Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hacked off?

On Thursday, Andrea Da Silva Goncalves added to her smear campaign against Alison Chabloz and myself by linking Alison to a potential security breach of her Storify account.


She screeched her allegations to Met police on Twitter also.

I wrote about it here. Both Alison and I made contact with Met police to point out reality. I'll make sure they are updated.

This of course was complete nonsense, but non-sense seems increasingly to describe Andrea. The reason she is getting notifications from Storify is because she chose to follow Alison's Storify account, where Alison quotes Andrea.

And lo, it turns out that, after the smears and the contacting Met police, that:

 The link?

So an apology will be forthcoming from Andrea will it?

Oh no. She hasn't the cojones to do that. Instead Andrea adds to the smears. Pathetic isn't she?
Hacking is illegal Andrea. Were you disappointed you'd been made to look a fool? Stalker! You have to laugh at her.
Andrea isn't clever enough and hasn't the skills required to be a decent human being, has she? :0)
Nor the basic writing skills required to use apostrophes?

Stalker! Laughable. Still sounding butthurt there Andrea.  Hmmm. Projecting again?

Bwahahahaha! How sad is she. When were you last 21 Andrea? Not far off 50, aren't you?

Really? So are you stalking someone's timeline on Twitter Andrea?  Well, you know all about targeting people with hate and spam eh?

Andrea, the gift that keeps on giving!

An excellent Storify from Alison, detailing some of the lies and smears made:




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