Monday, 20 October 2014

Another Storify, more fairy tales from Andrea

Andrea's still at it, repeating the same old same old.

20th October 2014 she published / updated a Storify.  She must be sitting waiting for every tweet Alison Chabloz makes so she can Storify.  In fact Alison's every move must be being watched :0)

Looks to me like it's Andrea carrying on with her antics. I'll just remind her that she began all this. She carries it on. All I'm doing is recording and commenting and showing Andrea for what she is. In my view she's a foul mouthed, lying bully, carrying out an internet smear campaign against me, and encouraging her pals to join in.  So hey, I'm not prepared any longer to just take it all and not respond. Defamation may be the name of her game, I'm into truth and reality.
Police dismissed it all, let's not forget. Told her basically to stop wasting their time.

Can't see what she's moaning about, she says she's just 'taking the piss' so a court will be interested to know that. Make your mind up Andrea:

She repeats her bizarre injunction demands. It's pretty clear by now that Andrea has no idea what she's doing with this supposed injunction.

I've already responded to her here

and here

but she persists.

She's going to have to prove in court her claims, and Alison and I will be given the chance to oppose her and point out reality.

Two claims again tonight which I've also already dismissed,  but either Andrea is wilfully ignoring truth or is too dumb to read and comprehend.

October 20 2014:

Andrea's supposed email trail?

In reality the tweet linked to one of Alison's Storifies about Andrea using her son to troll, there was no link at all to her son's school.

The two photo links were to instances of Andrea using fake social media accounts in her son's name to abuse by linking to her defamatory and malicious blog.

Andrea however has linked to a video taken inside her son's school. Not Alison. We've been through this already in this blog:

but for the hard of understanding here it is, again, in pictures:

The link Andrea lies was to her son's school was an encoded link, in a Twitter email notification.

Storify. No link to a school whatsoever. I hope Andrea hasn't lied to the court about that. Would make her look very bad wouldn't it? Perjury?

And oh here we go again. October 20th 2014, Andrea Da Silva Goncalves shrieks to Alison:

Last May (I believe she was referring to me, given the wider context and other tweets she made)

Liar Andrea. Outright liar.

And a number of times since she's made the same claims.

And on and on and on.

I haven't harassed the church. Alison hasn't harassed the church. Neither of us have hounded the clergy; this is all FICTION.

I have no idea what form this harassment you claim took, and I'm suspecting it's all in your head. Take us to court Andrea, prove we did this. Prove we harassed and hounded and caused the church untold stress.

You can't as we didn't.

Please cease with this defamation. Knee deep in sh*t is what you will be in if you persist with this lie.

Go seek help Andrea. Medical help, psychiatric help.  Please.

I can't say it any more clearly. You need it.


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  1. She is mad, just that, fucking mad, insane, deluded... Complete and utter nutjobbery... The woman shouldn't be allowed access to a computer, seriously, and I'm not the type of person that would normally say that kind of thing... I'm more of a live and let live kind of person but she's... well, it's hard to describe, she's like, well, she's just off her nut... If you read this, check her out, under all her pseudonyms... it's an eye opener, honest.