Sunday, 11 May 2014

New found religion and cyberbullies.

Update May 18th

Oh poor little victim. She carries on lying she is being stalked and cyberbullied while all the while she lies, smears and  posts foul -mouthed hate about me and others. Deluded I think.

When will she also admit I'm not being investigated by police?

 Still wondering when she will be apologizing to this innocent woman?

If this was aimed at me, it was wasted :0) . Hopefully the prayers were for Andrea, maybe you can fool some of the people some of the time. There are many not fooled. The stench of sanctimony... even this morning you were referring to me as 'slug'. Very mature eh?

So many malicious and vindictive tweets from you...  UGH. These are but a drop in the ocean.

Original post:

I'm sure some people have really found religion. Others I'm not so sure, but where decent C of E schools are concerned, often people have their children baptized and themselves confirmed in order to ensure a place. I'm sure it's like that in Tower Hamlets.

Church attendance and a presence at functions and an hour on Sundays and being nice to the vicar helps.

Of course there are some whose online presence, lies, abuse and cyberbullying  mean they are really not great representatives of their local church community and they show themselves up as bullying hypocrites daily.

I'm not naming names. But some searching of soul required by one person who features regularly in this blog.

 I'm sure the Bishop of Stepney, for example,  is proud of his recent converts to Christianity, and all who now are able to take holy communion, though some were professing non belief not too long ago.

 Road to Damascus, St Paul etc?

Meanwhile, some Christians really aren't showing  signs of peace and love and acceptance and stuff;  this to a gay man?

Of course the C of E tends to be sympathetic to the religious beliefs of others, and decent Christians wouldn't tweet religiously offensive images  @  Muslim men to be nasty,  would they? (Yes she did.)

More tea vicar?

I  hope she sees the light soon.

Locks her tweets too, in order to post lies.  Oh dear dear. Police warning eh? News to me and police. No I don't defend nonces either nor post pics of her son.

Really, the butthurt is strong today Andrea eh? I know whose hinges are undone and it's not mine. Most people take the piss so much you went and wailed to police (who told you your report was investigated and dismissed?  Weren't you ranting about going to IPCC?)

I've sent your latest lies to police, just to have on record. It's useful to have this stuff recorded, that you lie without compunction.

No. I'm a calm cheery sort.  That's possibly projecting?


Nemesis xxx

PS  What did happen to those troll accounts @_Newsextra and @Gotabonetopick Andrea?  Thanks for reading. Twenty pages of BS to Bethnal Green police dismissed? Karma IS a bitch. I do seem to upset her!

A few updates.

Oh dear, Andrea sounds upset this morning. Ageist (nothing geriatric about me luvvie, and all my marbles are intact) and ableist too. My word.  The Bishop, the vicar and your fellow congregants at St Matthew's Bethnal Green must be proud of you. What a role model!

 I see she's still lying also. Where have I harassed anyone or threatened to call the Bishop? (Has your pal lonely racist George - I removed his online name  from the shot below - lost his job now BTW? Not a pot to piss in was how police described him when they arrested him after his nearest and dearest shopped him.) 

Nope not a clear case of stalking Andrea, just reading what is freely available on the internet, as you do. Just like you!

Now how is this blog, factual and referenced, using your own tweets, harassing the vicar and Bishop Andrea? Have they read it? I haven't shown it to them. Have I been rude about  them? No. Unlike you, whose bizarre lies about me, d0xing me and others spill over very much into RL.

Are you feeling a  little vulnerable Andrea, that  your years of online vileness, foul mouthedness, bullying, hatefulness, trolling, spite are being exposed?  That this is reflecting back badly on the local church community you appear to be taking for a ride?

If you wish the local clergy to read this, do send it to them. I'm sure they will find it full of interest.

Sad woman.

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