Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hello Foxy, at it again?

Yes Mrs S and her poodle's new accounts have been duly noted.

No doubt in due course Twitter will twig too. (Update: poodle suspended, account number four, puppet-master gone too on yet another account, bounced back, no doubt will vanish again when Twitter Trust and Safety catches up. Still it's fun to watch all the fuming and pointing fingers at some great plot which doesn't exist).

Spin spin spin. Twitter is watching this one too, it has already been suspended twice and no doubt any violations will result in another suspension:

  More here:

and here

My blog is great reading, isn't it? How many times today have you read it now in case you get a mention?  Did you enjoy Mr P's blog too?

Stalking a CAT now too MOL.

I do love reading your fantasies about me too.

Stalking and ad nauseaum (sic...) eh?  News to me.


I just don't like bullies and you are a very big fat old bully aren't you?

Actually he probably feels the same about you...

The Cof E must be so proud of you.

 Oh look the Sheryl egg!

Why so you can report me with your non existing crime ref?  LOL  Sorry. I don't tweet with fools and liars and bullies.  Still not found me after all that searching? MOL

Aye, all the smelly stuff you post yourself.  That's all I post luvvie.  Your own words.  I think if you can't see how vile you are, you really are deluded.

Only one frothing is you. I'm far too sane for that sort of thing.

Twenty pages was it?  LOL

How juvenile.   Grow up.

Pitiful stuff. So angry you are making typos.

I really don't give a damn about NR, though Twitter is still catching up with tickets and still deals with abuse reports via that account.  Mr P is alive and well thanks, he prefers FB as you can see.

 Not a sophisticated thinker are you?

I see Sheryl the Egg has been suspended again. Nothing to do with Tweeting about any org, just that she is suspended on three accounts and thought making a fourth to abuse would escape Twitter's attention. It didn't. She's happy to report people and so others reciprocate. I  gather she's now denying ever reporting me. Mmmmm.

Yes of course intifada. No, just reporting abuse LOL.  Biter bit eh?

Who knows, you could vanish too one day...  along with @_Newsextra and @gotabonetopick?

Waves nighty night at the idiot, who really does her supposed Christian conversion and St Matthew's Church no credit at all.

Love Nem



  1. One has to feel sorry for the policeman who had to read through 20 pages' worth of Andrea's complaints.

    Good blog post. Keep 'em comin'.

  2. Yes, I had a long chat with him, nice sensible CID chap. Suffice to say, I think police have the measure of a certain person.