letter to you

 Dear Ms Da Silva Goncalves

I have never made threats of violence towards you. Police have dismissed all your accusations against me, not once but twice. Perhaps they appreciate a time wasting attention seeker when they see one?

Once again you have been telling lies about me and spreading them over the internet.

Yesterday you tweeted a link to a defamatory blog where you name Alison Chabloz and myself and make a number of libelous statements and unfounded accusations.

You tweeted it to three police forces and an organisation which helps people being stalked. That's properly stalked, not simply those who read your publications about yourself and your family (and myself) which you spread all over very public social media. That is the purpose of social media of course, to be read.

I put on record that amongst those who have retweeted your defamation appear to be Brick Lane Coffee Shop (do you tweet on their behalf?) and Marion Cleary. Both of those run businesses and I'm surprised they have been silly enough to embroil themselves in something as tawdry.

The defamatory blog in addition has a stolen photograph which is my copyright. You had no permission to download it and repost it. Of course this is not the first time you have breached my copyright by downloading and reposting my own work and photo.  Acting unlawfully doesn't make you look an innocent, does it?

You have also posted the same link on a number of social media platforms, and the stolen photo.

That's after a weekend of lies and obsession from you, which I have documented again in the past three blogs. If you seriously think some sort of sting operation to verify my address would be sanctioned by a court, I suggest you are deluded. I will however let the court know of your behaviour. I think you are lying frankly.

Regarding your blogpost. I suggest you CEASE and DESIST in telling outright lies, allowing your friends to tell outright lies about me on your blogs, and playing poor little victim.

You are no innocent victim, in my view you are up to your ears in harassment and bullying and this is a further example. I have a great deal of evidence which over time has been passed to police, to have on record.

This includes your retweet of an outright lie from your friend Ambrosine Shitrit last week. That was reported to police, your name and hers, and I have incident refs and advice on taking this further. It was of course libel also.

As you linked your tweet yesterday to police, this morning I contacted both CID and your local community police. I was already in correspondence regarding your most recent set of allegations, which have been dismissed by police.

I refuted your allegations on your blog and provided further evidence of your own lies about, defamation and general foul mouthedness and involvement in harassment of myself. I have a great deal more.  This is the reason why police don't take you seriously. CPS would not contemplate a case where you have a history of abuse against the people at whom you point fingers.

Alison Chabloz has contacted her Derby Police contact today. You are not unknown to them.

Once again I draw to your attention the following:

Your claims of being scared etc can easily be disproved by many tweets / posts you have made where you joke and encourage blogposts and laugh at and encourage your pals' cyberbullying of me and others. Therefore the wailing and gnashing of teeth and claims of NIGHTMARE would be discounted in any court.

You have posted all my contact details on the internet; despite your lies,  I have never done that to you.  You also were up to your neck in all the trolling of me on many media platforms. If you weren't @_Newsextra, which I strongly suspect you were, you were very much involved.

Your unpleasant language wouldn't go down too well if disclosed to a court either.

I think it was you couldn't leave me alone. I had made no posts about or contacted you at all.

Pretending to book a holiday near to my home disproved your claims of being scared. I knew it was bullshit, but it was meant to intimidate me. Police have the posts you made about that.

I have not harassed your family and friends, though they have harassed me. That includes your sister who made direct contact to abuse me on Facebook posts and by a PM. You encouraged her to do so on a fake FB Profile of your own son where you lied and were vile about me.

I'm not 67, but I presume this comment was aimed at me? I didn't report your son's Page.

I got no-one to threaten you. I did not spread your boy's name.

Links to your impersonation of me on a website in order to bully and link to your nasty blog have been passed to Met Police today.

Anyone who did genuinely feel intimidated and scared would not spend as much time documenting her lifestyle and posting details of where she and her family will be at a certain time in advance on Twitter.  You are lucky that no-one has so far genuinely stalked, harassed and intimidated you, you come across as such an unpleasant character on social media and there are plenty of nasties out there.

No-one on my behalf contacted the church you attend, and nor did I. Your claims that Alison and I have 'hounded' your church and 'harassed' the clergy are risible. Perhaps you should point the finger elsewhere, we aren't the only people you have abused though I appreciate that doesn't suit your smear campaign against us both.

I am considering contacting the Bishop of Stepney however, and putting the record straight regarding your claims. I am sure he can tell me what form this claimed 'hounding' and 'harassing' was supposed to take.

As to your faith, you have posted yourself you are no devout Christian and you certainly do not act like one.  If you don't like me saying that, tough, that's my opinion.

The church you attended was no secret, as your attendance was posted on its website, presumably with your knowledge, as well as in other places on the internet. The internet is not a secret place. Put it out there, it will be seen.

Your claims you are scared Alison and I 'or some of our 'acolytes' ' (who?) will come and find you there and put you and your son in harms' way is risible, as is smearing Alison and myself as some sort of deranged and violent types. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I haven't targeted your son, and I haven't threatened to contact his school. I have today passed on my concerns re your posting videos etc of named small children on the internet and why I feel concern. That's my prerogative.  Had you not posted that blog, I would not have raised the matter with police.

I reiterate your son has targeted me, if the account posting abuse was indeed his on FB. It was not me who reported that and had it taken down, though as he isn't 13 he should not have a FB or a G+ account.

I haven't posted his name, the one you have or had very public FB Google + and Twitter accounts in, we've been through the photos bullshit umpteen times and police already investigated and dismissed, and as you post all the time the whereabouts of your son on social media where in London you both live is no secret is it?

Describing my husband as a 'doormat' (he's far from it) isn't the action of someone who claims she's sweetness and light either.

Your desecration of the memory of Alison Chabloz' grandfather and 21 other soldiers killed by the nazis as 'being in a deserters' camp' was simply vile, but then I have come to the conclusion you are quite a foul person. I wonder if you appreciate her parents may be feeling alarm and distress?  Let alone what the other relatives feel.

As for contacting your online followers and 'real life friends' (what? who? where?) well, that's more victim playing and spin and you know it. It's OK when you do it though is it?

As for that injunction threat, I doubt you have the first idea what you are doing. That was clear from the outset when you failed to provide the court with the most basic of paperwork. An injunction is far more complex than that and it could prove costly.  The wording of what you claim you seek the courts to impose, considering your own behaviour, is fantasy, attempting to prevent things which are not unlawful, and your own behaviour would have to be taken into consideration also. You are aware Alison and I would be allowed a hearing and a defence? And we of course also could be entitled to take out an injunction against you? You harassed Alison on Twitter last night with a link to that blog.

 I suggest strongly you remove the defamatory  and untrue statements made about us both from your Storifies and delete that blog. Alison and I both have strong grounds to a defamation claim against you for those.

I have no doubt once you have read this you will be posting on Twitter that your 'stalker' is queefing etc etc and making other very juvenile remarks.

If you do, those will be recorded also and passed to police and the court if required.

As for this?

 Drivel. Why should your church should be upset? What  friends?   Why? Are you living in some alternative reality?

Perhaps you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Soundywords is her pal Marion Cleary. I suppose you can fool some of the people all of the time.

Have a nice day.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Andrea Urban Fox, the Sunday sun

 Well quite. One for Andrea to read and reflect upon.

Ah. This would be Andrea, who has spent so much time feeewming?

Screenshots enlarge with a click 

And she just doesn't get it does she? If she didn't obsess, bully,  and lie through her teeth about us, we would have nothing to say in return :0)

Andrea appears to have spent most of yesterday fuming and foaming on Twitter about her 'stalkers' (LOL) to her pals Dottie and Marion Cleary mainly, though claiming she's stalked* didn't stop her posting in public on Twitter precisely where she would be at 11 am yesterday morning, apparently her one brief foray outdoors before scuttling back to troll and whine and spam.

That's when she wasn't telling big fat porkies, and got caught out:

Of course every banal detail of her own and her son's life is lived out in public, posted on any and every social media platform going, so anyone genuinely wishing to stalk her would have little trouble finding either of them, if they wished.

She's so dumb.

This morning she's woken up, and immediately fumed and obsessed again on Storify and Twitter. Her life appears to be taken up with spiteful tweets and banal, juvenile sniping. (For the record Andrea. the person you were busy Storifying / stalking has refollowed Alison. They had a robust discussion,   no biggie.)

Andrea's spelling and grammar appear to be all awry too, possibly shaking with fury isn't helping her typing?

A gem:

Yes that's Andrea, who comes across as one of the most unempathetic, spiteful bullies I've ever known. Yet she apparently fails to see it!

Still, she's pals with Old Holborn,  he of the trolling and making faked screenshots, so that says a great deal.

Old Holborn ie Robert Ambridge is a real life pal of Andrea Da Silva Goncalves. He's a fellow 'Libertarian' and she drinks with him and posts pictures of herself with him on the internet. It's really not hard to see why he's not too popular with many.

Well, I don't hate you Andrea, you aren't that important in my life, and hate is such a negative emotion, as you know. You are full of it, day in day out, on Twitter!

And why does Andrea spend so much time on so many social media platforms,  giving her opinions, spamming and whining and claiming she's stalked and is a poor little victim?   Why is she detailing so much of her own and kiddo's life in such a public manner, on Twitter Google +  and the rest? Yes it's to attract attention to herself, so she can post how many new followers she has (many fake or inactives of course. And the ad accounts...) and link to her pathetic bitching blogs and Storifies.

Of course her poor little victim act is rather negated by her posts where she claims she really enjoys the attention, and seeks more blogs and Stories about herself.


As a recent email from the sensible CID officer who reviewed and dismissed Andrea's latest reports about how she is stalked harassed etc said, Andrea has, as has everyone:

 ...the ultimate option of not using it, (social media) in much the same way as no-one is forced to stand at Speakers Corner.

Of course I now have a little more time to blog, as Andrea had my Twitter account suspended, by lying to Twitter about some already dismissed police investigation (more of her lies) and claimed it was with CID involvement. CID says no.

Apparently I'm an acolyte of Alison Chabloz (more laughable crap Andrea) and oooh look she posts links to my blogs!  CALL THE OUTRAGE BUS!  Sound the IRONY KLAXON! as Andrea would say.

And supposed pet lover Andrea, out of sheer spite, had suspended a Twitter account in the name of one of the family cats, which posted animal rescue news, appeals for homes for unwanted animals, and raised cash for animal rescue charities. I wonder if her pals at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium know that?

Still, it's an ill wind, Mr P is thriving on his Facebook Page  :0) with many more Likes than Andrea.  :0)

A little more from your soaraway Sunday sun (no doubt Andrea will be off to church soon, as she's such a good Christian, followed by pub and Hawkes alcoholic ginger beer, which isn't aided by her constant publicity. (Who would wish to be associated with such a sour puss? Not a great brand image!)

Andrea's pal Marion Cleary, who I recall blocking on Nem Twitter for being really quite unpleasant (vile posts are Andrea's speciality Marion):

Here it is again Marion, it's Storify and you got an auto notification. No it is a truthful post, It's Andrea who specialises in vile:

And Lou...  fellow campaigner for Margate and Dreamland? Oh dear Louise, don't get sucked in by the bullshit! (Great news about Tesco pulling out though):

  I love this one, says Andrea who seems to spend 24/ 7 in front of a screen:

Well it isn't me luvvie, none of my real friends would bother to pass the time of day with you (go on show us the screenie... I can guess!)  and I see you are being disablist again.  Thankfully, unlike you I have loads to do, I just don't spend my days tweeting about Brazilian blow dries and broken fingernails. I also think my friends and family are entitled to privacy.

Oh really? It's not even midday and I've enough material to write a wee blog of your obsession and vileness! No doubt more material will appear very soon, after the pub? Though I see you're back on Twitter again already.

Possibly a good place to add this from Friday. One of Alison Chabloz' friends spammed by Andrea.

Translated roughly, the angelic Andrea:

Yes police well aware of Andrea, and not impressed or interested in her lies, and whining and victim playing. and bullshit about hounding her church and stuff about her kid which is plain lying. No change there then!

I am not prepared to devote valuable resources to investigating such matters when there are far more serious and real offences being committed against very vulnerable people.

But Andrea doesn't do irony. Really, she doesn't.

 Oh... look, just after 12 and she's still at it!

And Andrea Da Silva Goncalves has stolen my copyright photo again I see, though too much of a coward to have her own name there.  Blanked it out! 

I will update police with all this now she's tweeting her rubbish at them again.

*Paladin Stalking Service eh? I think Alison and I need that! Andrea, you're full of wind and piss.  You haven't the first idea what stalking is, have you?  High risk victims? Looks like that's Alison and me.  When's that holiday you booked near me? Soon is it?

My OH who you described as 'the doormat'  to your dear pal Ambrosine Shitrit (I have the screenshot)  I'm sure would love to have a coffee with you in the village shop!  It's rather smaller than Brick Lane Coffee, your favourite, but I'm sure you can be provided with a cupful of bile to top up the reserves. 

No doubt she'll be fewwwming again now :0) and then claiming she's just taking the piss. That's OK then Andrea, clearly we are documenting your harassment. And you are just taking the piss, I'm sure police will wish to know that too. And the court. And my lawyer :0)

It's all a game to you and you aren't really bovvered. Good to know the rest of  the claims of NIGHTMARE

is all lies then.