Monday, 28 April 2014

Sheryl McNaught is lying again.

Today this pinged to my email.

Problem is with Sheryl McNaught she's a liar.  Seems she can't help it. Her lies really need to be stopped.

Actually Sheryl has called me a pervert, a supporter of paedophiles and a great many other appalling and untrue things including claiming Jimmy Savile would have loved me as a friend. I have the screenshots (and so have police) of her vile smears. I am no apologist for paedophiles, or any other type of abuser, and her claims I stalked her daughter on FB are ludicrous. (If reading an open FB profile is stalking Sheryl, you've been stalking me... want proof?)

Here is a sample of the sick and twisted lies I have received from Sheryl over time... there are many others. I have screenshots. (The 'victims are available' was actually a quote from a news article I was tweeting about victims of  sex abuse,  and was in quotes. Sheryl knew that but likes to make mischief)

And Sheryl's apparent proof I called her a child abuser?

One out of context tweet. The #paedophile tag was  the subject  under discussion, and I stand by what  I said about her. It is my opinion she's a sick woman who needs help,  which I why I said what I did. The Islamic blasphemy laws is another piece of her BS which she is prone to spout. Ridiculous.

As for the supporter of paedophiles rubbish, the answers are in this blog.

I also recall Sheryl happy to retweet lies about an innocent man and his tiny child, that he sexually abused him. She thought  it funny.  Sheryl and her daughter harassed the man for a long time on Twitter, lying  about him.

And let's also nail this one

I did not ever say I was GLAD she lost a baby. That's another Sheryl lie and she knows it.  I made a return tweet which turned on its head tweets Ambrosine (and her fake accounts to troll with...) was making (about the same man I mentioned above).  All needs to be read in original context.

And lets also nail the calling Mrs Shitrit a nazi BS. She and Sheryl called me a nazi, (more than once... and posted photos of nazi women saying it was me, and all the rest... ) I merely repeated the #tag used.


Monday, 21 April 2014

For Victoria Denise Lloyd: on sex abuse and threatening me.

An update here. Vicky and pals. Not too nice.

Not the most savoury of topics for an Easter Monday, child abuse, but hey ho. I know basically you are just an exhibitionist and an attention seeker who finds it thrilling to abuse people,  so wondered if I should just deny you the oxygen of publicity you so crave, but half an hour of my time putting a few records straight is probably time well spent.

Firstly, you now claim this isn't your name. Well, you used to post on Facebook as Victoria Denise when you were cheerleader for the English Defence League, and one of your former EDL mates who left the EDL told me Lloyd was your surname. If not, he lied.  You want me to go to police? I have done. So if this isn't your name,  perhaps you'd better call police and tell them what it is. Your 'proof' of connections with me and the trolling is laughable. Only the really dim would consider they had any merit. But my complaint to police is that you are making threats and carrying out a campaign of smears and harassment. I have passed screenshots and discussed with both Northumbria police and CID in Tower Hamlets your lies about me.

You are as bad as the trolls, and you interact with them, enjoying the attention. In fact you are a foul mouthed bully, very juvenile.

I've been following your latest smear campaign against me for a while. I'm not the trolls trolling you as I said in the past post, and I have taken screenshots of your hate and bizarre allegations I am a paedophile and a pervert. Quite why you have this obsession with me I don't know, it's been there for years (I blocked you on Twitter because of it) and I suggest you are having some sort of mental breakdown and for the sake of your family, you need help. Being so full of hate and making threats to people isn't the behaviour of a normal person. < as I said there.

You use a couple of tired old Twitter screenshots repeatedly, taken totally out of the context of the original situations / conversations 'stories',  two different occasions, two different discussions, to lie I am a pervert and a sicko.  Neither screenshots actually show me defending or supporting any form of child sex abuse. What they do show is me stating the truth.

and again, though you know this and are simply stirring it for some bizarre reason:

We could of course discuss the history of the age of consent and how it has changed over the centuries, how in the past  kings of England married young children, etc, but you and your pals are only really interested in a smear campaign so it isn't worth much effort. Society's social mores change and evolve over time.

However, Wiki has a sound article here for those more interested:

When the  baying Twitter lynch mob first decided to brand me a pervert over the two screenshots, which clearly are simply information giving and not in any way supporting child abuse, and pals of yours decided to publish a picture of a house NOT mine presumably in the hope of retribution, I was reminded of this story:

and I went to police and discussed with them the abuse I was receiving, and I can assure you, Vicky, they know I am not in any way a child  abuser or supporter of child abuse. That's far, far from the truth.  I do have years of professional expertise re working with young people prior to retirement, and  I have seen the damage that abuse does to young people, and I have also seen young people have Place of Safety Orders instantly placed on them and removed from their homes when they have disclosed abuse.

I am aware of UK law and I am aware of the nuances.

Since your most recent smear campaign began I contacted my local police and sent screenshots of you naming me as a pervert. I have also noted the threats that you will be paying me a visit soon and all the rest. Perhaps in time you will be paid a visit, for threatening behaviour, but how police act is out of my hands.

I see also your trawling of the internet to find anything you can to  smear me.

Wayne O'Loon?

Try this one, rather puts Wayne of the NOT Liverpool Preservation Trust in context.

Photo: copyright me.

If ever there was a heritage fruitcake from Bonkersville it's Wayne. Here's the Liverpool Preservation Trust at full strength... ie Wayne.

Perhaps it's time I published the emails I received from Wayne threatening me with violence? All reported to police, whose stated opinion? Nutter.

And Janey English?  Violent thug group Casuals United Emily Marsh from Crawley? The Sainsbury's Busker 'MaskiFlynn'?

Oh well, we can take her word as gospel ?

One of your former English Defence League mates? Yeah, she's really someone to listen to eh?

And this is the level of the sort of stuff you were involved in, with your far right EDL friends. not long ago, before you deleted the last Twitter account (wasn't the first @Angel_Infidoll?)

And this, though I have censored. Really, pathetic isn't it?

Here's a tip. You have spent years being vile to people on Twitter, spewing disgusting abuse, much of it sexual, and spreading anti-Muslim hate. You post suggestive and semi nude photos of yourself. Then you wonder why you attract trolls? And people laugh at you?  Maybe you should stop?

Also another tip, for both you and Andrea. Keep photos of your children off public sites. Post them on Facebook or wherever behind passwords, for friends and family. Don't parade them in public, not when you are the sort of unpleasant people you are, or it's obvious what the outcome will be, as you have discovered.

People do worse things using photoshop. I'm sure a google search will explain more.

You also  think abusing people is being feisty. It isn't, it's simply showing you as being someone with personality problems who has difficulties interacting normally with people.

Sane people don't tweet stuff like this (as you tweeted at me, I have the screenshot)

                                                   I HATE YOU AND HOPE YOU DIE!

I've read your little blog. Yes I laughed at you a few times at your selfies of you in various stages of undress and in suggestive poses.  It seems you don't like being laughed at, though the abuse you and your pals have aimed at me over the years perhaps should have been reported to police before now.

I also note your sad attempts to drag down the TellMAMA organisation, probably because they have highlighted over time your hate. The screenshots you have with responses supposedly about you were in fact responses to something different.  You are again being dishonest.

As I said in the previous post, I've kept police informed of your obsessive smearing of me, and the threats that you will be visiting me soon and that

Your pal Andrea da Silva was seen to be favouriting your threat too. I've informed police about that also.

 I suggest you stop all this, but clearly, like Andrea, you are enjoying the attention and you seem to thrive on spewing lies and hate. It's all a little bit sick, and I do think you need help.

I recall in the past you (laughably) used to call me a terrorist too. You were as wrong about that as you are about your latest smears.

I suggest you cease and desist.



Thursday, 17 April 2014

Message to Victoria Denise Lloyd and Andrea da Silva

August 22  I see that nasty Vicky  is now claiming she knows who her troll is. As I said all along... not me. I have no idea who she says is uploading my blog, but thanks for all the hits on this post today. See also comments under this post.

Really? Golly.

A screwdriver in the head?  Lovely pals there Vicky. No idea which rumour started here, maybe you can tell me?

Jewish girls? Which ones? Ambrosine Shitrit or her pal Nilli Willis? Andrea Silva and Sheryl McNaught aren't Jewish. And this blog isn't about religion.

I'm sure she will be making an apology to me soon? The trolling has nothing to do with me.  And updating her police report? (As will I of course... I have an incident ref, has she? :0) )

You are of course welcome to read my blog, all of it.  It's about truth. Remember, Vicky is a troublemaking troll and truth and her are often far apart.


Update to original post:

and another

Yes there's a troll account trolling you. Yes, posting pics of your kids too.

It's not me. Just for the record. I gather it's using Android to tweet, and I certainly don't use Android. Vicky seems, however, to revel in the trolling, and engages with it. Stirring much?

I've a collection of screenshots of  BS about this which I have been forwarding to the local police for a while now. I've updated today. There are threats too, to me and another person. Twitter lynch mob?

Making threats to people via the internet, Vicky,  that you will "see them soon" and they should "expect a visit"? Malicious Communications Act and harassment? Andrea favouriting threats?

Update: I gave W Midlands Police (as Vicky lives in Coventry and is spamming W Midlands Police with BS) a ring via 101. I spoke to Joanne. I explained Vicky's allegations, threats and trolling, I see supported by Andrea (surprise...) and was assured there has been no report by her about this. However, I have reported the lies and trolling to police. No they aren't coming to visit me Vicky. Your lies are exposed.  I doubt they will be calling on you either, but you never know.

I left my name, phone number and name of local police contact I have been sending screenshots to. Those include you, Andrea...  shall I call Bethnal Green again?

BTW libel has nothing to do with police. Just setting the record straight.

And no Andrea, it's really not very interesting. Thanks for reading my blog from Brazil though. Bored are you?  Not just once either. Stalky stalky? There there. Don't have too huge a meltdown, and try not to spam Twitter support too much.

As I said, police have been kept updated with the BS and your involvement. I'm not the troll accounts, and I've a decent set of screenies of Vicky's trolling and yours too,  favouriting her lies and contacting trolls, and Vicky hasn't even reported any of it to police.  It can't be worrying her that much then. If it bothers you, suggest you report it. 101. Police are welcome to talk to me any time about you. I have so much to say :0)

Sounds to me like you're the one queefing daggers. Hey ho.

This is interesting though...

and my word... going down?  Fakers eh?  Real follower count in the 1200 region? Twitter rules say you shouldn't buy followers or gain them by those 'get followers fast' bots.

Vicky and you seem to be loving the attention and drama. Perhaps it's one of the trolls you love to try to get to do your dirty work is posting the pics?

It's not me.

I see Vicky has still not got the message, but is now assuring her pottymouth ex porn movie pal the fake accounts are in part mine. Dumb and more dumb.

Well, good luck with that one.

A further update 18th April. Called my local police today, placed on record what is going on, the naming me, saying I am the troll account posting photos of their kids,  that I am a paedophile, the threats  etc etc.

Of course Andrea isn't above trawling the internet to post stolen photos, is she?

Additionally have called Andrea's local police and placed on record that the troll who is using her photos of her kid is not me. I will be speaking further to them soon.

Also have again called W Midlands Police, to update.

I don't think it's the other person they are naming either, who I think also will be reporting to police.

But instead of smearing people on Twitter, tweeting at @BruceDaisley and troll accounts, why don't either Vicky or Andrea call police and report it all?

Is it because they know they are going to look very silly indeed? They are simply enjoying the drama?

April 19th Oh look, the useful fools have decided (on no evidence at all) they know who the troll is.

And the even bigger fool Sheryl claims she knew all along. Now, let me guess who she claims is involved also? Still in that parallel universe Sheryl?



Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sheryl McNaught and a parallel universe

I was sent a link to a tweet today.

According to one Sheryl McNaught aka @Sheryl2311 @Sheryl_2311 @SherylMcNaught (we have met her before, dear readers, she keeps some charming company)

 A US would be hacker/troll threatened her. Yep she says that quite clearly. He threatened her on my behalf. I have no idea how she knows this, I have no idea what evidence she has to support this, I've never come across this person, as far as I recall,  until I saw Sheryl's tweet and read this blog she linked to:


Well, I've reported her tweet to police. No doubt if she received threats she reported to police, and sent them her "proof" I got this man in the US to threaten her. That's the implication of what she said. It was a threat by proxy.  So I can see this proof, yes?  It will add to the lies she has told I made malicious calls to her, and all the rest.

"I wouldn't put anything up I didn't have proof of. I wouldn't make an accusation without being able to link it."

Who said that? That's the same Sheryl.  The same Sheryl who I have years' worth of screenshots of her talking total bullshit about me and others. Everything from I am mentally ill to my husband is dead through to and including I support Islamic blasphemy laws.  No really. I have the evidence of all this she has spouted and more besides. I hope she can provide the evidence of HER claims or isn't she going to look a bit of a liar?

"I wouldn't put anything up I didn't have proof of. I wouldn't make an accusation without being able to link it."

Where was this?

This was on a risible "self broadcast" internet programme she and her deluded and equally as "mistaken' pal Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit put out today.

Yes we have met her before too.

"I wouldn't put anything up I didn't have proof of. I wouldn't make an accusation without being able to link it.

I won't link to it, it's the two of them rambling on. And on. Chewing the fat, and it's frankly, cringe worthy.

Reminds me so much of this:

No doubt this will bring on another foamfest from Sheryl. :0)   with links to screenshots taken out of context and her entire farcical repertoire which comes into play when she goes into meltdown.

So many are now reporting her to Twitter I gather. Perhaps time for me to join in.

Love from

Nemesis xxx