Monday, 28 April 2014

Sheryl McNaught is lying again.

Today this pinged to my email.

Problem is with Sheryl McNaught she's a liar.  Seems she can't help it. Her lies really need to be stopped.

Actually Sheryl has called me a pervert, a supporter of paedophiles and a great many other appalling and untrue things including claiming Jimmy Savile would have loved me as a friend. I have the screenshots (and so have police) of her vile smears. I am no apologist for paedophiles, or any other type of abuser, and her claims I stalked her daughter on FB are ludicrous. (If reading an open FB profile is stalking Sheryl, you've been stalking me... want proof?)

Here is a sample of the sick and twisted lies I have received from Sheryl over time... there are many others. I have screenshots. (The 'victims are available' was actually a quote from a news article I was tweeting about victims of  sex abuse,  and was in quotes. Sheryl knew that but likes to make mischief)

And Sheryl's apparent proof I called her a child abuser?

One out of context tweet. The #paedophile tag was  the subject  under discussion, and I stand by what  I said about her. It is my opinion she's a sick woman who needs help,  which I why I said what I did. The Islamic blasphemy laws is another piece of her BS which she is prone to spout. Ridiculous.

As for the supporter of paedophiles rubbish, the answers are in this blog.

I also recall Sheryl happy to retweet lies about an innocent man and his tiny child, that he sexually abused him. She thought  it funny.  Sheryl and her daughter harassed the man for a long time on Twitter, lying  about him.

And let's also nail this one

I did not ever say I was GLAD she lost a baby. That's another Sheryl lie and she knows it.  I made a return tweet which turned on its head tweets Ambrosine (and her fake accounts to troll with...) was making (about the same man I mentioned above).  All needs to be read in original context.

And lets also nail the calling Mrs Shitrit a nazi BS. She and Sheryl called me a nazi, (more than once... and posted photos of nazi women saying it was me, and all the rest... ) I merely repeated the #tag used.


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