Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

 I have been out most of Christmas Eve having fun, and came home to find several informative and amusing links to tweets in my email from friends. Thanks all. It adds to the seasonal jollity!

Andrea has a stalker who writes blogs about her? Andrea has spent Christmas Eve tweeting about it?

She does like to play the attention seeking drama queen and refer to me as her 'stalker' (for laughing at her very public tweets and blog?).

Anyhow, my last blog post was published yesterday, and that wasn't Christmas Eve, so this time it can't be me. So who else is writing blogs about her?

Call CID!

Oh I forgot, she's tried that. And er...   I'm not languishing in a dungeon.

That could be for various reasons, see blog from yesterday.

I'm also told there is some sort of competition to see who has the most blog hits, and these stats are supposed to make me choke on my mulled wine.

 Hmmm okay.  Well. I have several blogs, this one has been going just over a year and I don't push it every day on Twitter like some do. It's basically just a light-hearted record of some people's abuse / obsession/ sheer bizarreness.

But, in the spirit of Christmas giving, here goes:

10,945 up until today.

My other blogs? Well, I haven't updated them in a long time, but they still get read daily.

Those three added together?  Almost 157,000. Add that to the stats above and I make that... ooooh, lots.

Not bad for what are basically little personal blogs, written for fun.

So, baubles is all I can say.

Lots of love



Monday, 23 December 2013

Andrea Urban Fox calls CID!

Really.  I'm on their 'most wanted' list apparently! Laughing at Andrea is a crime now!

Love it!

Re 'crime refs'

Well, CID has not been in touch. The 'crime report'  appears to have fallen into a black hole.  (As for 'crime refs', they are more usually called 'incident refs', which is so things can be filed and referred to, and until it is proved a crime has been committed, then it's tad dodgy to keep saying it has.)

That could be because:

a) you are lying?

b) they looked into your complaint and appreciated you are a liar with a history of trolling (Trent Reznor?) and therefore, no case to answer?


c) they contacted my local police force, who gave them the low down on you?

One look at your sleazy, silly Twitter timeline gives your game away, doesn't it?  And that daft blog? Oh dear. If you say CID had my Twitter account suspended, obviously I need to take this up with Tower Hamlets police.

It's a pity in some ways CID hasn't been in touch,  as I would have enjoyed a chat. I have many screenshots which I haven't published, including some which make me wonder if Social Services should  know about you (smiley face).

Perhaps after Christmas, I'll contact Tower Hamlets CID for a chat. Of course I could cite reports and refs too.

All that scouring of this blog, searches on your own name, and Google did take a look too, but obviously, decided it is all OK?

And your pet troll account is suspended too.

Have some cream for the butthurt.

As for online reputation management, it's difficult to 'regain your name' if  you have none in the first place. (I hope they enjoyed the read.) Truth hurts?


N xxx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hello there!

I gather Andrea has been making complaints to Blogger about this blog, which is basically factual. So far Blogger hasn't been in touch.

I know you are scouring every post Andrea now looking for stuff to complain about. Tell you what, if you hadn't written ridiculous blogs about me in the first place, and allowed all sorts of Tom Dick and even bigger Dicks to write juvenile and defamatory comments on yours, I wouldn't have needed to write a blog at all.

Stop playing victim, delete your blogs, stop the troll accounts, and I will stop blogging.

Oh and I have it all backed up, and can migrate it elsewhere if required.

Have a nice day.