Monday, 3 June 2013

Andrea Urban Fox and the mystery of the email

A quick update on the Andrea Urban Fox /Silva /Da Silva/Goncalves/DaGoncalves/ whatever the sad troll is calling herself these days (Lady Andrea too, apparently, the last word in irony that one) saga. See previous posts for history.

She's still attention seeking and playing the victim, while associating with some rather nasty trolls, which makes her claims of victimhood look ever more the BS they are.

I point out I don't avidly read her tweets, they really aren't very interesting,  though some who follow her send me links when she's clearly having a rant about me. Given that she attention seeks by claiming I'm her stalker (no really, she does, apparently it's the fashionable thing these days to claim you are stalked, though actually, reading crap she posts about me on social media and responding doesn't come under any legal definition of stalking at all) then I suppose I should consider this and what follows is about me? Not that I have used her son, but things like truth and Andrea are strangers. It's a good one to get people on her side too.

 Indeed. I am sure using Twitter helps Andrea hugely. Gives her some sort of stability etc etc

 Yes we recall the Trent Reznor stuff, where Andrea obsessed and blogged about him, to no effect (though Twitter did suspend her):

Apparently I have lapdogs. I wasn't aware I had those either.  Barking. Here in reverse order:

Remember her BS I put her address and phone number somewhere on the internet (unspecified) and she was so terrified (apparently I am a terrorist, or have links with such) she moved house?

The fact I don't actually have her address (Borough of Tower Hamlets is a large place)  nor phone number and did no such thing didn't deter her, oh no. Also the fact I don't know any terrorists not have links with them seems to have passed the deluded woman by.

Well, apparently, reading the above, Andrea thinks I also have her email address, and have been making an abusive Twitter account using it.

Yep, that's the most recent eye-wateringly silly accusation. Nope, I don't actually know any email address of Andrea's but look, that's too much like banal reality and doesn't fit with the fantasy world she has created around me.

As far as I can recall, however, in order to make a Twitter account, you need to register it and then in order to activate it Twitter sends an email to you. So if Twitter sent an email to Andrea, did she click to activate it despite not having registered a new Twitter account?

Andrea,  the whole thing smells, very, very whiffy indeed.

Even more whiffy is the fact after I screenshotted the above and put on my Twitpics denying her allegations, did she apologize? Nope.

OK I forgot. It was it tiny anyhow and as it is all over her Twitter account, the frothing can only be deemed trolling.

Read this Andrea. I know you will.

I'll say it again. The only person using her kid's image to troll and abuse is Andrea. He's not old enough to give consent and dragging him into her online games is very odd.

I blanked his face out there but Andrea hadn't. Using her child as her avatar to abuse me and call me a perv is really showing how low this woman can go. As for DMs, well maybe that Twitlonger one wasn't so secret. I got it by perfectly legitimate means. It was an attempt as usual to manipulate and bleat and play victim. Andrea forgets we are all wise to her trolling and her troll pals

 and that she is far from being a victim.

Well no, not quite showing how low she can go. There is worse. She's fond of calling people paedophiles too.

I'll put this here again. If she would read carefully and act on it, perhaps no-one would waste time having to refute her lies and the lies of her pals about me.

And for that, Andrea called the writer 'pure evil'. Yes her wee troll is still trolling me, though has changed names. Oddly, it sounds just like Andrea, similar style and vocabulary, but who can tell?

You have to chuckle.

Nem. With love.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pottymouth Nilli and the Williamson Group Preston

Today my attention was drawn to this little exchange on Twitter. I didn't see it at first as I had blocked one Pottymouth long ago, for being abusive. It was totally out of the blue. I point out as well as being a former porn movie 'actress' Nilli Willis and then apparently an NHS worker, prior to running a building business (see below) Ms Pottymouth also claims to be a member of  'staff' for a so called  'organisation' which claims to help people who are bullied on Twitter! Oh my.  See also many other posts on this blog about  the other 'staff' Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit) and Sheryl McNaught, both now suspended from Twitter on numerous accounts for targeted abuse and harassment.  Cyberbullies! Ironic, yes?

Ms Pottymouth locked her tweets to avoid being reported. I'm sure the tweets below would have brought her a Twitter suspension.

I'm wondering when the same so-called 'organization' YadByAdUK will comply with the Data Protection Act.

I saw Ambrosine Shitrit  @MrsShitrit was involved,  her tweets were protected at the time I looked to see what her input was, so I have no idea at the moment.

I'll remind readers of Mrs Shitrit's bullshitting about me, her outright lies, her fake accounts etc as detailed in part in a previous blog.

Remember her claims I stalk her, and have done since she joined Twitter in December 2008?
Outright lies of course, I wasn't on Twitter then, and my Twitter archive shows I first tweeted with her December 2010 and nothing connected with Israel. I pose the suggestion she stalks me somewhat though.

She has some real charmers as Twitter friends, as the evidence above shows.

I feel anyone who finds threats of violence to women a joke rather weird to say the least. One Chayalim is also a homophobe  it seems, this is one I had sent to me a while ago and I kept it

 So it does appear filthy minded  birds of a feather etc.

Back to Sunday:

 I'm unsure if Sheryl McNaught is agreeing that her pal is a c*nt or me, but I suspect the latter. She's like that. She's a malicious liar and a hypocrite is Sheryl. Oh, and plays victim too:

So I did a little 'research' on Ms Pottymouth, and tweeted my findings. Pretty basic stuff. I er... read her tweets!

Well, Ms Pottymouth continued to froth and fume and swear at me, and some of her pals joined in spamming me, so I continued to record it. Some of it is going to police and I am considering if I should sue for libel, so I won't repeat, but I will add a few shots of what she felt was OK to tweet at me. The usual BS about jew hate (nope...) and if you abuse people then  expect that you will be exposed. And as for trolling Jews and their supporters and posting personal details? Really?  Proof of all this (apart from you, but you posted your own?).

Especially if this is the sort of stuff you think OK to spray at people over a social networking site

And so it went on. Even someone who claims she is her daughter joined in

A few further shots:

  Actually, it sounds like there's something requires medical attention here. No, frothing isn't usual:

And here she is, again lying I loathe Jews.  Such a pathetic and easily disproved smear.

Well now, personal details. Yep, hands up, I pointed out, after the initial abuse, who she works for. Not too hard to find as she actually posted the info herself. She even Tweeted she had posted it and didn't mind who knew. I'm not a threat either, so that's nice to know.

Apparently she's these days  Business Development Manager of a firm which bears her name, and here it is

Looks like it is registered as Exceptional Living Ltd and goes by the name Williamson Construction Group, HQ is Preston.

 So it's of course up to people reading this if they feel they wish to hire a  'construction company' she claims she owns (small building firm?) whose building development person has such a foul mouth, defames people, and thinks that's OK and doesn't reflect badly on the firm and its integrity and family friendliness.

Personally I think this is shockingly bad PR and Ms Williamson should think before she tweets, but possibly being a foul mouthed abuser is all part of the business and office ethos at that particular building firm. (See also the comments section below.)

There you are Nilli, free advert for your business.  You're welcome!

Nem. With love.


PS I also caught this, part of a longer exchange where Sheryl and pals were obsessing and bitching about me.  The link was to this blog. Given that I was the person Tweeted at, it does make Sheryl look even more foolish than ever. Imagine that. And gosh, is she spying on me? I am their life. Without me, these people are nothing....

Rest of the thread is similar juvenile nonsense.

Also, here's Mrs Shitrit  attention seeking again, not true of course, but see the response from one of her followers. Nice people she knows, huh?

Caught this one; shows she's still being not exactly truthful, as she abused me on Sunday out of the blue.

And here's Sheryl Mc Naught claiming that poor Nilli's business is being harassed by screenshotting her abuse of me and that's anti-Semitism? Oh dear.