Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The atttention seeker seeks attention.

Update 8th May 

Just  amazeballs...   Stalking? Really?  Who is the stalker exactly?  Deluded. Totally deluded.

Bless her. No, sorry, you've had your attention fix for now. But thanks for the loyal reading, so much time spent :0) Not sure she fully understands the nuances of what she reads, but is persistent I grant you.

"Stalking shitbags"?
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(Yes Andrea I have updated this, so yes worth reading it again.)

Attention seeking much? Poor luvvie.

Laughable. Though actually, sad really, such poverty of language. She never had any 'touch', we just like to laugh at her. Sorry to disappoint.  Anyhow, she seems to have been kept busy with a Twitter troll, who isn't me and who isn't "the other person" she apparently gets high on homophobically abusing, who isn't being investigated by plod either BTW.

Stalker?  Like the one detailed here, Andrea?

Would this be the same Andrea who obsessively reads my blog on an almost daily basis, in case she gets a mention, even when on holiday in Brazil?  Same Andrea who allegedly hunted down (must have been very busy on Google...) the employer of yet another woman whom she abuses (I have the evidence...)?

Oh the irony, the irony!

And some never learn. Yes, abusing a troll will really make it stop trolling you. Should do the trick nicely. Facepalm etc.

BTW DCMA works up to a point.  I've reported Andrea Silva and Ambrosine Shitrit in the past and had my own copyright stuff removed, odd they think it's OK when they break the law, but same troll will simply repost and even when suspended, will re-appear with a new account.  That's what they do.  That's the history of this troll. Tell your pal Vicky to stop engaging and attention seeking (see previous blogposts) and all of you block and ignore is my advice. Police can only get the troll's details with a valid legal process and even then, information can be limited.  An IP can be masked, for example.

It's using Android  BTW. You're welcome. I've pointed that out to police too. I'm assuming those fuming have also been to police by now?

Posting children's photos in public online is really silly, for many reasons.

Had a chat with Andrea's local CID recently. All very interesting. Twenty whole pages of her allegations,  all dismissed?  I'm happy to help police re her apparent complaint to IPCC too, if she's following up on her threat.  I have so many screenshots I haven't posted here.

I'm still not clapped in irons in some dungeon, and that's made Andrea unhappy?

Apparently only sad cases search their own name according to Andrea. Naturally, this doesn't apply when she does it of course. Really, you couldn't make up  this level of being unaware and projection!

Anyhow, I expect this will be retweeted by Andrea, along with a few expletives, to her many thousands of fake and inactive followers, she loves the attention,  seeks it out it seems, so hello new readers.

And still she can't see the irony!  Stalking me much dear?  "unhinged mentalist who has stalked me for years"  LOL

Only thing Andrea is winning is the race to display her massive butthurt that she's being held up to ridicule.

And no we aren't feeding anyone, laughable rubbish. BTW Vicky also uses Android and loves engaging with the troll.  She also lies, smears, makes threats and is rather nasty, but some feel sorry for her.

Really, risible rubbish. I've already been to police and they know I have nothing to do with all this. Andrea's the one likes to feed trolls, sniffing round them, trying to suck up, seeking follows so she can DM and stir. The troll you are all fuming about isn't posting any photos you haven't all already posted yourselves, on public sites.  And the more you all fume, the more the troll will carry on. You all know that, and deep down I suspect you are loving the drama, such as it is. Well, it gives you all the chance to smear me and others, with whom you are obsessed.

And yes, a certain Mrs Shitrit and her Yad account has been tweeting the troll account is one DC. Sheryl McNaught also has been intimating I am involved, along with another person, a lie.  I'm unsure if she really believes the porkies which trip off her fingers or if she simply thinks if she throws mud some may stick?

DC? Now let me guess...

Other screenshots are available.  Do keep up. You really are making such fools of yourselves. You have no idea how much xxx

Is it too much for her brain to appreciate the name was passed to me by DM by one of her ex EDL pals who left the EDL?   And the troll probably picked it up after I tweeted it? Perhaps her pal (with whom she still tweets) gave that name to the troll?  Maybe her "pal" IS the troll? 

It's OK for Vicky to tweet my name, but I can't tweet hers? She started it miss... if it isn't her name, so be it. Bored now. I get bored with stupid very easily. 

It has even been suggested to me that Vicky is trolling herself, for the attention.

She has already agreed she's not bothered by the pictures being uploaded and demonstrated what a foul -mouthed, low-minded abusive numpty she is:

 Yes, that's what it says, she couldn't care less about her pics being uploaded. 

As for this, isn't it time they moved on?  Jason is probably having a nice meal and drinking wine,  not calling people juvenile names. His email to police is what it says on the tin.  He's keeping them updated with the lies and smears told about him by a certain Mrs S. There's another blog to come on those smears. 

 Vile really, and more rubbish about police.  Locked tweets?  Coward? It's brave of Sheryl to swear, rant and lie on Twitter is it?  Sheryl thinks it's cowardly of Jason to email police with information he's being smeared again and he's not the troll? Perhaps he's locked his tweets  to get away from this sort of abuse. 




PS Well, OK, as you were up at 6.30 am scouring my blog, which isn't just about you but hey, to make you feel good about yourself and allow the rest of us see how silly you are:

Jeremy Kyle, I give you Andrea and pals.

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