Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Twisted Sisters: Andrea and Ambrosine revisited

An update on yesterday's blog response to Andrea Lying Toad's whining manipulative victim playing


after she was called out for using Google + and Facebook accounts made in her four year old son's name to abuse me and others, asked her family and friends to visit my Facebook Page and abuse me

Click to enlarge

(her sister Thais Matteoli in Brazil duly obliged, her pal Alun Harries @ceiliog LIKED her post) and taking videos and photographs inside his school (where children were named) and posting them on the internet without, it seems, having permission from the school concerned and parents of the children. This raised, as I said in previous blogs, child protection and privacy issues, as well as the fact her son has no idea the abuses being carried on in his name. He's far too young to understand.

And no I didn't target her son's Facebook account and have it removed (though as a four year old he's nine years too young to be on Facebook).

I see she's finally removed some of the material, the videos, though photographs remain.

Remember this? Andrea and photos?


and this?


Of course Andrea, as a 'Libertarian',  (new Twitter name I see @AndreaUrbanFoXx's account is protected)  considers herself above seeking such permissions no doubt. I can only feel sorry for the children whose photos are stuck alongside her foul-mouthed rants and her manipulative lies.


They sort of outweigh her 'concern' for animal welfare, which I rather suspect has more to do with hits on her blog and massaging her ego than genuine concern. Sleazy Andrea wants to be an internet sleb.


Some of us have been involved in anti hunting, anti-cruelty and animal rescue for more years than we care to recount. We put our time and money where our mouths are.

Fluffy kittens Andrea?  Sucking up to Lady Dinah of the Cat Emporium? Cats Protection? My cats (all from a refuge) say you are a fraud who, along with Ambrosine, spammed animal tags on Twitter with abuse.

Andrea's also made another sock account on Google + in order to abuse, though I note she's removed some of the material on that also, after this was exposed more widely.


Alison Chabloz has produced this Storify. I see Andrea's pal and sister in abuse, bullshitting and sockpuppetry, the really very nasty and in my opinion more than a little unhinged Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit, another proven liar and victim player, has been aiding and abetting Andrea Silva Goncalves in her abuse and lies.

Stalkers? You are an idiot. That's now official.

Gonna pass on my name and that of two others who Andrea is targeting with her butthurt and bull to any random are you Shitrit?

Probably my address and phone number too?  Caught in the act of admitting you made harassing calls to my husband weren't you? What does Saguy say about that?

And will you be passing on whatever other details about me you have on file at Yad? (Perhaps I need to update the Information Commissioner's Office with the fact you are keeping information on people and using it for malicious purposes?)  Remember posting a photo of what you thought was my home on Twitter on a sock account you made to abuse me?

Putting us all at risk are you Ambro? Isn't that sort of being a stalker? Andrea agrees with you doing this does she? She's complicit in your abuse? She's happy for you to pass on personal information?

Then perhaps I need to seek a FOI from your 'organization' from the registered address to find what other 'information' you are holding on me? I'm sure it's all secure as a sieve.
Not that Andrea's innocent herself, is she?

Ambro... you DO stalk people. You make harassing calls to people, harvest information, write lying letters to the Community Security Trust, defamatory letters to people's employers lying they are anti-Semites, there's a very long list of your lies and abuses. 

I'll be passing this blogpost, and yesterday's, to police just to have on record. Anything happens to me or my family, they can contact you to see who you've been passing my details to? Perhaps you can give them a list now of those who have contacted you for my details? And pass it to me also? 

I'm sure Andrea won't object to police reading this post will she? 

This harassment of myself and others is of course nothing new. Ambrosine Shitrit and her so called 'staff' of YadBYadUK, a front to bully masquerading as an anti-hate 'org', are themselves liars and bullies. Both Ambrosine Shitrit and her sidekick Sheryl McNaught (many posts about this vile pair of liars and bullies on this blog, exposing them for what they are) are suspended on multiple Twitter accounts for harassment and abuse. I've no doubt their latest incarnations will be suspended soon.

The third member of Yad is former porn 'star' Nilli Willis now Williamson, another foul mouthed abuser who protected her tweets in order to avoid being reported to Twitter. I blogged some of her abuse here, there were even more vile tweets she sent to me which so far I haven't published though I did show police.


Such credibility!

So Andrea Urban Fox Silva Goncalves, excuse me while I go snigger quietly about your wee blogpost and how it's not exactly had the desired effect of making you sound the poor wee victim. Thanks to your pal Ambro, you've been made to look ever more the manipulator, involved in all manner of vileness.

Hoist by your own petard.

Contacted Twitter yet and told them you lied about that crime ref by the way? Go on, have the cojones!

Have a lovely day now!




Shining wit or whining sh*t, Andrea?

Click on screenshots to enlarge. Updated with a few new ones for Andrea and Ambro... 


Well, some of your friends and followers (the ones which are real as opposed to the many fakes and inactive) might be fooled Andrea Lying Toad but I'm not. All I've done is document your lies and your bullshit and harassment of me.

Playing victim still? Dishonesty still your best policy?

Re the crap you wrote as I have quoted below (for discussion purposes):

I've no idea who is claiming anything. I've contacted no-one apart from  Tower Hamlets police, when you kept lying I was being investigated, long after all your rubbish was dismissed, and my own police force to keep them updated with your lies.

I've not contacted the clergy of the church you attend,  though maybe you should be ashamed of some of the stuff you've spewed online and which brought no credit on you or the church which should be guiding you?

Yeah right. Too scared or too ashamed?   Or was the new found religion to do with school admission?


As for bothering to travel to London to actually  'find you'  and put you and your family in harm's way? This is simply crazy. Paranoid or sympathy seeking? Acolytes? Laughable.

You of course document every waking moment of your life and that of your family in public online, making it very obvious whereabouts you live and what you and members of your family look like, very stupid of you but there it is.  You used your own son as your avatar pic then abused people on Twitter. I did try to say it wasn't wise ages ago, not that I want to meet you but there are plenty of weirdos out there and you aren't the nicest of people. (I count you amongst the weirdos...) Thankfully, my real life friends are pretty sane and decent sorts,  and have no interest in bothering to try to track you down.

I have a crazy woman who was posting recently she was taking a holiday let near where she thinks I live... sound familiar? :0)  Yes it was you. Doh.

I've not belittled or mocked the C of E, I have great deal of respect for many of the clergy, though I have mocked your pretence at being a Christian while being your usual malicious self. Oy vey. etc. In your own word:

Someone threatened to contact your son's school? Not me. I don't know which school he attends. If I was to contact anyone re your really very bad posting photos and videos of school events online (with all the child protection issues that entails, and have you forgotten already the troll account posting pics of kids, which had nothing to do with me either?) I would have had a sensible talk to police. But I haven't done that either. Not to say I won't.  I did talk to police about the troll account though, when your pal Vicky was claiming it was me.

I've not published your son's photos, I've only published an edited version of his name (you made Google + and Facebook accounts in his name, not me, and made posts abusing me in his name) and made them very public.

Crossed a line? Really? I can't think I've contacted any real life friends of yours or online followers, but given all the shit you've been happy to spread about me and others over the years well, maybe your pals should have some insight into what a malicious liar you are?

All this shit is because you were caught out and now trying damage limitation. Isn't gonna work.  You can't erase your past and this blog exists documenting a small part of it all.

Remember Andrea, you began all this, with your lies and your blogs about me, allowing people to write outright lies about me in the comments,  trolls you wound up to it, stupid tags, posting shit about me all over the internet, even pretending to be me on Moby games website by changing your name to mine to spread your crap? Don't play innocent.

 Your relentless, foul mouthed  trolling. The fake account of me, shared with Ambro @NemesisRepubllc?

@_NewsExtra? All the fake Facebook and Google+ accounts, blog, the rest to bully me? I have so many screenshots... as have police...


How many others were at your instigation? George Milnes too. That didn't turn out well for him. He's stopped making the harassing calls since he was arrested.

You publishing a d0x with all my details and that of my husband (and Jason Schumann and his family and his partner's work colleagues) on AppNet? I sent all that to police. Police know a great deal about you, including the lie you had to move house because of me publishing your address and phone number. I don't know either and I certainly did not.

Redwatch? Oh don't play the innocent.

The winding up trolls and encouraging them? Laughing at my address being published on Twitter and the lie a hearse was being sent to my home?  Yes I have the screenshot...

The using your son to target me and others? Using his account to LIKE your own bullying posts and to ask people to target my Facebook Page?

The posting ancient photos of me, my bio, my contact details and claiming I'm a pervert?  Dangerous stuff eh? Trying to put me and my family at risk of attack were you? (I have the screenshot).

And claiming I'm jealous of you?  Bonkers. (Twitter removed under DCMA)

Posting a link to a poem I wrote and lying about its content to be malicious?

The posting photos of someone you thought was me (it wasn't) and being rude about her?

The claims you are going to have a holiday in a nearby village? Stalky stalky? So much I could list here. I have reams of your crap unpublished as yet.

 You finding threats to have me killed amusing?

Who had my Twitter account suspended and lied it was with police involvement? You did. CID was very annoyed that you said that. Have you told Twitter it was a lie? Perhaps it's time you did.  Tell Brucie you are a bullshitter. Time to make some recompense for all the lies and hate you spew?

 Just like the 'posting pics of underage children' BS. Though it's you who does that, isn't it?

(Ah Sheryl McNaught...  well, Twitter acted on your account  finally, eh? )

Scared witless now are you in case the school finds out you took photos of other people's kids and posted them online? No permission from parents or school then? Trying to twist the situation with the school? Playing victim?  Telling them all how you are stalked? Getting your lies in first?  Yeah, transparent.

How about the vile things you have said to and about Alison Chabloz and Jason Schumann?  (Neither of whom are my poodles by the way, more of your whining lies.) You appear to be connected with the defamatory letter sent to Alison's employers by Ambrosine Shitrit lying she's an anti-Semite. You've also been spreading that as far as you can to defame her. So why do you think she's exposing you for what you are?

Getting people to tweet your lies to her employer? Caught pants down though...

Perhaps I've been feeling intimidated / bullied/ harassed/ scared by your behaviour and that of the troll accounts connected with you?  Your bullshitting about me to wind up Em Marsh of thugs Casuals United and the English Defence League?  Perhaps my family has also? You knew what you were doing. Same as when you posted all that crap about me being a sociopath on a blog, linking to your blog

I'm not harassing you. You choose to read this blog. I don't contact you. I don't contact anyone connected with you, though your sister Thais has harassed me on my Facebook Page encouraged by you.

You've been exposed as the lying, malicious manipulative scumbag you are and you don't like it. Pissed off? You sound it.

Police suggested I began this blog. It's proved useful as a record of how low you are.

So do one, Toad.

You are a fraud and a liar and I have so much evidence to back up that.

Not too much love as I see right through your deceptive, manipulative bullshit.

Remember that photo you posted 'Wanna play a game? (EDLAngel posted it on Google + too, eh?)

Remember the Google map and my address as the header on that one?  I do. Stop whining.

Pretending to care about animal welfare and rescue? It's only for hits on your blog, as was the Trent Reznor hounding.

Slugs have teeth too you know.



Andrea finds her delete key, Vicky loses her marbles

Someone has been busy busy with the delete key today...  abusive Twitpics gone (though Twitpic was removing them anyhow, suspension was probably looming, and I have a full set of screenies of the bitching and moaning...)  and the school videos have gone too from some places, though photos of small children taken inside a school (without permission?) remain.



More socks than M and S Lying Toad?  You can run but you can't hide...

Andrea queefing? Remember? Oh the hypocrisy... and the stupidity..

Still using your small child as a sock account Andrea? Facebook and Google +?

So, only five out of ten Andrea. Try also removing the lies I reported your sock account of your kid to have it removed from Facebook, or is truth a step too far for you?

I see the far from fragrant and very boring Vicky has changed her account name from @EnglandRosie and someone else has stepped in to use that one.




It has nothing to do with me, but the paranoid fool is still whining about me. Time I reported all her abusive tweets about me...  she's been suspended once and made a Twitter account while suspended, against Twitter rules. She's stupid enough to keep tweeting about that also.

I see her troll is back too, and no doubt will carry on with another account if suspended, but again,  nothing to do with me despite her obsession it is.  See previous blogs. It's not Jason either, but claiming it is gives her full rein to be her usual foul minded, homophobic abusive self, obsessed with child sex and being bitchy. Pitiful creature. She's loving the attention from the troll anyhow. I suppose it fills in her time.

Nope you've exposed nothing (apart from yourself) and no it's not Jason.  Idiotic. Though you are still an EDL Tommy fangirl aren't you? You still have the hots for him!

A road trip Vicky? Have fun. You may meet your pal Andrea stalking us all too. Snork!

Me, I think I might have a trip to Coventry.  Not that I want to meet you, Vicky, not quite my sort dahling, but the Motor Museum is good and I love the Basil Spence cathedral.

Perhaps you should try some culture, it might expand your small mind.




Monday, 21 July 2014

Andrea admits she's What's Wrong In The World and a troll.

Dear dear. Andrea. Andrea. Lying Toad strikes again!

Look, she's admitted this is another of her cyberbullying sock accounts!

Butthurt much Lying Toad? Perhaps it's time I started using my Google + account LOL!



What a fool. What a liar. What a nasty bully! The butthurt is so strong!

As for Lady Dinah and her Cat Emporium, is she complicit in all this? My cats say PHOOOEY!

Give up love, you simply look more stupid daily.

Idiot. Pages are public anyhow.  Er... I haven't actually named him,  the boy you used to abuse me and lie about me, but ta for reading!

I've got no-one to threaten you and I see no threat here, is this about you?

Are you stalking me Andrea? Wooo! Sounding a tad deranged here!

I'm claiming innocence as I'm innocent.

Laughing lots, as I'm sure are Jason and Alison. The queefing, the queefing!

Though some of her malice isn't funny is it?


Urgh. Using your kid to bully me though. Urgh.




Vindictive witches, lying toads and sock accounts

A short update.


Remember Andrea Lying Toad's sister Thais suddenly appearing on my Facebook Page and abusing me? Three abusive tweets and a PM? As silly as her sister Mangy Fox, clearly.


Well looky here. (Thanks to the person who sent me the link.)

Andrea (I'm assuming it wasn't really her kid wrote that) lying I targeted her four year old son's Facebook profile and had it deleted. Nope, that's an outright, total and utter lie, though as he's under thirteen (as with Google +) he's not supposed to have a Facebook account. Possibly someone else did that Andrea? Wasn't me, but hey, why tell the truth when you can lie? Lying is what you do best, eh?

Four year old Master SG encouraging people to bully me on Facebook? A four year old E**iot being sexist? Woo. (Don't bother whining I'm targeting a kid... you are using him to abuse and lie.)

So, Andrea using her son, who is FOUR to abuse people still? Really? Is he aware of how you use him? And her sister and her pal  Alun @Ceiliog are duped into believing her bullshit.

Translated?  Sort of...  yes Thais, there are very bad people in this world. Your crazy lying sister who uses her kid to abuse people is one of them?

Stalker. LOL.  What an idiot she is.

She's part of What's Wrong In The World, eh?

I see no threat here, I see a question and a lie from Andrea. Toad up to her usual tricks.  Stalking Jason's tweets then? :0)  Too scared to reply on Twitter Toad?

How do you know this is about you? Feeling guilty?



What's wrong in the world? Andrea.

Update Monday pm Lying Toad is so scared to tweet at people in case they report her she's now 'stalking' people's tweets making shots and loading to Twitpic with stupid comments!  Bless! Waaaah! But she claims she's not bovvered.  LOL!

Also this:

Nope, still isn't Jason. Nor me.


Original post

I see Andrea Lying Toad Silva Goncalves Urban Fox has yet another sock account on Google +. Since the other two fake Google + accounts connected with the now-suspended trolling Twitter account @_Newsextra were suspended for harassment, abuse and anti-Muslim hate she's been at a bit of a loss, as she's really a nasty coward who plays victim while all the while being the most vicious of trolls. Another troll account @GotABoneToPick was suspended for abuse too.

Wonder what Google + thinks of this abuse of its service yet again?

Loading up the same tired screenshots she used for her other accounts to bully rather gives the game away, targeting same people, as does her whining about Tower Hamlets where she lives.  And I see she's breaching copyright again.


She's really very dumb isn't she? And she has no idea how UK law operates.

That's in addition to her Google + account in her four year old child's name, which she also used to abuse (caught out, she changed his account surname from Silva to SG and deleted a post... or Google deleted it possibly?).

Stalker LOL... oh poor lickle victim!

She also made a Facebook account in her four year old son's name to LIKE her own bullying posts. She also lied I targeted him to have his account suspended by reporting it, but lying comes as readily to Andrea as breathing.

Of course both Google and Facebook have policies stating no-one under the age of thirteen should have an account, but Andrea is a Libertarian when it suits her so hey, the rules don't apply to her!

I see Dramatica is back online.

I see her attempts at removal had no effect.

She has two Google + accounts in variations of her own online name also, has Tawdry Urban Fox. My she loves to spread her bile and malice far and wide! Not that anyone takes a great deal of notice of her, she's simply a sad middle aged woman growing more incoherent by the day.*

Remember all this fuss from Andrea Silva Goncalves, when she used her kid as her avatar (and carried on abusing people, with his picture beside every foul mouthed tweet?)


Same vile, foul mouthed, malicious bully Andrea who is probably still cheering at the deaths of children in Gaza

has been taking videos and photos of other people's small children (with names) and posting them online, on social media sites.  I hope the school involved and all the parents, carers and guardians of the children named and photographed and posted on the internet have also given the OK for this?

As I said in a recent blogpost:


I mean, you are a bit of a sleazeball with some really odd online pals, so possibly some folks don't want their kids cheek by jowl on your 'social media' profiles with the rest of the foul-mouthed and more than slightly tawdry stuff you put online?

But of course Andrea IS a 'Libertarian' and normal rules of decent and sensible behaviour don't apply to her (unless she's running to police butthurt, of course. That's different apparently! Not that police take any notice of her, they are quite wise to her).

How's that complaint to the IPCC coming along Andrea?

*Yep... buthhurt and incoherent! The musical!




Sunday, 20 July 2014

Unsound words, unsound minds?

A brief follow on from yesterday's blog (which is proving extremely popular, many views, thanks all)


Ambrosine Shitrit (suspended on so many accounts for abuse, you'd think she'd keep her head down, but she hasn't the sense?) is now using tweets NOT made by Alison Chabloz to lie Alison is an anti-Semite. How bizarre can this woman's behaviour become? Being mentioned in a tweet by someone else isn't the same as making the tweet Ambro. Doh!

And up pops Marian, another long time troll pal of Lying Toad's, near the end of the Storify. (Andrea's own Storifies are a rambling disconnected pile of bile, all rather pointless? Well, apart from having the effect of showing herself up as the low minded spiteful troll she is? Wit is sorely lacking from Andrea's rantings.)

I remember blocking one Marian @Soundwords, who claims she is a copywriter, on Twitter a long time ago. I recall why now!

And Andrea Lying Toad's pal @ClaryH has reared her head again also. She's now calling herself TWINKLEBUNS?

Gosh, what saddos.

I see Andrea Lying Toad has a new avatar, she's the mangy old stuffed and mounted vixen being f*cked by the dog fox? Very appropriate.


Online she's being well shafted by Alison Chabloz too.
  1. Finally Marian, if you're willing to collaborate with Andrea's efforts to smear, that's your choice. However, my suggestion would be that you cease and desist mentioning me further in public. Maybe Andrea could invite you round for a ginger beer and a 'bitch n moan' chat  in the privacy of her own flat? She really does need a friend...
No doubt Toad will be queefing away soon, claiming people are 'OCD' have 'arrested development' and using that overused (by her) term  IRONY KLAXON.  Not that Andrea has a great deal of sense of irony...

Andrea hates being laughed at!

Speaking of which, I see this is back online:


Andrea and Trent Reznor. Aw.

Sad old troll Andrea, still wondering if those parents/ carers /guardians (and school staff) gave you express permission to film / photograph  their kids and post online? Just wondering, that's all... I'm sure you checked it all out and all is OK.

Andrea pretends she's a Christian. Charlatan is a more apt description?

Is it schmooze the vicar day today?