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Ambrosine Shitrit... cloud cuckoo land?

 Oh I dunno, perhaps it's  the result of years of abuse and bullying?

Since drafting this blog,  Ambrosine Shitrit @Mrs_Shitrit and several of her sock and allied accounts have again been suspended from Twitter.  This may be temporary, but for many it's a welcome respite from her nastiness. I hope she learns from the experience.

There's currently a bullying campaign happening on Twitter against @MoAnsar.

Click to enlarge screenshots. 

Of course Ambrosine's sidekick Sheryl McNaught, a proven liar, has been smearing and obsessing about Mo for years, as indeed has Ambrosine. Yes, same Sheryl who thought it fun to say Mo was waiting for me to die so he could have sex with my corpse. Poor Sheryl, other people's sex lives do seem to loom large in her imaginings.

Not a lot to say about this either, other than I don't own the copyright of Mr Ansar's photo (if whoever does contacts me I will acknowledge or remove). I do, however, own the copyright of the cake photo stolen and used in this mashup by Mrs Shitrit as some sort of bizarre 'joke' which I leave to your imagination.

I'm not intending to delve into the Mo bullying at this time, though some of what is being said about him is just plain bonkers, and a great deal of it is prejudice, not too thinly veiled, in my view. It seems very orchestrated, too, but this blog isn't about Muslim organisation politics and the Qulliam Foundation,  it's about numpties.

Nor is this blog about Mo Ansar, who can stand up for himself, but about how, really very bizarrely, Ambrosine Shitrit (Chetrit)  is attempting to spin this into including another man and apparently, myself. I suppose I should be flattered she thinks I'm so important.  Maybe I'll take up punditry and be on BBCQT. Or maybe not.

I'm unsure if she really believes what she's saying or if it is yet another manifestation of her longstanding attempt at smearing me and others.

I mean this sort of stuff (the person being smeared here has been to police about UKIPper Ambrosine and her smears, perhaps another blog on that?)

Here's another one of her so called 'staff' Nilli bullying me:

This?!  She and her 'group' harass and abuse people, plenty of evidence of that.

I'm actually worried for her balance of mind. I'm thinking of public safety...  :0)

Her meaning is not totally clear, but yes, she and her pals harassed me on Twitter and on the #EDL tag (I do NOT support the English Defence League and its brand of right wing hate and bigotry) for a long time, including making fake accounts of mine, though my first encounter with her and her racist, Hitler admiring, far right neo-nazi  troll pal @WeAreTheBrits aka @WeAreTheBritish was December 2010. Nothing to do with Israel at all.

She loves to claim she's the one harassed but the reality is really quite different.

I see she's still trolling me with her Nutty Heritage* fake account.  Bit sad that one really.  I feel embarrassed for her. *Suspended 9th May

I felt embarrassed for her when she had others too. Perhaps that deserves a post to itself.

As the #EDL wasn't formed until 2009 her maths are a tad awry again, but that's nothing new. Second half of this post details some of it:

though I could write a weighty tome with all the evidence I have.

She's still talking to far right racist homophobic and anti-Muslim trolls, still showing her far right leanings and obsessing about the TellMAMA organisation.

Then there's this piece of fantasy.

In fact, much of it outright lies. One day I'll do a line by line refutation.

"I have been harassed by this lady forces than 5 years . I came onto twitter back in dec 2008 within a couple of hours my account was messaged by her with some adverse message about Jews and Israel . I thought it was quite strange and didn’t block her . However over a period of years the harassment and bullying continued on a more personal level . My family husband and child were all fair target . She posted my address and phone number on the #edl tag where she sits constantly .

I decided to take it to the police as it had got decidedly worse. After doing my own investigations I managed to find the person behind the @nemesisrepublic nickname. I was indeed shocked it was a lady , and more confided as she had openly put on twitter she was an ex teacher. I followed her posts and politically I then realized why I was a target, bit more shocking is that my daughter also was subject to her abuse. I had To go to the police, where I am told she received a warning . The abuse would stop ? No the abuse continued until earlier this year, she decided to target a councillor from the Conservative party . Twitter in their good mind suspended her for a few weeks but that wasn’t enough, and she came back on in a similar screen name.

Once her account had been reinstated I noticed that she was also collaborating with hacking groups (who were in the news at the time of arrests being made).

I also became a target of one of her connected hacking groups when I started to receive threats by email.

The abuse continues and so does the obsession. She constantly posts references to our names our addresses, number as our children our family and this is not somebody with a differing political agenda. This is somebody who has become an obsessed stalker.

So what do you do? Keep the evidence of her madness and try and get on with enjoying twitter knowing someone is constantly watching your every tweet on order to bully and harass you? Or leave twitter ? I decided to save every threat and anti Semitic message posted about me from her account , where hopefully one day she can see that what she is doing is not only wrong but she might get some help with her “obsession” "

So what do I do? I keep the evidence of madness, obsession, her bullshit :0)

And on occasions I let police see it, and at other times I blog, just as a record. This is Ambrosine and her not really an org, which seems to be mainly her and her friends bullying people she doesn't like off Twitter (no I haven't a clue what and who she's on about either):

It's all rather interchangeable with her many other Twitter accounts

Hmmm. No still no idea.

Anyhow, back to Mo Ansar and the bullying.

There are people making strange claims he has sock accounts, on the basis of very little evidence. For reasons I haven't really space to discuss in depth I doubt very much he is Ann Fields

 possibly she had the @Panpot account; another account he was alleged to have been was The Truth Teller.

Now that one has been removed from Twitter by  its owner after the silliness, but I have got screenshots of it as I still had it on screen. Here is the bio and a few of the shots I have, very small, if you want to read  more please enlarge.

So far still with me? Excellent. So, what has this to do with Ambrosine Shitrit?

Well, she's decided that these accounts aren't Mo Ansar's socks at all.  In that I think she's correct.

Then it gets bizarre, even by her standards. Now I don't know how she knows this, but she's apparently come to the conclusion they are run by a  man she is utterly obsessed with and who has been in contact with police about this bizarre obsession,  and er... I think she also thinks it's me?

She's spamming people desperately to try to get them to listen to her delusions.

Monday May 5th 2014?

Ah yes... @ZionistAdvocate is yet another Shitrit sockpuppet, asking IS THAT YOU JASON?

 And on the strength of an enigmatic smile

Ambro decides that the answer is YES. Doh.

And after a bit of rapid DMing, Mr Jode tweets at The Truth Teller. Er...

There's dumb and there's really dumb, then there's VERY VERY dumb.

And now?

So, the sock accounts of Mo issue rumbles on, and Mrs S has HOT NEWS for those involved.

Yes really hot. Flaming, smoking straight off the barbie of her imagination hot. Ouch.

I'm wondering who the other is? :0)

Sorry to disappoint but it isn't Jason 'shoe man' (sic) @debatingculture  and it isn't me. Same as yesterday, it wasn't Jason and it wasn't me then either.

 Mo Ansar and me? Not even good friends really. Exchanged a few tweets here and there, as you do, but that's it.

As for "DC" ? Debating Culture? Linked to  TM TellMAMA ... ?

and TH

and CAIR?

Then MB? Muslim Brotherhood?


Some of us have lives, we really don't spend every every waking hour on Twitter with multiple accounts spreading fairy tales like Ambrosine does. But it's fun watching people make fools of themselves isn't it?

Cheerio Ambrosine.  Close the door gently as you depart for a rest from 24/ 7 Twitter.




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