Friday, 3 October 2014

Are Urban Foxes pests?

In Andrea's case, it seems so.

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UPDATED October 4th 2014

She's still pestering police with her lies and smears (I've been in touch Andrea, re your recent load of BS re Alison Chabloz and me, to set the record straight):

Andrea of course expects police to do as she says, while rubbishing them when they act in accordance with English law.

She was at it again yesterday, tweeting her lies to police, making bonkers claims about links to her son's school, alleging attempted hacking, and bizarre claims about 'pestering'.

Calling Alison a 'pub singer'?  She's rather more than that Andrea. But you don't have any sort of gainful employment do you? And that gated community you claimed you lived in, and intimated in a flat worth a 'cool half a mill' just off Brick Lane ... it's social housing? Not yours?

I see. I sincerely hope none of this is funded from taxpayer's cash. I pay my taxes.

Hysterical rubbish in reality.  Has she any tangible proof of her assertions / allegations re pestering and contacting?

Let's deconstruct Andrea's Tweet to Met Police Tower Hamlets yesterday.

Link number 1 is to this, her lies that Alison Chabloz posted a link to her son's school.

The link she claims was to her son's school was in reality to one of Alison's Storifies, where she exposed Andrea's use of fake Facebook and Google + accounts in her four year old son's name to bully me and others. (No children under 13 are supposed to have such accounts.)

Andrea's sister Thais Matteoli harassed me on Facebook, in comments and by a Private Message, encouraged by either Andrea ...or her four year old son?!

More here:

Here is actual tweet made which Andrea lied to police linked to her son's school:

OK, moving on to Link number 2:

Andrea on, with a shot of her email inbox. Moans to Twitter support, and notifications from Storify that Alison had quoted Andrea's tweets in Storifies. Andrea fails to mention all her whining Storifies where she mentions Alison and others.

Then she makes the bizarre link with some claim she has been notified that attackers MAY be trying to steal her Storify password, messages etc, though demonstrates no proof of this, and says:


Here's the original post on App.Net with the picture link as above

Of course the intention is to smear Alison as being the attempted hacker, based on... no proof at all.

Makes a change from smearing Alison's grandfather and 21 other war dead I suppose

And why is Andrea getting all these Storify notifications?

It's possibly because she Follows Alison Chabloz on Storify... nothing at all to do with hacking?

Link number 3 is to this tweet, see above for more on that nonsense.

Andrea fumes and froths at the mouth if she thinks anyone has posted a pic of her or her own kid. She lied to police about me supposedly doing that to 'troll' her on this blog.  I understand she lied to Twitter that I had committed a crime in doing so, to have my Twitter account suspended. She lied that was with the involvement of CID. She's still lying on her blog that 'police had a word with me'; no Andrea. I had word with police, long after they had dismissed your report for the vexatious nonsense it was.

Remember also she's quite happy to post pics of Alison Chabloz, myself, anyone she fancies trolling, along with bitchy comments.  She's also still stupid enough to keep referring to me as her 'stalker'. This is the woman who was happy to post my address, private phone number and a great deal more besides in a 'd0x?

Of course when she decided to pretend she was going to take a holiday very near me she didn't see that as potential stalking :0)

Link number 4?

Aliosn's Storifies?  So?

Is Andrea trying to pretend to police she doesn't obsessively Storify everything she can related to Alison?  A small selection out of many, where she lies, smears, swears, and is her usual unpleasant self?

Even half conversations because Alison has locked her tweets? Bizarre!

Alison has responded to Andrea's claims in the Storify I have embedded below

including refuting Andrea's lie that Alison linked to a video of her son's school on Twitter. No, she posted a tweet where she showed a screenshot with faces blanked out and no link at all, no names, of a tweet made with a link to a YouTube video taken inside a school, where children are named. The NSPCC cautions against such conduct, and I simply pose the question: did all the parents whose children were involved give their consent? And isn't Andrea being hypocritical? (Note... no live link to video at all, a screenshot of a public tweet):

Yes me also, given the bile Andrea spews on Twitter and elsewhere, if I was a parent of one of those children I'd hate them to be involved. But I'm not a parent at the school, and nor is Alison and neither of us have contacted the school.

Jog on Andrea.



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