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Andrea Urghban Fox

Twitter cyberbullies, suspensions and other updates: see end of post.  Or maybe I should make a new post of the subject of addresses and the idiocy of Yad?

The net is closing :0) 

Message to my stalker: I always know when you are rattled you tweet your really very silly blog.  "Eat shit and die", and all that stuff? What a case of arrested development Andrea is isn't she? 

Well yes. I think even the police realized this about Andrea, when they dismissed her 20 pages of BS :0) Bless her, she does like to play the victim. I like to expose her for the malicious lying loon she is :0)

Short update June 1st, in the interests of accuracy. That means truth, something to which Andrea at times appears to be a stranger. 

No, Fiyaz Mughal OBE from  @TellMAMAUK didn't sue Gilligan. He complained to the Press Complaints Commission... which is run by yes, the press and chaired by Dacre. They like to look after their own.  It's about to be killed off (now why would that be Andrea?) and replaced by Independent Press Standards Organisation. 

Andrea is on a smear campaign though. Hey, why go for truth when you can smear decent people? See also links below for the reality of the increase in anti-Muslim crime and TellMAMA's side of things. Of course it suits Andrea to have a pop at anyone trying to combat anti-Muslim hate, she doesn't like Muslims much. Nuts from Brazil and all that?

Perhaps Lutfur will sue, or perhaps he's decided Gilligan is really not worth his time,  and he's got better things to be getting on with? Like being Mayor?

Andrea's now decided that describing people as narcissists is her latest buzz word. Hmmm. She needs to go look at her own reflection. 

Original post 

Screenshots will enlarge with a click. 

What a nasty little troll Andrea is. Thankfully, her influence on anything at all important is about zero. Whatever hashtags she spams she simply makes herself look foolish.

Poor dear is still touting for follows and pretending all her followers are real. Heading towards nine thousand? More like a little over a thousand. The rest are fakes or don't bother tweeting any longer.

That's what happens when you 'buy' followers instead of earning them.

She's moved on from her tagging on the tail of the Mo Ansar twitter storming last week (and her bonkers attempts to link me in):

recently her most frothing obsession has been Tower Hamlets election (try a postal vote dear, so much less angst making for you. It must be awful, after all that wailing, to see the Mayor you didn't want elected get elected).

This week it's also cats, an anti-hate org and other women she's got a bee in her bonnet about.

Note to Andrea: cats don't like being spammed on Twitter by attention seeking frauds and sad to say, you're doing the particular branch of a cat rescue charity a great disservice by linking your own brand of caterwauling to them. 

At least on Facebook cats don't have to put up with her spamming, and on Twitter I gather she's being blocked and reported.  The cat mafia!  MOL!

Andrew Gilligan.  Torygraph. Andrea's a fan girl.  Well, her not too thinly-disguised dislike of Muslims must find a resonance in Gilligan's own brand of bile.

Not everyone is a Gilligan fan of course, some can see through him.

We use pelleted recycled newspaper cat litter in our house. We like to think this is mainly made up of Gilligan articles for the Torygraph.

Of course, since Lutfur Rahman became Mayor in 2010, the Council has not enacted Shariah law, the East End’s club and pub scene continues to thrive, and the gay-rights group Stonewall has declared Tower Hamlets Council to be London’s top ‘gay-friendly’ local authority.
But Gilligan’s strategic muckraking has been taken up by many less decorated racists bent upon portraying Tower Hamlets as the epicentre of ‘Londonistan’, a no-go area where Muslim sensibilities rule the roost. As Rahman wins second time round, those voices are again furiously sharing and distributing Gillgan’s toxifying disinformation..

Kennite also claims that he has the protection of Ofcom and the Press Complaints Commission – the latter of which is run by, guess who? The press...
...The thing is, Rahman has a point: the main reason for Kennite’s pursuit of Rahman is precisely because he isn’t white and happens to be Muslim. Even when the Lib Dems were badly running the council, there wasn’t a peep from Gilligoon or, indeed, any mention of it in any of his blogs for the Telegraph...
...Let’s be in no doubt: Kennite doesn’t like Muslims (he probably doesn’t like blacks and Roma people either) and he likes the idea of a Muslim mayor even less. There are plenty of examples of municipal malfeasance around London, most notably in Hammersmith and Fulham, but Tower Hamlets has become his single biggest obsession.  The only real difference between Hammersmith and Fulham and Tower Hamlets is this: one council is David Cameron’s and Bozza’s favourite local authority and the other isn’t...
So much more where that comes from. Guy Debord's Cat blog is always an interesting read :0)  On Twitter he's here:
As for the anti-hate org, well, there are two sides to everything. There's Gilligan's side and there's the rest of the world.  Sensible folk know that. Anyone targeted by Gilligan must be doing something right?!

Peddlers of hate? They should read this  (full article via link):

Our father, Mohamed  Saleem, was brutally murdered just over a year ago whilst walking home from evening prayers. He was 82 years old. Why anyone would want to murder a defenceless old man is the question we often ask ourselves about that fateful night? Dad was a weak man, he had arthritis in his legs but would insist on walking to the mosque several times a day because he said it kept him fit. He was a stickler for routine, ate his meals on time, slept regularly and enjoyed his daily walkabouts in the community. Dad was a practising Muslim and he loved the peace and serenity he received from his faith, it encompassed how he lived his life. Dad was keen to advocate education, marriage and family life within Islamic values. He did not respect crime, drugs, or violence and he firmly believed his faith provided a bedrock for the future generations to thrive.
He would often say there was no point in being a Muslim if one did not educate themselves through school college and university, because without good prospects of employment and education a person cannot fully support their family. Tragically, he was singled out and murdered on the very road he had lived on for over 30 years, having worked so hard to provide for his family. The motive for his death was allegedly because he was brown and dressed like a Muslim. He was followed from the mosque on the 29th April 2013 (after late evening prayers finished at 10.10pm), by a cowardly right wing neo-Nazi  terrorist who had only been in the country for less than a week. He was then stabbed three times from behind. Surprisingly the perpetrator was awarded a work placement in Small Heath – an area densely populated by Muslims for many years. A known racist neo-Nazis (in Ukraine) he was allowed enter this country unchecked to complete a campaign of terror and murder...

I don't recall one word about this terrible murder and associated terrorist attacks from Andrea; no doubt it was an oversight. She was too busy posting thinly veiled anti-Muslim stuff  as was her suspended troll account @_Newsextra? (Though not so thinly veiled there.)

So desperate is she with her smearing of Muslims today she's regurgitating a 2010 piece from the Express, that well known teller of unvarnished truth?

Women though.

If Andrea can have a gratuitous bitch she can go to bed happy.

This woman, for no sound reason other than sheer vileness, Andrea and a small group of her pals have bullied for years.

That's Andrea of the Botox and Vampire facelift,  and, let's be frank, she's still no oil painting. Not that it really matters, what's important is the sort of person you are, right? Inner beauty and all that Andrea?

Aye. Same woman being bullied here by the charmless Andrea (along with me of course, but hey... )

Mmmm. Yes the sort of delightful inner beauty, wit and charm  that makes her really one to envy...  deluded.

Andrea has the answer to everything, of course,  and she knows what every woman  wants. On Sunday, that day when Andrea toddles off to the local church to be a Christian for an hour or so, this is what she said about Laurie Penny, author, journalist, and  editor @Penny Red.  Over 92 k followers on Twitter, it must really rankle with Andrea.

Yes what every intelligent, articulate, successful woman is gagging for eh Andrea? A slap and a good knobbing?!

Gratuitous violence and sex? Possibly enforced? When will the government/plod 'man' up and end this sort of BS? Is this what she teaches her son?  Worrying stuff. Perhaps in her sordid little world of cyberbullying,  though not, actually, in the real world is this what most women need, want or deserve for expressing an opinion.


But a good slapping and a bit of rape is OK, as long as it's in the UK and Andrea suggests it?

Well quite. Time Social Services called?

What does the vicar think?




PS Twitter suspension update: Ambrosine and Sheryl are back again, whining and with mad conspiracy theories, with yet more new accounts but with thousands of lost followers after being suspended for cyberbullying and breaking multiple Twitter rules. No doubt Twitter will catch up again soon and off they will pop.  Their Yad account is back (second suspension I think) but all the multiples have gone and Vicky has been suspended.

Andrea of course has had a warning,  no idea who in particular she targeted this time.  Her usual tactic of abuse then delete and report the responses to Twitter as spamming her must have failed.

As for this:

Register a website and be a former Company Director and an address is not private. An address is not really very private to police either. Police can be very helpful at times. I've certainly found that to be the case.

There again,  Andrea the troll has no idea what shit she gets herself into. Fun watching her though, make a tit of herself.

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