Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wrong again?

According to Andrea on one of her obsessive Storifies,

Alison Chabloz  is "banned from Twitter" for harassment and intimidation.

Bet you can't provide a Twitter report email saying this either.  Cos... it's not what they send, is it?

Anyhow, she's back. So you were wrong.

Was there a so called crime ref submitted when you reported her Andrea?  CID tells me you lied to Twitter about me, and would be happy to tell Twitter so.

Just like you lied you don't use your real name on the internet to Storify? And keep reporting Alison?

Butthurt much?

Just sayin'...

And oh dear, more hatemongering about TellMAMA? Bee in your bonnet much? Lots of bullshit in the papers. Still trying to discredit Andrea?

Have a nice day now!




Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Queef queef queef!

George Milnes and his "anonymous proxy"? Thanks for the continued interest George! LOL!

Oh bless. Well, George  aka @CaptainScr0tum knows all about talking bollocks.  He appears to be unable to do a great deal else. What, so your pal Andrea (suspended on her troll accounts...) can report me?  Well, CID had me suspended according to her ...

Liar she is. CID agrees.

Nah. I prefer blogging, it annoys the hell out of you, George, obviously.

However, carry on with the unwanted mentions and I can still report you to Twitter.


And look.

No dear I didn't make a fake tweet,  that was manual retweet of a tweet of yours, along with your not so funny tweet under about Muslims, prison and bacon.

There was a time, before you latched on to being Ambro's & Andrea's bestest pal & an Israel supporter, you were an anti-Semite as well as an Islamophobe?

No dear, @bboyblue is not my Twitter account,  I see you are as hysterical and repetitive as ever. The butthurt still strong is it?  As for the rest... it's  not hard to be patronising and condescending to fools. 

So,  not a faked tweet it's an old style manual retweet dumbo, and the background is not yours but was the background of the person who made the retweet, and added a comment, way back in 2013. 

Tweet's still on Twitter as of today:

Oh look, another, screenshot taken TODAY:

Here he is, why not take it up with him? He doesn't like far right loons, though.

IT genius eh? Dream on. 


Off with their...

Oh whoops, off she goes again, see this blog passim, Ambrosine Shitrit suspended on yet another Twitter, this time @Mrs_A_Shitrit. It took a while for Twitter to catch up, but finally it did. This must be over two score at least now suspended?

Of course she's still using her YabdByAdUK Twitter, which is also suspended on several of its alternative names, as is partner in Yad Sheryl McNaught, again.

Prior to Ambrosine Shitrit's suspension, she was still targeting the TellMAMAUK org and retweeting her pal* Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs blog, a foully hate fuelled defamatory piece about TellMAMA's Director Fiyaz Mughal. Ambrosine of course (along with Sheryl) has carried out a very unpleasant Twitter campaign against TellMAMA, for reasons only she can explain. I have a number of screenshots, using both her own and her fake accounts** to make strange claims which included the allegation TM was trying to close down Twitter accounts of pro-Israeli tweeters.

TellMAMA on Ambrosine Shitrit:

However, isn't that the purpose of Ambrosine Shitrit's (Chetrit) Yad org? It tries to have Twitter accounts of those which with it disagrees mass reported and suspended?

**Stuff like this also? Yes suspended.

Andrea da Silva Goncalves also had a spate of tweeting BS about TM:

As to Geller's blog and Ambro's tweet: link to what was actually said, and the context, presumably Ambrosine didn't read the original:

Of course, a great deal of Pam Geller's blog "makes things up". That included calling Mr Mughal OBE an "Islamic Supremacist" in the blog title, and repeating a scurrilous rubbish about him.

Geller of course was greatly admired by and cited as an influence on mass killer Anders Breivik, and there were claims she had some prior knowledge of his intentions.

Geller is also banned from the UK,  the ban came just prior to a visit with her fellow anti-Muslim loon Robert Spencer in order to whip up anti-Muslim frenzy at an English Defence League rally, alongside its leader Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon.

Beheadings? A recent convert?

Leonelli had been an atheist when the pair worked together in the IT sector a decade ago, although had recently discovered his Jewish heritage and immersed himself in religious texts.
“He started to study the Torah, the Talmud and once he stopped to speak about the Old Testament with me.
And Ambrosine Shitrit and Andrea da Silva Goncalves would have been raving about it on Twitter no doubt, had the man been a Muslim convert.  As it is...  


Rather like the silence when their good pal George Milnes was reported to them for this?

Well, not quite silent, after I had published that in a blog eventually Yad nicked my shot and tweeted... it was all just "silly behaviour"?

More on issues raised here in this blog:

That includes information on  Ambrosine and Andrea's Twitter pal @WeAreTheBrits / @WeAreTheBritish,  neo nazi White Supremacist Hitler admirer, who threatened to behead Muslims in Birmingham and pour petrol down their throats?

As was said as a comment on Andrea's blogs, though she didn't respond appropriately either:

Oh how she must miss her pal WATB!

Nilstar of course is another "Yad" associate and so called staff member, ex porn star Nilli Willis of the pottymouth:

Ambro is now using her Yad account to make snide comments, she just can't help herself:

Would that "so-called Jewish charity" she is being scathing about be the CST by any chance? Is the Muslim org TellMAMA (though it isn't a Muslim org, it's an org which records and tries to combat anti-Muslim hate crime)? I think that CST is wise to her and Yad?  CST is the officially recognised organisation for monitoring anti-Semitic hate crime. What amazing work is Ambro doing?  Spreading anti-Muslim hate blogs?

Remember, discrediting is the name of the game! Yes, truth outs.

Ugh.   Proof Ambrosine??

Oh look, threats from Yad pal?  Of course Andrea and her pal  are involved also!

The pal she used to stir up trouble with Alison's former employer?

Well, if this is true, will neo-nazi WeAreTheBrits' dear pal Ambrosine shop him to the cops, who want a word?

White supremacism Ambro? Bit nazi isn't it?

*More on Ambro and Pam Geller here:

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Andrea plays tag

It really is no wonder police dismiss so many of Andrea's claims as vexatious is it?

Her knowledge of the laws of England, both criminal and civil, and legal procedure, appear sketchy in the extreme.

 Screenshots enlarge when clicked 

Andrea, police and the courts aren't there just to do your bidding. They do investigate claims, and in both criminal and civil law, those accused are entitled to make a defence.

Given how much you lie and exaggerate, it's really not hard to dismiss a great deal of your BS is it? And the lies and your abuse are well documented here on this blog and in other screenshots I have.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine however has a little bit of history of being hauled up in court, for various misdemeanours, as one who makes up shocking stories about people with no basis in fact and spreads them over the internet, for what reasons it's still not clear. I've touched on all this before on this blog.

He had others very willing to help spread his lies around, didn't he? He ended up in court over this, those who spread it around possibly had a lucky escape from the reach of the law?

Andrea of course has conveniently forgotten this and trolled Bonehill, linking to a hashtag, his Twitter and attempting to get her followers to abuse him. It's standard Andrea Twitter procedure. Not wise of course, unless you want his solicitor to cite such abuse in his defence next time he's in court?

Accompanied by his mother to court, magistrates were told how widespread "provocation" over a long period of time from a number of individuals had led to Mr Bonehill-Paine's actions.
Michaela Rose, defending, said the defendant accepted the information behind the article was wrong and he had made a "huge error" in sharing the information without checking its truthfulness or validity.
She claimed in the lead-up to the inaccurate article, Mr Bonehill-Paine had been subjected to "disturbing" messages from individuals who had taken a dislike to him - and the defendant believed the Globe pub landlord was part of this internet attack on him.

Two posts about this here:

And a news report:

Bonehill is back in court again soon,  for his online antics. It remains to be seen what he pleads this time. He pleaded guilty last time. 

And of course Andrea sees this as another excuse to play victim, which she isn't.

Have you dear?  Has anyone ever accused you of being a paedophile? I certainly haven't. 

I did suggest this, and I stand by it as fair comment:

"My own view is that Andrea and Social Services need to meet.  Some psychiatric assessment of her deluded behaviour wouldn't come amiss."

Same Andrea who claimed on Twitter I am a pervert?  I have the screenshot of that too.   Her pal Vicky maliciously lied on Twitter I am a paedophile (yes I reported that to police, along with her threats to 'visit' me which Andrea thought fit to favourite?)

Andrea of course also maliciously lied I defend paedophilia on her blog (as for the manipulative lying low life who stops at nothing part... hmmmm! telling the truth about Andrea hurts does it?)

 I have written about that outright lie here:

And oh look, here's her pet troll account (how like Andrea it sounds, eh?) telling lies I used her son's photo on my blog, which Andrea was happy to believe as she's either gullible or willing to believe any old nonsense which suits her attention seeking? No I didn't. I for a very brief time (about an hour?)  inadvertently posted it on my Twitpics as she used it on her avatar  for an abusive Twitlonger about me. I removed as soon as I realised and reposted with the avatar blanked.  So no, she didn't take a screenie of it on my blog. Another lie. 

And I wrote about that here:

Of course it's fine when Andrea writes abusive blogs about me, encourages her pals to write abusive comments, then tags with my online name, terrorist, psycho etc?  That's somehow different?

Yes, this all appears very random. Terrorist? TERRORIST?

And her yawn making smears about Jewhate etc.

However, back to Andrea's recent queefing, on 12 September.

Thanks for the blog link Andrea, and yes, I used the term child abuse in the tags.

Yes I used it as the blog had a major part of it... child abuse.

Oh look, here's the blog.

Which was in part about... child abuse, though no-one was accusing you of child abuse in it were they?

So jog on Andrea.

I'll use the tag child abuse and social services for this blog, as actually, they are mentioned in it. And that's the purpose of tags, yes?




Friday, 12 September 2014

Trolls, socks, stalkers & harassment again.

Screenshot from Andrea da Silva Goncalves  published by her on a public site with her note in red.

I think I should draw to Andrea's attention the link was to this blog, which I didn't specifically ask Alison to pass on, which isn't to say no-one else did:

This was about Andrea admitting she has yet another nasty trolling account which she used to abuse and target Alison Chabloz, myself and others.  So why not alert those following it?  Seems fair enough to me that a business may wish to know more about  Google + accounts it is associating with?

Ref to 'slug' is Andrea's name for me. Abusive much Andrea?

No I haven't harassed any church. Not been in contact with any church.  Not been anywhere near London in quite some time.

Got any proof I have? No, thought not. That's because it doesn't exist.

That post was an update on this one.

Remember Andrea also using a fake FB account of her son to lie about me and encourage people to harass me on my FB Page? I certainly did not target her son's FB account, she used it to target me. She also lies I am her 'stalker' which is nonsense of course.  No I have not spread her boy's name, I've always blanked it out, I refute my blogs are deranged (truthful is more accurate) and no I haven't got anyone to threaten her. Utter bull.

Her sister Thais  Matteoli duly obliged ( I have all the screenshots of her spam and abusive PM, which are also in my email inbox). I wrote about it here:

 Remember Andrea impersonating me on a games site in order to be abusive?

And posting all my private information and that of my husband? Our home address? IP? Private ex directory phone number? And links to scurrilous websites? What was all that about Andrea? Encouraging someone to harass us were you? I sent a copy of this and the whole pastebin to police by the way, just to have on record.

Sounds like Andrea Urban Fox to me.




Monday, 8 September 2014

The mystery of the disappearing grave

Published then very rapidly unpublished?



It's not the first time is it Andrea?  What is this obsession with Alison Chabloz?  Collecting her every tweet? The tweets were totally unconnected with you?

Here are Alison's parents on ITV news:

And a copyright photo used again? This isn't a first is it? Though remember this one?

And this?

Remember also winding up others? That's your screenshot passed to Keano isn't it? Too cowardly to tweet this yourself?

As for this? Trying to cause mischief with Alison's employers by lying she's an antisemite?

You've used Alison's copyright photos before, as you have used mine.

Perhaps it's time for others to have a wee trip to court to file an injunction against you for theft of photos? And other things?  Such as telling lies?  Encouraging your family to abuse me? :0)

Impersonation of myself? Posting my private details and those of my family?

No Andrea, you aren't a victim. Let's not lose sight of that.

In fact, I'd say you  come under the definition of cyberstalker?