Thursday, 15 May 2014

Another day, another facepalm moment for Andrea and Ambrosine

Oh there's fuming and foaming going on today in the stalking Fox's lair!

The sisters Grimm?  (Mrs Shitrit has a new Twitter. Twitter suspended all her old ones for abuse and fakery. Far too many sockpuppets.. at the time of blogging she's suspended again... .)  

Mrs Shitrit's bizarre attempts to drag me into the sockpuppet affair

So now I'm also Ann Fields?  Who is also allegedly Mo Ansar? 

I thought I was The Truth Teller? Didn't Ambrosine Shitrit,  mistress of sockpuppetry, say so?  And who knows who else? Lala land. Really, idiotic rubbish.  As for Zionists... oh go on Ambro, do provide the proof?  Oh sorry... proof isn't your thing is it?

It gets more crazy by the day.

Oh goodo Ambro... do tell? It isn't me and it isn't the other bloke you keep claiming it is, so who is it then? Where exactly have you exposed the loons?

You both have been very pally with loons over the years haven't you?

I note Mr Burton gone from Twitter along with Sheryl. No loss really. 

And this is news to me too. 

If you want to create a faux Twitter storm, try something  not in the realms of total idiocy.  I used to tweet a bit with Mo Ansar, end of story. But you know that. 

 Another total fabrication. 

And you know, something might just come back to bite YOU on the bum if you carry on with the smears. Rather like trying to report me to police came back to bite you?  Bet you still aren't honest enough to put on your daft blog I'm not under any police investigation and all your lies were exposed by CID? 

Bored today Andrea?  You and Lippy whoever? Not got anything useful to do?  Think smearing people is fun?   Trying to 'expose' an org too? Hmmm. Someone put you up to it?

All it does is make you look more of pathetic liar daily. Rabid.

I don't have dogs, though it's beginning to look as though Andrea is on someone's leash...  I wonder whose!


Yes indeed... he was targeted by Mrs Shitrit  ie YadbyadUK who made sock accounts of him and his wife to bully him and his small child.

As he says:

Demented loons about sums them up.

And really?  LOL  Probably to annoy you!  You do sound rather like a bluebottle in a jar.

Elvis is alive too you know.

She really is just a nasty bully. There's touch of sociopath about all this, yes? 

My blog has had so many hits today... not ALL Andrea... but she's desperate again for attention so here it is.

Probably haven't replied as you're a nobody linked with  the non org YadbyAdUK (oh look they favourited your tweet!)  and trolling for them.

Ah like all the police warnings Ambrosine lies I have!  I thought Ambro had had a warning? More spin?

And no we aren't connected to Mo. Are you inFATuated with Mo the pair of you?

Still a very limited vocabulary though. And you know I have new a blog as you read it. You really are a dumbo aren't you?

Watch the frothing commence!

#RIP so many of Mrs Shitrit's troll accounts. She's sore I think.

And no @ateeve3 isn't me, no idea who it us, but thanks!  I have so many friends.

Oh the poor little victim! Again... wot no crime ref Andrea?

Andrea doesn't seem to have many pals.  She's a sad lonely troll who pretends to be a new born Christian
and probably only attends church to get her kid into the local C of E  school.  Sociopath?

Her partner left her and went to Oz. He took the dog, he preferred it to the bitch. Woof.

'The sort of kindness, love and support I had forgotten existed. I got personal support in a time if need and the ability to reciprocate'. Aw.

What utter tosh. She's nothing but a hate filled bully, full of spite, fueling Twitter shitstorms,  and certainly no advert for her supposed Christian beliefs.  Ugh.

Most of her followers are either fake or inactive.

And oh look what a creep she is.

BTW I've been keeping police updated with all this shit from you and Ambro attempting to link me with Mo and alleged sock accounts. The smears against TellMAMA won't work either... they are pals with Nawaz too you know.  Those death threats were reported to TellMAMA, who I presume sent to police. I bet you didn't bother to report them though.

 But you don't really like Muslims do you, and only side with them when it suits you? All this is simply thinly disguised hate.

 We all remember the years of trolling as the far right hater @_Newsextra.

 Shocked though... Jeremy wasn't following you already?  LOL

Oh. Gosh.

What this shows us is two things.

The first is that Duns is a bully who uses Twitter to smear and attack people, but who does not have any concern at all with getting his facts right.

Actually what kicked off the debate was Nawaz tweeting about the cartoons, as he knew what a shitstorm he'd create. It wasn't accidental was it...

Well after the EDL Tommy in nick debacle and him not turning out to be the Quilliam cash cow they had hoped there needed to be a diversion. And Nawaz needed to reinvent himself as there was a great deal of disquiet amongst the Muslim population who do not trust him at all.

And all this rubbishing of everyone else and elevation of  Nawaz on a pedestal of being the moderate voice of British Muslims won't wash. Though is there still an election coming up he wants to stand in?

It's all so blatant and so unsophisticated.

But sophisticated analysis of the situation seems to be beyond those trolls like Jeremy. I'd be happy to explain it to him but I doubt he'd care. Like Andrea, he seems to have more than a hint of a lack of empathy.

Here's another who is deeply involved with the Mo Ansar affair:

John Says:

I don’t know you Max but sadly I do know Milo. This post is just the highlights of a very nasty person. At best Milo is a harmless gay lonely media whore, uncertain how to make a living, pretending to be popular in ‘social media’ jerk circles and at worst is an internet bully of the most vicious kind.
Some of the threatening emails you printed show just the type of person he is...

Hasn't Andrea been happily retweeting him?

Then we might take his view on Jews. Since Yiannopoulos has been keen to do business in Israel’s profitable tech scene, where his reputation hasn’t preceded him, this throwback to his Milo Wagner days could be more than a little embarrassing.


 And oh look,  her pal Ambro wants to do one of her toe-curlingly cringemaking interviews with him! I suppose it makes  a change from the fantasy ones with her pal Sheryl lying and spitting venom about me.

Andrea of course hasn't any in depth knowledge at all. All she likes doing is trying to sound important. Who is feeding her?

BTW it's ever so flattering that you think I'm so important as to be closely connected with people and orgs I'm not.

I suppose the butthurt over not having me arrested will rankle with you for months.

Try letting it go.





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