Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mirror, mirror... Mrs Shitrit and Ms McNaught

A web of deceit.

They just can't stop can they these two? Smears and claims of bullying, while all the while there is plenty of evidence of THEIR bullying using their own and their so-called 'anti-bullying org' Twitter accounts? Challenge them and the yells of ANTISEMITISM are leveled no matter if there is no evidence at all.

(Clicking on pics brings them up larger size BTW)

Ah, the obsession with Mr Mughal OBE and the TellMAMA hate crime reporting project.

As for Sarah B (and see below)

Would that be the not so funny 'joke' about  @MoAnsar (she's obsessed with him too it appears) waiting for me to die so he could have sex with my corpse?  Had anyone made that sort of comment about Sheryl there would have been fuming.

Good news however; finally Sheryl has admitted her friend Ambrosine of the 'not really an org' YadbyadUK is a liar.

Well, I have certainly called Ambrosine Shitrit out in the past re her lies about me, samples here:

Not that Sheryl is a stranger to the odd porky herself... apparently I got someone to threaten her (news to me... I've reported this matter to police):

and called her a child abuser? Er... don't think so...

Interesting to see the really rather unpleasant Jewish Defence League (Roberta Moore registered this as a business in UK; in the US, it is a banned terrorist org)

 is currently defending the pair of them and smearing others in the process, including myself.

Laughably, the JDLUK is currently claiming I intimidated and harassed  Ms Sheryl McNaught and Mrs Ambrosine Shitrit (and yes the same old I defend paedophiles lie is repeated by Moore or one of her associates, whoever pens the risible foamfests for the JDL).

Nope, never defended paedophiles, or any form of sex abuser, ever:

My version of this is really quite the opposite, I think I'm the one harassed and intimidated,  and I have several years' worth of screenshots and evidence as proof.

Possibly Sheryl will remind her champions at the JDL of this?

It's really very juvenile, playground stuff,  childish name calling, but I've reported this to police along with Sheryl's most recent lies, just to have on record. Apparently, according to the JDL, I also tweet for the TellMAMA org, which shows just how silly and uninformed these people are.

As for Pam Geller? Online friend of Mrs Shitrit, claims Pammy. Pam Geller is currently banned by the UK government from entering the country, and the TellMAMA org is still alive and apparently well,  as for the government  funding issue? Was always time limited and Mrs Shitrit's powers of removal of funding zero. 

Looks like it's all mutual:

A bunch of far right wingnuts, troll, racists, haters and yes, the banned Geller all given a #FF here:

Ambrosine Shitrit  is now tweeting as @Mrs_Shitrit and many other Twitter account handles, though her @AmbrosinShitrit appears to be suspended. No that's not me BTW in this shot, that was a fake account Ambrosine used of me to cyberbully me with, now suspended.  Problem is she tended to mess up with Tweetdeck and reveal herself:

Ambrosine  wasn't too happy with Mr Blissets and his frequent exposure of her, so she created  a fake account of him also.

In fact, many Jewish people aren't happy with Mrs S it appears:

Anyhow, back to the JDL.

The JDL appear to be content to break the laws of libel and copyright, are Sheryl McNaught and Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit  pleased to be associated with this cyberbullying and lawbreaking?

The JDLUK, which champions and tweets with and retweets Ambrosine Shitrit and Sheryl McNaught,  is currently suspended from Twitter for abuse and harassment.

Er ummm... (this is from the JDL FB Page):

A flavour of the JDL:

And an interesting video:

Have a nice day y'all!


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