Friday, 2 May 2014

Vicky revisited.

She read my blog.  Aw.

Her pal Julie appears to think she knows me. Not if we go by her comments here :0)

Correct, it isn't stalking to read a public blog or a public Facebook profile or a public Twitter feed.

The 'three Jewish ladies' Vicky claims I stalk (which is of course nonsense, would she care to name them?) like to pretend this is what stalking is too. Er... no.

Did she read this one?

Well all I do is read their public rubbish they spout about me and respond. I'm not filled with hate, but I can see who the f*ckwits are and it isn't me, Julie dear :0)

Actually the police report was about Vicky's attention seeking lies I am the troll accounts and her even bigger very sick lies I am a paedophile. Let's not also forget her threats. I wanted an incident ref.

I have placed on record her lies about me and abuse of me.
That's all.

Nor did I search her name, I was given it by a former EDL pal of hers. If it isn't hers, so be it.

Ah the racist EDL supporter Toxic, highlight of her life having her photo taken with EDL leaders Tommy and Kev?

Calling someone a 'dirty smelly paki' and a  'c*nt' is hate speech isn't it? Nasty.

Toxic never seemed too bright. She thinks this is England?

As for wasting police time?

Her pal Andrea... twenty pages of nonsense was it? Police seemed to see it as that.

So if you have gone to West Midlands Police (you said you hadn't on Twitter, was that another lie?) no doubt it will be on record and police central database will have your contact details.

Have a nice day now!


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