Monday, 12 January 2015

Andrea Urban Fox loses a faithful lapdog

 All screenshots enlarge when clicked
UPDATE: Andrea's troll pal @SirPaulCondom now suspended for abuse. Another lapdog gone!

As favourited and /or retweeted by Atomicman (several suspended accounts)  KeanoKev, Vicky (suspended on numerous accounts... see this blog for more),  FascistCow (clue is in the name), Andrea (suspended as @GotABoneToPick and probably others) and other pals of  Andrea's. Poor Andrea the victim, you know? Perhaps it's Andrea who is the repulsive, obsessive, bitter  etc etc?

Yeah right.

Original post:

Sadly for Andrea da Silva Goncalves her dear pal and lapdog Keano, who originates from Hyde, EDL supporter, has been banished, finally, to the Twitter wilderness for carrying out a campaign of targeted abuse and harassment. I was certainly on the receiving end of his vileness, as were many others. He joins her other dear pals Sheryl McNaught @Sheryl2311 and Ambrosine Shitrit @Mrs_Shitrit @YadbyadUK etc (Yes I know Ambro is still tweeting in about her 333rd incarnation, but Twitter does keep catching up with her. I think three accounts suspended last week and another today? Shame her followers went up from three to over 5000 Russian spammers today also, I hope they hadn't cost her too much *snork*. )

Of course Andrea is no stranger to being BANNED from Twitter, her abusive @GotABoneToPick  (yes she admitted it was her and I have the screenshot to say so, see below) banished for targeted abuse and harassment of many people, not just Tesco and Genesis Housing Association (Andrea loves to harass Genesis, who own the block of flats in which she lives).

Yep, upset Andrea (and it isn't hard, she appears to have anger management issues?)  and she will make a troll account to abuse you.

That's when she isn't d0xing you and being foul mouthed and thinking people are envious of her 'fabulous' (LOL) life!

 She claims she was not @_NewsExtra  aka @EDLNewsExtra (originally a fake account of me, with  variations on my Twitter name, and a shared log in, including Ambrosine Shitrit) BANNED from Twitter (obsessed with harassing me) FB (fake accounts of me) Wordpress (abusive blog about me) Google + (two accounts to bully me) etc etc, but it's odd how alike they sounded... shared vocabulary and writing style...   I have so many screenshots and so have police. She was certainly involved with the account.

 NB @Jezzasexiles is now the pathetic #Bluehand 'Leader' Andrea's pal @EnglandsTerrier ie David from Leeds, far right numpty.

I'm also less than convinced about her claims BANNED @AndreaUrbanFox wasn't her but a fake, which she had suspended long ago.

Doesn't explain this from 2012? If not her why was she thanking her pal for a #FF for the account?

That's still causing confusion!

Though of course Trent Reznor had the right account when he tweeted this:

 As an aside, thought my readers deserved a chuckle at these two gems from Andrea in a recent Storify:

Ah yes... Andrea does that. She loves those sort of Twitter accounts!

 Andrea does that also.  She must do in order to make her juvenile Storifies out of tweets of people who have her blocked and don't even mention her. 

 Is she really so unaware of what a fool she makes of herself daily?

Anyhow, back to the mangy old pooch Keano.

Keano's last incarnation was as (don't laugh) Keano Tiger. Roooar!

As an aside, is the KeanoKev who has the original of that picture on his Pinsta account related, or if not was he aware of the abusive tweets being made using his photograph?

 Poor Keano. Busy Christmas, what with his two families, the mutts and all!


Guess who else he was pals with!

Oh the irony! When will yours stop Ambrosine?

Oh dear. Like Andrea, saddo Keano thinks using ableist term passes for wit.  Mong and retard, sadly, feature also high on Andrea's tweet insults.  Parents of Down's Syndrome and other children with developmental problems must read her and cringe.

Keano Kev / Tiger whatever  must be a great loss to Andrea, especially as she was forever favouriting and retweeting him. She loves these foolish blokes who she can manipulate into doing her dirty work.  She loves having troll accounts she can call in to abuse people while trying to remain squeaky clean hereslf (though her ever more crazed Storifies show what a very nasty person she is, and so deluded and ignorant of a great deal).

Bless her. Diddums. Is dat bottom lip twembling then? It wasn't Alison Chabloz nor me, but Andrea is obsessed with us...

Of course Andrea ran a long campaign of harassing me on Twitter, and even lied to @support about police and claimed CID got involved to have my account suspended. Oh look her troll pal Terrier! 

CID says yes she was telling fibs. Any crime ref she sent to Twitter didn't denote a crime had been committed. I certainly haven't committed any crimes! Unblemished record. Not even a parking ticket.

I see Andrea also happily spreading the lie from the crazed far right white supremacist troll Terrier (a man with many socks, all of them full of holes) I am or was the Twitter account Lucy Buttercup.  Sooo wrong, soooo very very wrong dear!

By the way Andrea I may have been 'reported to police by many people' as claimed (I doubt that...) but police have never given me any sort of warning whatsoever.  And they are happy to confirm that. Ambrosine, poor dear, is still peddling that lie. Perhaps peddling lies is part of why Twitter keeps suspending her accounts, along with her pal Sheryl McNaught? Nor have they told me to 'back off' anything. Your and yours pals little ruses haven't worked. Still butthurt police told you to stop wasting their time? Still lying my own police force involved in some sort of corruption? Laughable.

Keano Kev will no doubt be back with a new account, but for now, that's one fewer idiot on Twitter associated with Andrea. And that's a reason to be thankful.




Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Andrea Urban Fox, poor victim, trolls a Glasgow tragedy

'A nobody like you, making a name by using people's deaths'

'Eyewitnesses said the lorry driver had been "slumped over his wheel".
Glasgow City Council confirmed that three employees were in the lorry before the crash.
'Simply devastating'
George Leronymdis, owner of the Elia Greek Restaurant on George Square, said he had been told that some of the bin lorry's crew were seen jumping from the vehicle and holding their heads in their hands, looking devastated.'

All screenshots will enlarge when clicked 

A very long post indeed, though it could have been greatly longer. At the end, there's a Storify slideshow by Alison Chabloz with further collected tweets.

There's been a dreadful accident in Glasgow. A bin lorry went out of control on the afternoon of December 22nd, in the very centre of the city, and ploughed into pedestrians, killing six and injuring many more. Initial reports suggested the driver may have had a heart attack at the wheel, or some sort of seizure.

Here's an updated report from the BBC on the tragedy.

The Herald:

Five women and one man died when a bin lorry careered out of control through Glasgow city centre, and 10 people, including the driver, were injured, Police Scotland have confirmed.

...It is thought the driver may have fallen ill at the wheel as he travelled up Queen Street and his vehicle struck a pedestrian outside the Gallery of Modern Art.
The truck continued, hitting several other people and only coming to a halt when it crashed into the side of Millennium Hotel in George Square.
A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said there were two other crew members on the lorry at the time of the crash, but said the condition of the two men was not known.
As Andrea Da Silva Goncalves has been trolling about this then playing victim again, Storifying to show just how much of a victim she is, and claiming she's reported some comments aimed at her to police, I'm happy to provide police with her tweets if required as evidence which suggests she was trolling, this was not simply one unfortunate off the cuff remark which she immediately sought to put right, but initially to Andrea, a big, attention seeking 'joke'.  This may mitigate to some extent her report, though I think police have Andrea's measure by now and won't be treating her whining as a priority.

She's also been whining that some people are suggesting she's blocked.  She's been spamming Twitter about it. She's sooo upset at the tragedy unfolding that's happened to Andrea. Of course Andrea would never be guilty of suggesting her followers block & mass report would she? Oh wait...

From her own Storify:

Credible threats? I suspect not.

Ah yes, free speech... unless it's aimed at Andrea? In which case REPORT TO TWITTER! CALL THE COPS! (Who usually ignore her now as the time wasting attention seeker she is...)

Typical incoherence and double speak from Andrea of course (remember she's reporting people for spam and to police, and this in the context of a terrible accident which she's just made fun of):

I have many, many more screenshots of responses, and Andrea's too,  for the record. I'm just posting a sample selection here.

Andrea is loving all this,  she caused a minor Twitter storm and got so much attention. She hasn't had so much since she trolled Trent Reznor! She loves attention, any sort of attention. She can't see when in a hole stop digging, as she adores being in that hole so she can cry victim, abuse people,  and carry on trolling.

Hateful comments? Er... Andrea dear the most hateful comments came from you. You are no innocent when it comes to making hateful comments, are you?

Death threats? Nasty but probably few and possibly not really anything Met Police or Twitter will take as credible?

But you tweet with your name? That's a lie isn't it? Your name isn't Andrea Urban Fox, and you claimed (lied) to Google you don't use your real name on the internet, remember? That's when you aren't pretending to be me.

Troll and flame and, as her pal Old Holborn found with his offensive Hillsborough tweets, people will be upset and offended.

There is of course no such thing in the UK as total free speech.

This is how decent people reacted to the sad news.

Of course as ever Andrea can't handle criticism, no matter how justified:

I see also that some people posted a photo of Andrea in response,  to show that she's no oil painting.
As an aside:

Yes delusional. The oh so lovely, talented and charming Andrea, eh? Foul. Thinking people are jealous of you is a classic sign of Narcissism by the way. I can see not one reason anyone would envy Andrea.

Andrea is making threats of DMCA. (Update: yes she lied to Twitter to have the pic removed.) The photo isn't her copyright, it's a still taken from a YouTube video

not her copyright, but no doubt she'll be lying to Twitter about that as she does to Google and Wordpress.

NB Andrea that still from a YouTube video is not your copyright. Don't bother sending another lying DMCA to Blogger. And it's probably, in the context,  'fair usage'. It's not your video either. You own the copyright to none of it, still or video. 

Woo, Andrea showing her true colours again:

Anon troll pals? Andrea has many of those.

And like many of her pals,  Andrea enjoys offending. She gets some sort of pleasure from it, it appears. Her timeline on Twitter most days aims at being offensive.
"Witnesses said they saw the bin lorry driver slumped at the wheel. Carle said the driver had been taken to hospital and was receiving treatment, but would not comment on what he was being treated for."
Here's Andrea tweeting a link at 3.05

Here's a shot of that link:

Andrea Da Silva Goncalves, troll that she is, tweeted this: note the time, after she must have known the accident was very serious:

Yes there's been Twitter outrage and Andrea hasn't helped herself one bit. Sure in the end she's backtracked a little, though I have many of her tweets which evidence she's not sorry at all for her crass insensitivity.  Apparently being in Glasgow equals being a binge drinker.

That's Andrea who isn't exactly teetotal, loves a binge drinking session, and also in the past had a drug habit apparently.

Let's face it, this is the sort of stuff she tweets day in day out, trolling hashtags to get a reaction. Any reaction.

 I think many people would like an answer to that question. I've suggested many times Andrea needs professional help.

So no, knowing Andrea, I don't think this was simply an unfortunate error, from someone normally nice, as this is typical of her.

Everything she's tweeted since looks like she's not sorry, only sorry she's been caught out smearing the people of Glasgow and questioning the integrity the driver of the bin lorry without any reason.


I hope the family and friends of the poor man driving the bin lorry don't read it. Andrea's smears that because he was in Glasgow he should be suspected as being drunk at the wheel, as Glaswegians are notorious for binge drinking and hey, it's just before Christmas so yes a suspicious finger should immediately be pointed at him, says so much about Andrea?

Andrea has made the circus. She caused the outrage, she revelled in the outrage, and then played poor little victim at the drama of her own making. She was at it all afternoon and evening, carried on the next day. Decent people got the measure of her social media presence, and Andrea mocked those:

'A nobody like you, making a name by using people's deaths'. Yes. 

I send my sympathy to the family of the driver, who has apparently survived but was taken to hospital injured following the crash, all his work colleagues, all those injured, and condolences to the families of the people who have died.

Police Scotland said there appeared to be nothing "sinister" about the crash and are still carrying out investigations at the scene.

A spokesman for the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators said that vehicles, even large ones, can carry on for a considerable distance if there is an "unintended acceleration", which could be caused by a driver falling ill.
"Without speculating on this incident, there might be a number of causes for a vehicle to travel a considerable distance," he said.

Bad enough this happened without people like Andrea smearing the man's reputation before having any idea at all what has happened.

Fun? Yes of course a tragedy like this is something to joke about if you are a sick, attention seeking troll. And many better people than Andrea saw through her.

Andrea of course is still trying to bullshit it out.

She's now claiming she didn't know there were victims when she first tweeted.  Really? The evidence of  her tweets this afternoon would suggest otherwise. For example, she linked to the STV News story (see above) prior to tweeting her offensive tweet about the driver. The link in this tweet is to her tweet posted at 3.35 pm

And sadly, Andrea really doesn't appear to see why people found her tweets and her subsequent attitude disgusting. It was real upset, not false.

Perhaps if she spent less time tweeting day in day out with sick and juvenile trolls and making sick jokes and tweets and memes she might learn what decent people do and think?

So many have got her measure of course. Respect? Andrea has none. She mocks those who do, those who have some idea of how decent people behave:

But Andrea thrives on the backlash... it's all the attention she craves.

So she links to a Google search. So Andrea, you think all of Glasgow spends its time in a state of permanent inebriation?

Ah yes... Andrea the victim and her stop cyberbullying blog! Aw. Precious wee flower she is. Wibble. She really doesn't understand irony, does she? Or appreciate her own hypocrisy?

She's been tweeting non stop, hour upon hour, revelling in it all. Many have her measure:

Dildo. Hmmm. Typical Andrea response, showing her 'sensitivity'.

Well, not exactly how I would have phrased it, but I can't disagree with the sentiment.

Sorry? Andrea sorry? She's only sorry she was caught out being vile.

This is how sorry she is, ie not at all for the offence caused, just sorry she's been called out on it. I've yet to see a decent apology from her.

Got it in one:

The word sociopath springs again to mind. 

Ah... but she gets offended by things so much she's reporting to Twitter and police? Offended by police who don't jump to her command too?

Perhaps Andrea, who professes to be a Christian (when she's not claiming she's a Jew)

will say a small prayer for the driver, his colleagues and family, the dead and injured, and their families, and appreciate that the feel good factor of turning up to her local church for the Candles by Candle Light service is perhaps only paying lip service to her claimed faith?

"Prayers will be said for the victims at a special church service later.
The Reverend Alastair Duncan will lead the service at the nearby St George's Tron"

Of course the heat was taken off Andrea by another troll, the outrage aimed at him she carefully linked to on Twitter, naturally. 
He issued a proper apology: 

Or possibly those who he deeply offended? Like, relatives of the dead?

Ah yes. Here's her great on and off Twitter pal Holborn again. She goes binge drinking with him I believe?

Oh yes,  yes the irony the irony! 

As for Ross Loraine:

Alas, poor Andrea. Northumbria police biased and useless? Or simply doing their job of pointing out to your police force in Bethnal Green that you are er... perhaps a malicious troll and no victim?  And I haven't been arrested yet as I've committed no crimes?

Woo!  Boohoo! Wibble! Diddums! What rot. Smearing the professional integrity of an officer though? Would like to see the pair of you have to substantiate that pile of horsedung.

Really?  I have a nice email from police saying I've done nothing wrong. Though Andrea does tend to tell lies about me. I do think she suffers from delusions. 

This? Internet harassment? You've harassed me and others plenty, stop playing victim.  If there was a full investigation Andrea, you wouldn't come up smelling of roses. CPS would not entertain any case where you have been as abusive towards me as you have.

Though doesn't sound to me like a letter from IPCC but from your local police force?  So not an IPCC investigation then? Don't also forget, I've made police aware of how many lies you've told about me, how much you have harassed and bullied me. Yep, your complaint will no doubt be buried at the bottom of a virtual filing cabinet. But Andrea found an email from police distressing? Diddums! Not that Andrea's careful with her words and cares who she upsets.

Let her down? Really? Wasting police time with vexatious complaints?  Andrea won't forget? Bet they are quaking. Was that some sort of threat?

Anyhow, I'll pass on your far from accurate verdict, and Ambrosine Shitrit's smear, to Northumbria police I'm sure your constant rubbishing of police, including the Met, will bring you great sympathy from them! Oh... 

Oh look!
Trolling Scottish Police now? Why should they investigate, Andrea?  Your report should go to Bethnal Green. I didn't see any credible threats to you however?

Perhaps engaging brain before tweeting offensive stuff should be Andrea's 2015 resolution? 

Police wasting their time with words? Though when words are about you, you want them to arrest people?

Death threats? The claims get more bizarre! 

Trolling police? No doubt result of an investigation will be revealed at the appropriate time. That's like, not at Andrea's demand on Twitter, but perhaps at an inquest? 

Yes, not the milkwoman of human kindness eh Andrea? 

Well now, I've seen Andrea be part of a Twitter mob on many occasions. Biter bit? But she's stringing it out and milking her victimhood all she can.Trolling tags again?
Oh the desperation to find the driver culpable! And if he's not? Will she give a personal apology to him for her smears and innuendo?

Well it's a tactic threatened by your pal Old Holborn re Ross Loriane?

Ah it's irony when it's her pal inciting  killing? 

Andrea's not above posting addresses etc on social media either, eh Andrea? Golly. Though her knowledge of law is rather flimsy.

Oh look, police do mention the driver! Yet again Andrea tweeting a link she hasn't read?


I'm also sure I will be returning to this.

I wish a peaceful Christmas to all my readers. My heart goes out to the grieving friends and relatives of all involved in the tragedy in Glasgow, a beautiful city where I have friends. I'm saddened to think some heartless and witless people have so little empathy they think it appropriate to make bad 'jokes' about the accident, those involved, and the residents of the city. I hope eventually they may grow in wisdom.