Friday, 12 December 2014

More Festive Fun with Fox

Andrea claims she's stalked. Andrea claims people are obsessed with her. Yet Andrea tweets this sort of rubbish, using the #bbcqt tag to draw in others to ask her about her supposed 'stalker'?

As she claims I stalk her (reading public tweets isn't stalking dear, as I know police have told you when you have whined to them, though posting a full d0x on people as you have done to me may be deemed that) but she's way off the mark here if this was intended as a jibe about me.

I'm sure there's more Festive Fun to be had from Andrea.

Andrea, it's how you come across on Twitter, rude, aggressive, shouty and attempting to sound threatening, a zealot, though without the blue hair and more far right.  It's certainly not what I'm like. Projecting again dear?
In your case Andrea, is it cos you are "bonkers"? And more than a tad obsessed?

That's to add to being a proven liar who tries to defame me by making risible claims about me.

Perhaps time to seek help for those violent tendencies? Useful to know you have them.

Oh and this. Juvenile in the extreme. What was that about rude, aggressive, shouty etc etc? I think this was aimed at Alison Chabloz, another on Andrea's hate list?  Andrea can't bear to be laughed at. Though hang on... was she reading Alison's tweets?  If they upset her so much, why? So she can publish one of her pathetic non Storifies?

Sounding butthurt again there luvvie. Was it reading this upset you?




Friday, 5 December 2014

Andrea's Tesco Christmas HO HO HO

All screenshots enlarge with a click

Prices have also been trimmed to keep in tune with rivals, but analysts doubt the tinkering will be enough to prevent a gloomy trading update on 8 January. Tesco continued to be the worst performer of the UK’s major grocers in the last set of market share figures, revealed a few weeks ago. Sales had dropped by 3.7% in the 12 weeks to 9 November.

Every little hurts?

 Brilliant expose of Andrea and her dealings with Tesco!

Andrea apparently loves Christmas. That's despite her claims she's Jewish. There again she also claims she's a Christian. Whatever. Not sure Andrea can recall what lies she has told to whom. So many...

 Perhaps it's less the religious aspects than the material which she likes?

She's still tweeting out her anti-Muslim hate and abusing the @TellMAMAUK org. Season of peace and goodwill? Not where Andrea's concerned. No, it's bile as usual.

She loves Christmas so much she had her tree up before December had arrived. Well, she seems to have little else in her tiny life. Trolling maybe, fuming and frothing and showing how juvenile and what a Twitter bully she is? That seems to take up a great deal of her time. Then there are the selfies, of an angry, middle aged, plump, bitter, hard faced person with red talons, botoxed brow and curled lip, but she still tweets 'em out.

Every detail of Andrea's small and empty life is tweeted out, no matter how banal.  Spats with retailers, her inability to debate, trolling tags... There's not a great deal of intellectual content in that angry brain it seems.

This could explain a great deal... Andrea's former drug habit? :0) So much damage can be caused by drugs...

Back to Tesco.

Andrea's inability to deal with anything in a mature fashion on display here?  Hissy fits, toddler type temper tantrums, foul mouth and hoping someone gets sacked because there's been a problem with her grocery delivery?  According to Andrea @Tesco BLOCKED her following her rant. 

Remember Andrea's hate campaign against Tesco? Remember she even made a troll account @GotABoneToPick to send hate anti-Tesco tweets?  She moved on from Tesco and began trolling Alison Chabloz and others with it. Twitter suspended that one for harassment and abuse; off it went to join her @EDLNewsExtra troll account (aka @_NewsExtra).

Andrea is of course obsessed with Alison. She's sorta moved on from her obsession with me. For some crazy reason Andrea thinks Alison is jealous of her. She used to claim I was jealous of her. I still haven't found what it is that Andrea thinks anyone should be jealous of,  to me and others she's just a figure of fun really,  not anyone to desire to be, a proven liar with a foul mouth, a massive ego,  frothing and trolling day in day out. Her life seems boring and she appears to have no idea how pathetic she comes across as.  It's not as though she's a teenager, she's middle aged, but reading her fuming it comes across as a case of arrested development.

Anyhow, Tesco has been sending Andrea freebies. She's been weeing herself with joy, free Christmas lights apparently, so much so that Tesco, not appreciating what a clot she is and how much she hates Tesco, sent her a second freebie, a camcorder,  so she's tweeting with wild abandon about how wonderful Tesco now is. Hypocrite much Andrea?

Aye, I'm sure Tesco is always delighted when people use their kids to do their marketing for them. No doubt many new videos will ensue, exploiting small children (who know no better) and praising Tesco!

Does Andrea really classify herself as a good person? So much on this blog  and elsewhere would suggest otherwise! Deluded?

Tesco probably has little idea that Andrea is basically a troll and many of her followers are inactive, or simply auto follows, but she doesn't care. Apparently Andrea  pushes brands frequently,  Tweeting to them, sliming round them, in order to get freebies. Ugh! Embarassing.

Cost a bomb? It's not so much from discounted retailers,  try Argos (just over £200) hardly a top of the range, it's an old model, but clearly, Andrea's easily pleased.

Tesco won't have paid that, probably got it for nothing from Nikon anyhow, if that's a bomb to Andrea she really must be skint.  Perhaps she shouldn't have wasted all her cash on that Vampire facelift? But she's happily doing Tesco's publicity for them! Presumably she's hoping for more freebies. Ugh. I feel sad for her that she's such an ass licker for mega corporations.

The sort of thing would normally have Andrea frothing...

Andrea  really has no shame, or must be VERY hard up. Certainly I won't be buying anything at Tesco, drinking coffee in Brick Lane Coffee Shop, boozing at The Old George, imbibing  Hawkes alcoholic ginger beer any of the other places / stuff  Andrea 'product places' on her Twitter feed. It's counterproductive. And I'd hate to meet her there, or she might claim she's being stalked... LOL.

Though hang on, it's OK when she tweets what she thinks is Alison Chabloz' postcode?  Bet a court would see that as harassment. You know, when she follows up on this injunction she either is or isn't going to go through with trying for?   Nice piece of evidence for the judge here of Andrea's harassing?

I've sent the unedited tweet to Bethnal Green Police Andrea, to have on record, along with some details about your EDL chums.  Queenie... used to be Queen Lareefer, English Defence League London Co-ordinator Maddie Brown?  I think police are well aware of her.  Nice company Andrea!

Stalker by proxy? From the woman who tweets postcodes and even full addresses? Clearly you can't think.

Next time you claim you are being harassed  / stalked etc police will be able to tell you to b off... again, eh Andrea? If anyone tweeted your postcode you'd be calling 999!

Then there's her sad little pal EDL Keano from Hyde,  here seen posting his own photo to Lying Toad:

Yes this Keano:

The Keano Andrea finds hilarious when he's disablist:

Keano is another pitifully immature creature obsessed with Alison.  He and Andrea make a great pair. Perhaps they should get together?

Andrea, Alison has an interesting job (perhaps talent, personality, intelligence, wit, a degree or two, qualifications help... things you don't have Andrea?  Employers like those, and despite the best efforts of you and your pals to defame her to employers, yes she has a job) as well as her music gigs.  People pay her for those also. She's got a full life, isn't a sad layabout like some, why you think she or anyone else is jealous of you is a constant mystery.

A small selection of many such tweets today, showing Andrea's butthurt and juvenile mode of expression:

A better person? Priceless! Only one creating drama is Andrea. Or perhaps farce is more like it? Ooof! Woof!

 Mirror mirror?

As far as Christmas presents are concerned, full of joy and seasonal goodwill Andrea is apparently ordering these to give as gifts. Talk about cheapskate! I wonder whose stocking she's filling with this?

Hopefully not...

Andrea, as usual, is so butthurt at Alison showing her up for what she is she Storifies all her own tweets praising Tesco (yes she really is that daft) and can't resist this bit of  juvenile snide:

Attention seeking low life? Cracked record Andrea, same old same old.

Then proceeds to spam people including her 'pal' Coun Karen 'Selfie' Danczuk with it.

That's this Karen Danczuk? The one who Andrea is all over like a rash?

Yes Andrea, full of  goodness and goodwill to all... unless you are one of those many she hates, in which case...

*Andrea Da Silva Goncalves, aka @_AndreaUrbanFox  I reserve and retain my full legal rights over my intellectual property and all my other freedoms and rights under UK law. That includes my freedom of speech within the confines of the existing law and freedom to not be intimidated, cowed and silenced by your bullshit claims and lies, bullying and attempts at blackmail by continually making threats about an 'injunction'.


Nem xxx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Andrea Urban Fox lies to Wordpress, as she lies to Google

I really couldn't be arsed at this time to seek an injunction (Wordpress advice) to prevent her theft of my photo (not the first time by any means). It would have been an interesting case, as she would have had to defend her BS claims, in court, but it wasn't that important. And it's given me more evidence of how Andrea is economical with the truth. Wordpress advice, as well as police advice, is to write my own blog to refute lies and put the record straight. This is why I write this.

I see Wordpress has re-instated the photo she stole from this blog and used on her pathetic 'hater' (quote) blog which she uses to bully Alison Chabloz and myself, as a form of blackmail* (along with her Storifies where she tells outright lies too, yes I  have a great deal of evidence):

I have that post backed up... I suspect someone has been whining to Google to have it removed, no doubt lying again? Just like this one? All posts are backed up, and can be migrated elsewhere at any time:

However, she has blanked out her name on the photo; why is that? It's Andrea Da Silva Goncalves, no secret is it? Despite her lies she doesn't use her real name on the internet,  which I have disproved, while MY photo was removed she posted her own, showing her name. As 'fair usage' in order to illustrate the truth of this, here is a small section of the photo. No doubt Andrea will whine to Google to have it removed. but possibly she will remember her own BS to WP that all photos on blogs are 'open source'? :0)

Only a very small portion of a photo used, 'fair usage' in order to illustrate a point under discussion. 

But Andrea claimed this about her theft of my entire photo (I have blanked out certain details):

DMCA counter submission from ***************
DMCA Ticket ID: #42171
Counter Notice Details:
Location at which the material appeared on your blog before it was removed or access to it was disabled: Image of Notice of Injunction  NO INJUNCTION against Evelyn Cook. The document belong to Her Majesty`s Court  REALLY ANDREA? and addressed to myself (Andrea Silva Goncalves, as named in said document) and defendant (Evelyn Cook and Alsion (sic) Chabloz.  

I in good faith believe this document to be of public interest and of free access on open source. The claim its copyright belongs to the named defendant is therefore bogus. BULLSHIT

Note this document is part of a legal \"Cease and Desist\" notice which the defendant is ignoring and Wordpress is now the facilitator for the harassment of myself LOL  to continue as you have removed the document in question.

As this DMCA also breaks the terms of the Cease and Desist notice, < BULLSHIT  I am left with no other option as to report this to the police and including this as proof of break of terms of C&D to the courts. BULLSHIT

First Name: Andrea
Last Name: Silva goncalves
Address: ***********
City: london
State: london
Country: GB
ZIP: *****
Phone Number 
Digital Signature: Andrea Silva Goncalves

I declare under penalty of perjury that I have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.
I consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which my address is located, or if my address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which Automattic may be found.
I will accept service of process from the person who provided notification under subsection (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.
I understand that a copy of this counter-notice, including my contact information (address, telephone number, and email address) will be forwarded to the person who provided the Infringement Notice.

NOTE: there is no such 'legal Cease and Desist notice' and there is NO INJUNCTION, and I sent this to police myself.  SPURIOUS was one of the words used in reply.

But remember.... Andrea lies to Google as she lied to Wordpress to have my posts taken down. Yes I have plenty of evidence that she lies.

Lies like this:

 Remember, Andrea does not have an injunction.  There's very long way to go, legally, and it really isn't as simple as a court rubber stamping her demands. There would have to be a hearing,  and I would certainly robustly defend my legal rights and point out her lies about me (with evidence she lied and with police reports dismissing her claims, and pointing out her own cyberbullying of me).

Anyhow, didn't she say this? October 10th 2014? Was that another lie? Make your mind up Andrea.

*Andrea Da Silva Goncalves, aka @_AndreaUrbanFox  I reserve and retain my full legal rights over my intellectual property and all my other freedoms and rights under UK law. That includes my freedom of speech within the confines of the existing law and freedom to not be intimidated, cowed and silenced by your bullshit claims and lies, bullying and attempts at blackmail by continually making threats about an 'injunction'. 




Sunday, 16 November 2014

OCD Andrea?

No, I have no idea what email notification she received that she needed to froth about it on Twitter. Or is it that Alison Chabloz created a new Storify, and as Andrea CHOSE to follow Alison's Storifies she was automatically notified? Yes there's one tweet from Andrea there too.  (It's OK when Andrea makes Storifies to lie and smear  and use her vocabulary of foul language of course...)

But it strikes me the one who doesn't understand Cease & Desist is Andrea.  I'm not sure her legal knowledge is actually that great.

Hope she'll eventually Cease & Desist telling lies about me, impersonating me, attempting juvenile smear campaigns against me along with her pals, and all the rest of her nonsense.  Evidently evidence is something which passes her by too. See umpteen entries on this blog, exposing her lies and defamation and bizarre allegations.  That's on top of her theft of my copyright work many times over.

Perhaps I should seek an injunction? ;0)

Does she have #OCD?  Sounds like she's playing silly games again to me. Silly b*gger.

But Andrea the troll does have links with many EDL supporters doesn't she?  Yes she does. And what about the troll account (suspended for years of abuse of me and others all over the internet)  your best Twitter "pal"  @EDLNewsExtra aka @_Newsextra and before that a fake account of me @NemesisRepubllc?

Andrea certainly shares a hatred of Muslims with EDL and attempts still to denigrate the anti-hate work of @TellMAMAUK.  Thankfully, that only makes her look more stupid.

So this report is biased crap is it? She obviously hasn't read it.

Of course Andrea is a Church of England communicant. Her Sunday churchgoing appears not to have taught her anything about tolerance.

Is it any wonder police dismiss her as time wasting?

Not so innocent Andrea.

Oh... and she's not a feminist either. Though I doubt really rabid Andrea has much idea of what that means. But hey. She's no beauty,  though she deludes herself she is, and I wonder how much she's getting?

Could explain all that bitterness? No female role model is Andrea. No role model at all. She's just a sad old troll, really.

She loves the Sainsbury's WWI ad too. My grandfather and his relatives who fought in WWI I doubt would have agreed with her, but what could they know?

If it sells chocolate, their sacrifices were clearly not in vain. Andrea perhaps should 'get a life'. Many who were slaughtered (for what?) in WWI  were not so lucky.

Next year... Angel of Mons to flog mince pies?

I see your suspended on numerous Twitter accounts for harassment and abuse pal Ambrosine Shitrit  / Chetrit  is still at it. I'm sure Twitter will catch up with her latest harassment soon. Hasn't she had a warning worded by police not to abuse Alison? Years of harassment and lying Ambrosine?  You and all those fake and troll accounts?

Still lying about your address too I note. It's in the public domain luvvie. It's not illegal for a lawyer to write to you about your abuse.




Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Andrea read my blog

Apparently it made her happy. Good. I'm pleased she also read the Cease and  Desist then :0)

This one.

I've been having some interesting correspondence with Wordpress over Andrea's farcical claims.

I've also been looking again at her history of whining in takedown notices, mainly ignored.

I love this one. (Action taken? They read and ignored you.)

Remember Andrea's BANNED troll accounts @GotABoneToPick and @_Newsextra?

Of course all her complaints to police have been dismissed. Anyone can get a ref Andrea. All calls to police are given one. It doesn't mean a crime has been committed.

Ah yes.
(That's many times BANNED Sheryl McNaught and your far right, Muslim hating loon mate ET aka Dave is it?)

Also this?  As stated many times, police dismissed all your allegations and no pics of  'underage' (under what age? Makes no sense) children have been posted on this blog. This does appear to confirm Andrea misled Twitter however:

(I'm so many people on Twitter according to Andrea... this week she claimed I'm @UKIPMaths. Oh how I laughed!)

By the way, Andrea, 14th October 2014, from  a senior officer at your local police force to me ... though I haven't so far bothered to forward to Twitter:

I can confirm that there is no current police investigations ongoing that name you as a suspect, or evidence that you have acted inappropriately via Twitter other social media to my knowledge.
Please forward this message to the necessary authority at Twitter to have your account reinstated.
Best wishes.

(Name supplied) 

Neighbourhood Policing
Tower Hamlets Borough

Nope, CID wasn't at all happy with your lies. 

Golly... what dubious means were these I used to get her full name? The one she claims she doesn't use on the internet?

Perhaps it was gained from her bullshit claims to Twitter and Blogger? Freely available on the internet? As submitted by herself?

Or here, though she later made attempts to change this and impersonate me (all very bizarre)

As for the claims she's Jewish, isn't she Church of England?

And er... wasn't it Trent Reznor who called her a pig, not me? Antisemitic? Don't be silly.

That photo... not Andrea's copyright was it? And fair usage in the circumstances.

Yes, her attempts to silence me from telling the truth about Andrea make interesting reading. All freely available on the interwebz.

And Andrea, I reserve and retain my full legal rights over my intellectual property and all my other freedoms and rights under UK law. That includes my freedom of speech within the confines of the existing law and freedom to not be intimidated, cowed and silenced by your bullshit claims and lies.