Thursday, 19 May 2016

Andrea Urban Fox cast out by church?

I'm pointing out to the person who stole a first draft of this copyright blog to repost elsewhere the copyright declaration at the end.  Andrea's sounding butthurt,  she's FEWMING, no change there then.

I haven't updated this blog for over a year. I came to the conclusion attention seeking liar Andrea Da Silva Goncalves aka @_AndreaUrbanFox and her other troll accounts (how many suspended trolling Twitter accounts now Andrea? Still using that RT Bot troll account I see, and that coffee shop one) was so dumb, so dull, and frankly, so deranged that it was time to quietly tiptoe away and leave her to her own frothing. She hates being ignored. She equally hates being exposed as the bully and liar she is, forever playing victim while the reality is, she's the cause of all her own problems.

Andrea cannot do the same with me of course.  Seems she can't live without me. Yes I have the screenshots Andrea, thanks to a friend, and I'll update police, just to have on record.  The same police who told you to get lost and stop wasting their time when you lied and lied about me.  Yes I have it in writing, from police.

I note she's had several Twitter suspensions on her Fox account too, the most recent for reposting an animal bestiality video.

It has recently come to my attention that Andrea has allegedly been told to never darken the doors of her local church again. It appears that 'warm welcome' was withdrawn, after Andrea revealed her real nature.  (This was on public record, so she can't whine that it's private information.)

Remember this blog? The one Andrea was so incensed about? Bless her. She does get upset easily. Mid life crisis perhaps?

Andrea didn't like my reporting her distinct lack of Christian behaviour.

Anyhow, it seems to have reached the notice of the clergy and congregation of her church that Andrea is not the true Christian she pretended to be when, for whatever reason, she began turning up at St Matthew's in Bethnal Green and got herself confirmed in 2013. 

 Oh whoops. Told to go and never darken their doors again?

'I know Andrea. She does not attend church here since an incident online. I in no way encourage her behaviour, use of such language or activity in person or online, which is why she in no longer welcome in our congregation.'

Andrea claims the email is doctored. I make no claims one way or another.

I have no idea what the incident was that finally triggered her possible expulsion. So many to choose!  It appears other people have been harassed and lied about by Andrea Da Silva Goncalves and someone contacted Father Scully.

I'm sure telling the former Archbishop of Canterbury to eff off can't have helped.  Andrea's hatred of Muslims isn't very Christian is it?

I recall another similar tweet regarding the current Archbishop, Justin Welby.

I'm still waiting for that injunction Andrea, the one you threatened then realised you would have to pay and I'd have a right of legal representation and the ability to respond. It's how the legal system  works in the UK.  Whatever did happen to that?  I'm waiting for my 'day in court' to tell a judge what an obsessed, malicious, manipulative liar you are.  It could be fun. And very, very expensive for you.

Until then, stop lying you have an injunction.

Now I suggest you 'cease and desist' your obsession with me, and your lies. Try to get some sort of life which doesn't revolve around being a foul mouthed fool, if not for yourself, for the sake of your child.

Andrea, who likes to call women ugly.  Wry laughter...



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