Sunday, 12 October 2014

Andrea Urban Fox, the Sunday sun

 Well quite. One for Andrea to read and reflect upon.

Ah. This would be Andrea, who has spent so much time feeewming?

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And she just doesn't get it does she? If she didn't obsess, bully,  and lie through her teeth about us, we would have nothing to say in return :0)

Andrea appears to have spent most of yesterday fuming and foaming on Twitter about her 'stalkers' (LOL) to her pals Dottie and Marion Cleary mainly, though claiming she's stalked* didn't stop her posting in public on Twitter precisely where she would be at 11 am yesterday morning, apparently her one brief foray outdoors before scuttling back to troll and whine and spam.

That's when she wasn't telling big fat porkies, and got caught out:

Of course every banal detail of her own and her son's life is lived out in public, posted on any and every social media platform going, so anyone genuinely wishing to stalk her would have little trouble finding either of them, if they wished.

She's so dumb.

This morning she's woken up, and immediately fumed and obsessed again on Storify and Twitter. Her life appears to be taken up with spiteful tweets and banal, juvenile sniping. (For the record Andrea. the person you were busy Storifying / stalking has refollowed Alison. They had a robust discussion,   no biggie.)

Andrea's spelling and grammar appear to be all awry too, possibly shaking with fury isn't helping her typing?

A gem:

Yes that's Andrea, who comes across as one of the most unempathetic, spiteful bullies I've ever known. Yet she apparently fails to see it!

Still, she's pals with Old Holborn,  he of the trolling and making faked screenshots, so that says a great deal.

Old Holborn ie Robert Ambridge is a real life pal of Andrea Da Silva Goncalves. He's a fellow 'Libertarian' and she drinks with him and posts pictures of herself with him on the internet. It's really not hard to see why he's not too popular with many.

Well, I don't hate you Andrea, you aren't that important in my life, and hate is such a negative emotion, as you know. You are full of it, day in day out, on Twitter!

And why does Andrea spend so much time on so many social media platforms,  giving her opinions, spamming and whining and claiming she's stalked and is a poor little victim?   Why is she detailing so much of her own and kiddo's life in such a public manner, on Twitter Google +  and the rest? Yes it's to attract attention to herself, so she can post how many new followers she has (many fake or inactives of course. And the ad accounts...) and link to her pathetic bitching blogs and Storifies.

Of course her poor little victim act is rather negated by her posts where she claims she really enjoys the attention, and seeks more blogs and Stories about herself.


As a recent email from the sensible CID officer who reviewed and dismissed Andrea's latest reports about how she is stalked harassed etc said, Andrea has, as has everyone:

 ...the ultimate option of not using it, (social media) in much the same way as no-one is forced to stand at Speakers Corner.

Of course I now have a little more time to blog, as Andrea had my Twitter account suspended, by lying to Twitter about some already dismissed police investigation (more of her lies) and claimed it was with CID involvement. CID says no.

Apparently I'm an acolyte of Alison Chabloz (more laughable crap Andrea) and oooh look she posts links to my blogs!  CALL THE OUTRAGE BUS!  Sound the IRONY KLAXON! as Andrea would say.

And supposed pet lover Andrea, out of sheer spite, had suspended a Twitter account in the name of one of the family cats, which posted animal rescue news, appeals for homes for unwanted animals, and raised cash for animal rescue charities. I wonder if her pals at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium know that?

Still, it's an ill wind, Mr P is thriving on his Facebook Page  :0) with many more Likes than Andrea.  :0)

A little more from your soaraway Sunday sun (no doubt Andrea will be off to church soon, as she's such a good Christian, followed by pub and Hawkes alcoholic ginger beer, which isn't aided by her constant publicity. (Who would wish to be associated with such a sour puss? Not a great brand image!)

Andrea's pal Marion Cleary, who I recall blocking on Nem Twitter for being really quite unpleasant (vile posts are Andrea's speciality Marion):

Here it is again Marion, it's Storify and you got an auto notification. No it is a truthful post, It's Andrea who specialises in vile:

And Lou...  fellow campaigner for Margate and Dreamland? Oh dear Louise, don't get sucked in by the bullshit! (Great news about Tesco pulling out though):

  I love this one, says Andrea who seems to spend 24/ 7 in front of a screen:

Well it isn't me luvvie, none of my real friends would bother to pass the time of day with you (go on show us the screenie... I can guess!)  and I see you are being disablist again.  Thankfully, unlike you I have loads to do, I just don't spend my days tweeting about Brazilian blow dries and broken fingernails. I also think my friends and family are entitled to privacy.

Oh really? It's not even midday and I've enough material to write a wee blog of your obsession and vileness! No doubt more material will appear very soon, after the pub? Though I see you're back on Twitter again already.

Possibly a good place to add this from Friday. One of Alison Chabloz' friends spammed by Andrea.

Translated roughly, the angelic Andrea:

Yes police well aware of Andrea, and not impressed or interested in her lies, and whining and victim playing. and bullshit about hounding her church and stuff about her kid which is plain lying. No change there then!

I am not prepared to devote valuable resources to investigating such matters when there are far more serious and real offences being committed against very vulnerable people.

But Andrea doesn't do irony. Really, she doesn't.

 Oh... look, just after 12 and she's still at it!

And Andrea Da Silva Goncalves has stolen my copyright photo again I see, though too much of a coward to have her own name there.  Blanked it out! 

I will update police with all this now she's tweeting her rubbish at them again.

*Paladin Stalking Service eh? I think Alison and I need that! Andrea, you're full of wind and piss.  You haven't the first idea what stalking is, have you?  High risk victims? Looks like that's Alison and me.  When's that holiday you booked near me? Soon is it?

My OH who you described as 'the doormat'  to your dear pal Ambrosine Shitrit (I have the screenshot)  I'm sure would love to have a coffee with you in the village shop!  It's rather smaller than Brick Lane Coffee, your favourite, but I'm sure you can be provided with a cupful of bile to top up the reserves. 

No doubt she'll be fewwwming again now :0) and then claiming she's just taking the piss. That's OK then Andrea, clearly we are documenting your harassment. And you are just taking the piss, I'm sure police will wish to know that too. And the court. And my lawyer :0)

It's all a game to you and you aren't really bovvered. Good to know the rest of  the claims of NIGHTMARE

is all lies then.



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