Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Oh whoops.

Well yes, that's what Twitter abuse reporting procedures are for.

 I doubt really this bunch is where I would go to report. (Have they registered yet re Data Protection Act by the way?)

My experience of YadbyadUK 'staff' (bunch of people whose expertise in this area has to be questioned also...)  is that they are bullies and harassers who then play victim. I record a great deal of it on this blog, but I also have evidence of a great deal more stretching back years.

Updated 21 May:  according to Ambrosine, the suspensions are a  plot with a Twitter employee who she claims is friends with an anti-hate organization. She's going to contact MPs. Good luck with that mad conspiracy theory! 

I suppose I should have reported one Pottymouth for example. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Yes she's a 'staff' member of YadByadUK. Irony knows no bounds...


I've also had downright lies told about me by certain of those involved.


There are others on Twitter who like to abuse then play victim also.

"Root"? Really? Of course others may be happy to take things down a legal route with bullies and harassers also. But Twitter @Support staff maybe don't work weekends and have a workload to keep up with? Reports may be dealt with when they are at work... during the week?

Ambrosine Shitrit seems to think she and Sheryl McNaught and all their multiple accounts were suspended by co-ordinated spam block attacks... like the ones they try to encourage?

Oh dear dear.

Now remind me who it was had my Twitter suspended? Andrea Silva? Sheryl McNaught of Yad?

Both I have tweets suggesting that's the case, Andrea with her so called 'crime ref' to add drama (though I had committed no crime).

I've seen plenty of abuse from all of this lot, and I have no doubt the recipients of it have been reporting, using the abuse report system, as is their right. Come off it Andrea... you tweet ticket after ticket at @Support. You aren't naive enough to think some don't report your harassment and abuse too?

Tit for tat?

As for the Yads... suggest you all have a careful read of Twitter Terms and Conditions.
Perhaps some of you have been reported for abuse too? Links to YOUR tweets sent with reports maybe? Report after report from those affected by your abuse and harassment? Eventually, Twitter acts.

Then there is the multiple accounts for overlapping purposes issue,  making fake accounts of others to be abusive, the trying to get followers to mass block and report those you don't like?
Also 'buying' followers is against Twitter rules too.

Making new accounts while others are suspended.  That's against Twitter rules.

And if you are suspended, all accounts are suspended if Twitter finds out.

Em... @YadbyadHelp @YadbyadSupport @YadbyadWorld  etc etc are all suspended, yes? I'd keep my head down if I were you lot!

I note Mrs Shitrit has made yet another account while she has a whole bunch of suspended ones. Maybe Twitter will find that soon.  Yep, that's a nono.

Well she was suspended on @Sheryl_2311 @SherylMcNaught and @Sheryl2133 (Abuse? Bullying? Harassment?) when she made, against Twitter rules, a new account?

#TM #intifada?  Laughable.  Safety... yes possibly those she abused daily felt unsafe?

It's not like Sheryl and her Yad pals ever target anyone is it? Abuse, smear lie? Be totally vile? Here's one of the more polite ones:

Nuts. Totally nuts.

 Twitter rules. Read them.

(All screenshots enlarge with a click)




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