Friday, 17 October 2014

Dear Andrea... again

Dear Andrea Da Silva Goncalves aka Andrea Urban Fox etc etc 

A small reminder:

"Once again you have been telling lies about me and spreading them over the internet.

Yesterday you tweeted a link to a defamatory blog where you name Alison Chabloz and myself and make a number of libelous statements and unfounded accusations.

You tweeted it to three police forces and an organisation which helps people being stalked. That's properly stalked, not simply those who read your publications about yourself and your family (and myself) which you spread all over very public social media. That is the purpose of social media of course, to be read.

I put on record that amongst those who have retweeted your defamation appear to be Brick Lane Coffee Shop (do you tweet on their behalf?) and Marion Cleary. Both of those run businesses and I'm surprised they have been silly enough to embroil themselves in something as tawdry.

The defamatory blog in addition has a stolen photograph which is my copyright. You had no permission to download it and repost it. Of course this is not the first time you have breached my copyright by downloading and reposting my own work and photo.  Acting unlawfully doesn't make you look an innocent, does it?

You have also posted the same link on a number of social media platforms, and the stolen photo..."

I see that you have now removed some of the untruths and defamatory statements about Alison Chabloz and myself from your most recent blogpost, the farcical CEASE AND DESIST one, though I did take the precaution of copying them for evidence that you lied.

Not that lying and smearing on your bonkers blogs is something new,  especially where I'm concerned, but I suspect by now most sensible people have your measure and see you and your chums for what they are... liars and stirrers attempting to smear, for the most part.

There's that crazed cyberbullying one where you make all sorts of simply bizarre claims about me, allow your pals to make untrue and ridiculous statements about me, then you wail like a ten year old you are being bullied and stalked?

Stalked. Laughable. It's clear you have no idea what stalking is.

I note that you still have the photograph you illegally downloaded from my blog, thief that you are, though I see you are such a coward that you blanked out your own name and left ours:

and I note your claims that you are going to go ahead with an injunction to stop us doing certain things we probably had no intention of doing anyhow are still there. Well, I look forward to you filling in the forms correctly this time. There's a little more to all this than you appreciate I think.

I hope you do also appreciate that an injunction could cost you a great deal of money to pursue, and Alison and I would have the opportunity to respond.

However, I see several things you demand I do that I will have great deal of difficulty carrying out on this risible fantasy list you think a court will rubber stamp.

Contact you on social media directly or indirectly? Wasn't it you contacted Alison just this week? Was that some attempted sting? Didn't one of your pals contact Alison also? I see you removed the Storify where you lied you had gone on a fishing expedition re my address on behalf of the courts.

Just as well I have screenshots isn't it?

Please can you therefore post on your blog or even Twitter... (a Twitlonger perhaps?) a few small details such as your full legal name, in case I don't have it right, as you do use so many names including my own, which could prove awkward:

Your address, which I don't have, in order that I can steer clear, as frankly the thought of actually meeting you is distinctly unappealing. How wide a berth you would expect me to make - all of London?

Where your place of worship is now you don't any longer attend St Matthew's Church Bethnal Green, as I don't know it, and which school it is your son attends? I don't know that either.

As for the real name of your son (you seem to change it on his several social media accounts) I hadn't any intention of using it, have not done so in the past, but as you keep changing it on his several public social media profiles (a four year old? No FB any longer but a Twitter account and a Google + and is there an Appnet?) possibly you can tell me which one you don't want to see used. I hope your four year old and your sister will stop being rude about and harassing me?

As for writing to you, well I had no intention of doing so unless it was through a solicitor, who can obtain your address via police, and why I would ever wish to phone you I cannot imagine.

Without these small details, it's really not going to be possible to do as you ask.

And until you remove all the lies about me you have told in print and spread and continue to spread over many social media platforms, and apologise for the distress your lies and defamation campaigns against me have caused,  I reserve the right to carry on refuting your bull and exposing you for the outright liar you are.

Police have now twice looked at your claims and dismissed them.

More to come Andrea dear.




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