Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Oh whoops Ambrosine!

Twitter to my Nem account.

Oh dear.  Ambrosine Shitrit aka Chetrit and her laughable 'org'.

Probably telling lies that I am an anti-semite, have had police harassment warnings and have stalked her for six years didn't go down too well? Again?

I wasn't even registered with Twitter six years ago,  not had police warnings, not an antisemite, why does she lie?

Apparently Twitter doesn't like liars. No false reports, no mass block and reports (as Ambrosine attempts to do with others) simply reporting abuse... and Twitter acted. Again.

I've lost count of the suspensions now for bullying, on so many different Twitter names, many many violations of Twitter rules:

Good job I have screenshots of her defamation with URLS. I wonder if Andrea Da Silva Goncalves aka Andrea Urban Fox would also care to reflect that hitting that retweet / fav button on defamation is not a great idea?

Biter bit?

And yes, Andrea should note well:

I did :0) but 'someone' still continues with the malicious, vindictive obsessed sociopathic lies...

You reap what you sow Andrea. Ambrosine Shitrit's lies, fake accounts, and all the rest are documented on this blog.

More about Yad soon, and how it only recognizes antisemitism if it isn't from its friends and those it supports politically.




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