Friday, 13 February 2015

Andrea and Vicky are FEWMING!

 I published a new post yesterday,  and they are FEWMING. Poor Andrea.

By the way I see @LaFoxLives went the way of several other of her troll accounts... BANNED from Twitter!

Bless 'em. I AM THEIR LIFE! On and on they rant. This is an edited version of their obsession today :0)

Liar liar Andrea, pants on fire. You love baiting and flaming! As for police...  read on...

A spy in our midst too. I publish a public blog, using their public tweets, and oooh it's the highlight of their day! Secret messages! Not that Andrea needs them, she reads this blog anyhow.

 No, not protesting too much at all. I'm not Vicky's troll, not in any way connected with it, and I reported her to police for her claims and her threats.

Ah yea, that church, it's no secret though is it Andrea?  None at all.  You have posted tweets saying where you attend.  Pictures of yourself there on Twitter. The church itself has publicized your attendance.

So who is harassing who here Andrea?

Oh go on send to Bethnal Green police.  I'll update them too. 

I'm sure they will be fascinated to know your claims re IPCC

Nope, the IPCC didn't handle it,  they really don't deal with your sort of trite complaints, your local force did, you used the link on the IPCC site that's all, the apology wasn't really very abject  was it?

 I'm apparently only not arrested as my own police force is corrupt :0 Longer version here.

Yep I did send this to the force concerned. 

But hey, I'm sure police will rush to help you... you have so much respect for them...

Emails now eh?  Golly,  I'm feeling the lurve!

No proof of anything of the sort dear.  The blog mentioned #vicargate. So the tag was appropriate.  And there's more to come on that possibly, along with the lies Andrea told on Twitter (though she deleted some tweets, there is a record...) Oh dear.

Poor Rich, he's being sucked in isn't he? :0)

He's going on and on and on... won't bore my readers with it all.  Really Rich, you are a bit player.  Clearly you haven't see all the blogs, FB posts. G + posts, tweets, Storifies Andrea has made with her angry obsessions :0)  

 But of course he's still tweeting to Andrea & Vicky about it!

BTW I don't hate them, I find then highly amusing. Saddos, really.

Anyhow, back to the Terrible Two:

  Inciting again Andrea?   Still not interested in your pal Pengy.

I'm sure Twitter won't be terribly interested in polite mentions of a public figure... she's a Councillor...  as for you testifying...  Andrea, you are a well know liar, proven repeatedly, who police have  basically told to stop wasting their time. Screenies of what?  Public tweets?  Stalking much then Andrea?! Danczuk should report tweets to police? She'd look an even bigger t*t than the media and her selfies are making her look right now.

 Interesting stuff going the rounds about the private lives of certain politicians; I couldn't possibly comment, of course.

 Ah Vicky...   libel and threats again?  I'll  update police with this too.  You really are quite sick, aren't you? So what is coming to me, Vicky? Inciting people again, by lying about me?

 A screwdriver in the head eh? Nice people you know.

Aw.  So much bile.  Poor lassie :)

Have nice day now. Don't fewm too much!

PS waves to all reading this in Milton Keynes




Thursday, 12 February 2015

Poor Andrea. She hates being ignored!

Haven't bothered updating this for a while, even though the Andrea suspension drama was something to laugh about, and then there was #vicargate (more of her getting things very wrong... LOL)  and her attempts to link me with the #Rotherham saga (deleted but I have the screenshot dear) I thought, nah. Poor thing is getting more of a parody of herself by the day.

This is as true now as it ever was:

But oh look, foul mouthed / foul minded Andrea and her foul mouthed / foul minded pal Vicky (no dear your troll still isn't me, never was me, and no despite your paranoia I'm not behind it either) doing some baiting / attention seeking.

HAHAHAHAHA. Nope. Still lying Vicky. Not me, nothing to do with me. I see you are still attention seeking, instead of blocking / ignoring / reporting the troll. There are people reckon you are trolling yourself...  for the attention and drama... doubt it's Jason Schumann either, if that's who you mean. Wasn't it tweeting stuff like this had you suspended? Ooh how sad it would be if you had yet another account suspended, eh?

Yes, totally obsessed. Pleased you admit you are a troll though Vicky :)

Nah. Not got anything better to do than this Vicky? Like, find a life?


Bless. What an obsessed fool she is. See this blog, passim.  She's no Sherlock is she?

Excellent! I've made screenshots of all your tweets also, and I'll update my local police that you are still lying about me :) I have an incident ref from previous reports. Maybe I should call Andrea's local police at Bethnal Green again, as I did last year when the pair of you first began all this BS about me being behind the troll? Just to keep them in the loop? I called Coventry then too.  They said Vicky had not been in contact with them. Maybe time for another call?

Remember all the threats you made last year, Vicky?  Police have those also.

No I really can't be arsed with the tedious Pengy either. If he wants to be trolled I'm sure Andrea has many, many pals who will oblige. Or maybe she'll make yet another Twitter account to troll him? It's something of a speciality of hers.

So, as you obviously are gagging for attention, here you are. (All screenies enlarge when clicked.)

Evil? Nah. Stoopid more like.  Who is Rich? I have not a clue. Can he enlighten?

Is it this Rich, now getting himself involved in er... Andrea and Vicky's  ridiculous and immature Twitter spats?

Day in day out Andrea spews bile, how can he miss it? Her entire online presence is built of bile.

Andrea's one of this blog's most loyal readers. But hey, thanks for the plug!

Idiots all. You have to laugh. Total saddos. What a waste of oxygen and electricity they are...



Monday, 12 January 2015

Andrea Urban Fox loses a faithful lapdog

 All screenshots enlarge when clicked
UPDATE: Andrea's troll pal @SirPaulCondom now suspended for abuse. Another lapdog gone!

As favourited and /or retweeted by Atomicman (several suspended accounts)  KeanoKev, Vicky (suspended on numerous accounts... see this blog for more),  FascistCow (clue is in the name), Andrea (suspended as @GotABoneToPick and probably others) and other pals of  Andrea's. Poor Andrea the victim, you know? Perhaps it's Andrea who is the repulsive, obsessive, bitter  etc etc?

Yeah right.

Original post:

Sadly for Andrea da Silva Goncalves her dear pal and lapdog Keano, who originates from Hyde, EDL supporter, has been banished, finally, to the Twitter wilderness for carrying out a campaign of targeted abuse and harassment. I was certainly on the receiving end of his vileness, as were many others. He joins her other dear pals Sheryl McNaught @Sheryl2311 and Ambrosine Shitrit @Mrs_Shitrit @YadbyadUK etc (Yes I know Ambro is still tweeting in about her 333rd incarnation, but Twitter does keep catching up with her. I think three accounts suspended last week and another today? Shame her followers went up from three to over 5000 Russian spammers today also, I hope they hadn't cost her too much *snork*. )

Of course Andrea is no stranger to being BANNED from Twitter, her abusive @GotABoneToPick  (yes she admitted it was her and I have the screenshot to say so, see below) banished for targeted abuse and harassment of many people, not just Tesco and Genesis Housing Association (Andrea loves to harass Genesis, who own the block of flats in which she lives).

Yep, upset Andrea (and it isn't hard, she appears to have anger management issues?)  and she will make a troll account to abuse you.

That's when she isn't d0xing you and being foul mouthed and thinking people are envious of her 'fabulous' (LOL) life!

 She claims she was not @_NewsExtra  aka @EDLNewsExtra (originally a fake account of me, with  variations on my Twitter name, and a shared log in, including Ambrosine Shitrit) BANNED from Twitter (obsessed with harassing me) FB (fake accounts of me) Wordpress (abusive blog about me) Google + (two accounts to bully me) etc etc, but it's odd how alike they sounded... shared vocabulary and writing style...   I have so many screenshots and so have police. She was certainly involved with the account.

 NB @Jezzasexiles is now the pathetic #Bluehand 'Leader' Andrea's pal @EnglandsTerrier ie David from Leeds, far right numpty.

I'm also less than convinced about her claims BANNED @AndreaUrbanFox wasn't her but a fake, which she had suspended long ago.

Doesn't explain this from 2012? If not her why was she thanking her pal for a #FF for the account?

That's still causing confusion!

Though of course Trent Reznor had the right account when he tweeted this:

 As an aside, thought my readers deserved a chuckle at these two gems from Andrea in a recent Storify:

Ah yes... Andrea does that. She loves those sort of Twitter accounts!

 Andrea does that also.  She must do in order to make her juvenile Storifies out of tweets of people who have her blocked and don't even mention her. 

 Is she really so unaware of what a fool she makes of herself daily?

Anyhow, back to the mangy old pooch Keano.

Keano's last incarnation was as (don't laugh) Keano Tiger. Roooar!

As an aside, is the KeanoKev who has the original of that picture on his Pinsta account related, or if not was he aware of the abusive tweets being made using his photograph?

 Poor Keano. Busy Christmas, what with his two families, the mutts and all!


Guess who else he was pals with!

Oh the irony! When will yours stop Ambrosine?

Oh dear. Like Andrea, saddo Keano thinks using ableist term passes for wit.  Mong and retard, sadly, feature also high on Andrea's tweet insults.  Parents of Down's Syndrome and other children with developmental problems must read her and cringe.

Keano Kev / Tiger whatever  must be a great loss to Andrea, especially as she was forever favouriting and retweeting him. She loves these foolish blokes who she can manipulate into doing her dirty work.  She loves having troll accounts she can call in to abuse people while trying to remain squeaky clean hereslf (though her ever more crazed Storifies show what a very nasty person she is, and so deluded and ignorant of a great deal).

Bless her. Diddums. Is dat bottom lip twembling then? It wasn't Alison Chabloz nor me, but Andrea is obsessed with us...

Of course Andrea ran a long campaign of harassing me on Twitter, and even lied to @support about police and claimed CID got involved to have my account suspended. Oh look her troll pal Terrier! 

CID says yes she was telling fibs. Any crime ref she sent to Twitter didn't denote a crime had been committed. I certainly haven't committed any crimes! Unblemished record. Not even a parking ticket.

I see Andrea also happily spreading the lie from the crazed far right white supremacist troll Terrier (a man with many socks, all of them full of holes) I am or was the Twitter account Lucy Buttercup.  Sooo wrong, soooo very very wrong dear!

By the way Andrea I may have been 'reported to police by many people' as claimed (I doubt that...) but police have never given me any sort of warning whatsoever.  And they are happy to confirm that. Ambrosine, poor dear, is still peddling that lie. Perhaps peddling lies is part of why Twitter keeps suspending her accounts, along with her pal Sheryl McNaught? Nor have they told me to 'back off' anything. Your and yours pals little ruses haven't worked. Still butthurt police told you to stop wasting their time? Still lying my own police force involved in some sort of corruption? Laughable.

Keano Kev will no doubt be back with a new account, but for now, that's one fewer idiot on Twitter associated with Andrea. And that's a reason to be thankful.