Monday, 12 May 2014

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Mrs Shitrit?

May 15 All Mrs Shitrit's and Ms Mcnaught's  multiple accounts suspended after genuine reports of abuse and multiple violations of Twitter Terms and Conditions.

I can testify to that. This is BULLSHIT and spin, to save face. 


They have this one back from suspension:

UPDATE  May 13th Oh look. Seems it's now accepted Twitter suspended Mrs Shitrit's accounts for genuine violations and not mass spamblocks.

And how can reports be fake Sheryl?  You have to link to abuse to file a Twitter report surely?

Were yours fake then? Were Andrea's fake?    Crime report ref, remember?  :0)

As you now have made a new account when suspended for bullying and abuse and already had three accounts suspended,  maybe Twitter will suspend you for further violations?  We will see. (Update: yes account number four for Sheryl  is now suspended and Mrs S has made yet another new one, against Twitter rules.

Their non org YadByAdUK is back from a suspension for abuse and having multiple accounts.

I suspect Twitter will latch on to that also very soon. Yes there's still spinning about the reason why suspended, but I can tell everyone... it's all face saving bullsh*t. For compromised read SUSPENDED FOR ABUSING PEOPLE.)

And still she lies:

Many accounts suspended as duplicates and abusive. Some  suspended as impersonation. Doesn't do much for the credibility her so called org does it?  Nothing to do with spam blocks or password  hijacks, but proper use of Twitter harassment / abuse reporting procedures.

Face saving lies. You were suspended for violations of Twitter rules and bullying.  I know as I have the emails from Twitter. Jog on.

It's OK, the genuine org which deals with antisemitism  and doesn't lie, smear,  harass, abuse people,  and make fake accounts to cyber bully is still unsuspended. That's the Community Security Trust @CST_UK

I see Sheryl  with her fourth Twitter account retweeted that. The rest are still suspended for bullying then?

Poor Ambrosine Shitrit.

Her many and various sock accounts were suspended  from Twitter (to add to those already suspended...) for bullying, abusing  and breaking so many terms and conditions last week. More at this blog, which includes Mrs Shitrit's bizarre attempts to drag me into the Mo Ansar sock puppet affair, for whatever her reasons are:

And this?

""Our twitter accounts along with members of our staff gave gas our acct spam attacked and auto suspended 
This will not stop us dealing with anti-Semitic messages this will not stop speaking about issues that we believe passionately about and it will not stop us helping anybody who is on the situation of being on the targeting end of anti-Semitic or anti Israel abuse
We know the group behind it they have targeted us before that they will be outed and exposed

Spin spin spin. Nothing to do with spam attacks, it's about those people she harassed and bullied and lied about  for years reporting her tweet by tweet, ticket by ticket  to Twitter, and all her fake and troll accounts, and eventually, Twitter acted on the reports. Blaming Mr Mughal  OBE is simply silly.

And if you libel someone, it's really not hard to understand you might get sued. is it? Nothing to do with lawfare.

I have many screenshots of Ambrosine's Yad and other accounts and Sheryl McNaught asking followers to mass block and report accounts they didn't like. Irony, huh?

Today her faithful mouthpiece Sheryl McNaught @Sheryl2311 @SherylMcNaught @Sheryl_2311 was suspended for the same reason. Aw.

Contrary to Twitter Terms and Conditions she has made a new one, which probably will be suspended soon also.

No Sheryl it's all to do with being vile and harassing and bullying, nothing to do with religion or TellMAMAUK (oh the obsession...).

 Pay attention now. Was it cowardice when you had my account suspended from Twitter? Didn't like me challenging your lies and abuse? :0)

Screenshots enlarge if clicked BTW.

Unmitigated drivel. Nothing at all to do with religion, it's to do with your bullying and lying.

Let's remind ourselves of how your pals at Yad 'speak up' on Twitter though:


 But you know, you don't have to read it... so er... what WAS the point of your daft Yad so called org?

The gnashing and wailing can be heard for miles.

However, not realizing when in a hole, some continue to dig.

This morning an account was made to harass the @TellMAMAUK organisation. I understand that was reported by those affected by abuse to Twitter as another violation and off it went... suspended. I lost count now... have a list somewhere.

So there's another new account. Of course we don't know who is behind this, though it does use Tweetbot same as Mrs S accounts did.

Yes it's  a harassing account pretending to be me, yet again, yawn, and using the names of two other Twitter users along with mine. Subtle? No. Idiotic? Yes.

And it appears to know how many of her fake accounts were suspended and weeps about Sheryl

Part way through the day, the logo altered to this:

No, can't explain it either.

Update:  that's suspended now also. 

Yeah. Lol etc.

If these two get back on Twitter. they can be assured, they will continue to have abusive tweets and lies reported to Twitter.

Love Nemesis

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