Thursday, 17 April 2014

Message to Victoria Denise Lloyd and Andrea da Silva

Yes there's a troll account trolling you. Yes, posting pics of your kids too.

It's not me. Just for the record. I gather it's using Android to tweet, and I certainly don't use Android. Vicky seems, however, to revel in the trolling, and engages with it. Stirring much?

I've a collection of screenshots of  BS which I have been forwarding to the local police for a while now. I've updated today. There are threats too.

Update: I gave W Midlands Police (as Vicky lives in Coventry and is spamming W Midlands Police with BS) a ring via 101. I spoke to Joanne. I explained Vicky's allegations and trolling, I see supported by Andrea (surprise...) and was assured there has been no report. However, I have reported the lies and trolling to police. No they aren't coming to visit me Vicky. Your lies are exposed.  I doubt they will be calling on you either, but you never know.

I left my name, phone number and name of local police contact I have been sending screenshots to. Those include you, Andrea...  shall I call Bethnal Green again?

Making threats to people via the internet, Vicky,  that you will "see them soon" and they should "expect a visit"? Malicious Communications Act and harassment?

BTW libel has nothing to do with police. Just setting the record straight.

And no Andrea, it's really not very interesting. Thanks for reading my blog from Brazil though. Bored are you?  Not just once either. Stalky stalky? There there. Don't have too huge a meltdown, and try not to spam Twitter support too much.

As I said, police have been kept updated with the BS and your involvement. I'm not the troll accounts, and I've a decent set of screenies of Vicky's trolling and yours too, retweeting her and contacting trolls, and Vicky hasn't even reported any of it to police.  It can't be worrying her that much then. If it bothers you, suggest you report it. 101. Police are welcome to talk to me any time about you. I have so much to say :0)

Vicky and you seem to be loving the attention and drama.  Any more of your manipulation and smears and I'll call Bethnal Green too. Perhaps it's one of the trolls you love to try to get to do your dirty work is posting the pics?

It's not me.

I see Vicky has still not got the message, but is now assuring her pottymouth ex porn movie pal the fake accounts are in part mine. Dumb and more dumb.

Well, good luck with that one.

A further update 18th April. Called my local police today, placed on record what is going on, the naming me, saying I am the troll account posting photos of their kids,  that I am a paedophile etc etc.

Of course Andrea isn't above trawling the internet to post stolen photos, is she?

Additionally have called Andrea's Community Police Unit and placed on record that the troll who is using her photos of her kid is not me. I will be speaking further to them soon.

Also have again called W Midlands Police, to update.

I don't think it's the other person they are naming either, who I think also will be reporting to police.

But instead of smearing people on Twitter, tweeting at @BruceDaisley and troll accounts, why don't either Vicky or Andrea call police and report it all?

Is it because they know they are going to look very silly indeed? They are simply enjoying the drama?



Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sheryl McNaught and a parallel universe

I was sent a link to a tweet today.

According to one Sheryl McNaught aka @Sheryl2311 @Sheryl_2311 @SherylMcNaught (we have met her before, dear readers, she keeps some charming company)

 A US would be hacker/troll threatened her. Yep she says that quite clearly. He threatened her on my behalf. I have no idea how she knows this, I have no idea what evidence she has to support this, I've never come across this person, as far as I recall,  until I saw Sheryl's tweet and read this blog she linked to:


Well, I've reported her tweet to police. No doubt if she received threats she reported to police, and sent them her "proof" I got this man in the US to threaten her. That's the implication of what she said. It was a threat by proxy.  So I can see this proof, yes?  It will add to the lies she has told I made malicious calls to her, and all the rest.

"I wouldn't put anything up I didn't have proof of. I wouldn't make an accusation without being able to link it."

Who said that? That's the same Sheryl.  The same Sheryl who I have years' worth of screenshots of her talking total bullshit about me and others. Everything from I am mentally ill to my husband is dead through to and including I support Islamic blasphemy laws.  No really. I have the evidence of all this she has spouted and more besides. I hope she can provide the evidence of HER claims or isn't she going to look a bit of a liar?

"I wouldn't put anything up I didn't have proof of. I wouldn't make an accusation without being able to link it."

Where was this?

This was on a risible "self broadcast" internet programme she and her deluded and equally as "mistaken' pal Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit put out today.

Yes we have met her before too.

"I wouldn't put anything up I didn't have proof of. I wouldn't make an accusation without being able to link it.

I won't link to it, it's the two of them rambling on. And on. Chewing the fat, and it's frankly, cringe worthy.

Reminds me so much of this:

No doubt this will bring on another foamfest from Sheryl. :0)   with links to screenshots taken out of context and her entire farcical repertoire which comes into play when she goes into meltdown.

So many are now reporting her to Twitter I gather. Perhaps time for me to join in.

Love from

Nemesis xxx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Andrea, away with the fairies?

Yesterday's wee blog must have hit a nerve, and thanks for reading Andrea. Rarely do I bother to read yours as it's just a half a*sed load of butthurt, lies and abuse. Grow a pair is my advice.  And Ms da Silva, you started it, I only blog as a record, and because police suggested it as one way of refuting your bull.

No Andrea, I still haven't been arrested. CID must love you wasting their time.  

But these links were sent to me and I felt I really had to update this blog with them, for the lulz.

Monday 17th  March

Two hours later

Clearly losing it big time. She's also writing foul mouthed Storifies, which are also in the realms of lala land, but if it keeps her out of wider mischief, well, it's all of some value.

Truth is she loves the attention so she can play at being victim. She's no victim, she's a manipulator and troll with a nasty mouth. She also has been libelling me, again, but hey. Life's too short to worry about her dealings with far right numpties whom she clearly believes and regurgitates their nonsense about me supposedly supporting child abuse. I don't. The opposite applies.


Nemesis xxx

Monday, 17 March 2014

Andrea Urban Fox Da Silva and her fantasy world exposed... again

For months Ms Andrea da Silva has been sporadically posting a screenshot of what she claims is a "crime report" about me on Twitter and she has it on her blog.  The "report" email is dated September 9th 2013.

The names have been blanked of police officers involved and the station involved, though as she lives in Tower Hamlets and her nearest is Bethnal Green (as she herself has posted) it didn't require a great deal of detective work to fill in the gaps.

She has claimed (and done so very recently) that there is an ongoing investigation into her lies that I harass her and that I posted photos of her underage son to troll her on this blog. She has also made claims to Twitter and on her own Twitter timeline my Twitter account was suspended because of CID intervention and investigation of me under the Harassment Act.

Well,  the screenshot she kept posting didn't look terribly convincing (cut and paste?) but readers can judge for themselves.

OK, she may have had a meeting with some DC but do read on...

And this:

And on and on...  and on...  other even less savoury tweets which I have kept for police, and genuine abuse of my and others' copyright (which in my case Twitter has acted upon and removed) by Andrea.

Of course I have not misused her son's image, as detailed here:

...though as detailed here she was happy to misuse the image of a woman NOT me to be abusive.

 Harassment? Andrea specializes in that.  She's also a consummate liar.

Today I thought I'd hand myself in and called her local police. Spoke to a very nice chap, asked how the investigation into my crimes was going and could I help with their investigation?

Community Safety Unit chap was helpful.  Assured me last contact / complaint made by Andrea da Silva was in June 2013 and no action at all was to be taken against me, as basically I am not guilty of any offence, and no I am not under any sort of investigation for anything at all. All of which I knew as I do keep my own police force updated with the lies and smears spread about me.  Any suppose investigation would be handed to MY local police, who are very aware of Andrea and her lies and smears.  CST would not even look at anything where Andrea has been abusive to me, and there's a great deal of extant evidence of that.

He was taken aback when I pointed out according to Andrea CID involvement had my Twitter account suspended.

As he said, it's not normally anything CID would be involved with.

He also stated that the so called crime ref Andrea is keen on quoting to Twitter and anyone else who will listen is in fact merely a police reference number, not any sign a crime has actually been committed.

And he appeared really bemused by Andrea's claims I am her 'stalker' and some of the rest of the stuff I detailed she has said about me.

So let me repeat this very clearly.


Got that Andrea?

I also have been given the direct line of one DC W*******  and encouraged to call. I have done, left a message, will follow up very soon.

My own view is that Andrea and Social Services need to meet.  Some psychiatric assessment of her deluded behaviour wouldn't come amiss.

And this too, really is worrying. For a woman yelling that people using pics of her son are somehow perverts (even though tiny, blanked out and in her avatar), sexualising her own son's potty training seems  deeply problematic.


Nemesis xxx

Monday, 24 February 2014

Andrea Urban Fox gets it wrong again?

UPDATE some detective work has meant the person in the photo Andrea da Silva #Fox #Goncalves  etc etc stole has been identified.  She's not in any way connected with myself, but that didn't stop Andrea from being her usual silly self. Police have now been informed.

WARNING: This blog contains nuts

There's a photo doing the Twitter rounds I'm told, of a woman playing conkers.

There have been several fake Twitter accounts made using it, purporting to be me.

Apparently some people think the woman in the photo is me. I haven't played conkers since I was about eight, though all power to this woman's elbow if she enjoys it. She looks happy and content and good luck to her.

Of course it isn't me, and no idea who it is, but if anyone can ID this person, then let her know this sad old bully and stalker is abusing her:

 Botox and PRP? Heavens.  And still you look like you do? Must have had a hard paper round.

English as a second language dear? It shows. Though you do at times have a sort of way with words? Not a good way, however:

 Homophobic much?

Such poverty of expression.

Stalking strangers?  Passing this unknown woman's picture round Twitter? Making fake accounts using it? Isn't that rather pathetic, juvenile and well, again, stalky?

Is Bethnal Green home of those bonkers about conkers?


N xxx 

(If the person whose picture it is contacts me, happy to either acknowledge copyright, link to any Creative Commons licence, or remove photo from blog.)

Update She still stalking me? Thanks for reading, looks like your English is still poor, and no that isn't me.  Muppet.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

 I have been out most of Christmas Eve having fun, and came home to find several informative and amusing links to tweets in my email from friends. Thanks all. It adds to the seasonal jollity!

Andrea has a stalker who writes blogs about her? Andrea has spent Christmas Eve tweeting about it?

She does like to play the attention seeking drama queen and refer to me as her 'stalker' (for laughing at her very public tweets and blog?).

Anyhow, my last blog post was published yesterday, and that wasn't Christmas Eve, so this time it can't be me. So who else is writing blogs about her?

Call CID!

Oh I forgot, she's tried that. And er...   I'm not languishing in a dungeon.

That could be for various reasons, see blog from yesterday.

I'm also told there is some sort of competition to see who has the most blog hits, and these stats are supposed to make me choke on my mulled wine.

 Hmmm okay.  Well. I have several blogs, this one has been going just over a year and I don't push it every day on Twitter like some do. It's basically just a light-hearted record of some people's abuse / obsession/ sheer bizarreness.

But, in the spirit of Christmas giving, here goes:

10,945 up until today.

My other blogs? Well, I haven't updated them in a long time, but they still get read daily.

Those three added together?  Almost 157,000. Add that to the stats above and I make that... ooooh, lots.

Not bad for what are basically little personal blogs, written for fun.

So, baubles is all I can say.

Lots of love



Monday, 23 December 2013

Andrea Urban Fox calls CID!

Really.  I'm on their 'most wanted' list apparently! Laughing at Andrea is a crime now!

Love it!

Re 'crime refs'

Well, CID has not been in touch. The 'crime report'  appears to have fallen into a black hole.  (As for 'crime refs', they are more usually called 'incident refs', which is so things can be filed and referred to, and until it is proved a crime has been committed, then it's tad dodgy to keep saying it has.)

That could be because:

a) you are lying?

b) they looked into your complaint and appreciated you are a liar with a history of trolling (Trent Reznor?) and therefore, no case to answer?


c) they contacted my local police force, who gave them the low down on you?

One look at your sleazy, silly Twitter timeline gives your game away, doesn't it?  And that daft blog? Oh dear. If you say some Detective Constable in CID had my Twitter account suspended, obviously I need to take this up with Tower Hamlets police.

It's a pity in some ways CID hasn't been in touch,  as I would have enjoyed a chat. I have many screenshots which I haven't published, including some which make me wonder if Social Services should  know about you (smiley face).

Perhaps after Christmas, I'll contact Tower Hamlets CID for a chat. Of course I could cite reports and refs too.

All that scouring of this blog, searches on your own name, and Google did take a look too, but obviously, decided it is all OK?

And your pet troll account is suspended too.

Have some cream for the butthurt.

As for online reputation management, it's difficult to 'regain your name' if  you have none in the first place. (I hope they enjoyed the read.) Truth hurts?


N xxx