Thursday, 12 February 2015

Poor Andrea. She hates being ignored!

Haven't bothered updating this for a while, even though the Andrea suspension drama was something to laugh about, and then there was #vicargate (more of her getting things very wrong... LOL)  and her attempts to link me with the #Rotherham saga (deleted but I have the screenshot dear) I thought, nah. Poor thing is getting more of a parody of herself by the day.

This is as true now as it ever was:

But oh look, foul mouthed / foul minded Andrea and her foul mouthed / foul minded pal Vicky (no dear your troll still isn't me, never was me, and no despite your paranoia I'm not behind it either) doing some baiting / attention seeking.

HAHAHAHAHA. Nope. Still lying Vicky. Not me, nothing to do with me. I see you are still attention seeking, instead of blocking / ignoring / reporting the troll. There are people reckon you are trolling yourself...  for the attention and drama... doubt it's Jason Schumann either, if that's who you mean. Wasn't it tweeting stuff like this had you suspended? Ooh how sad it would be if you had yet another account suspended, eh?

Yes, totally obsessed. Pleased you admit you are a troll though Vicky :)

Nah. Not got anything better to do than this Vicky? Like, find a life?


Bless. What an obsessed fool she is. See this blog, passim.  She's no Sherlock is she?

Excellent! I've made screenshots of all your tweets also, and I'll update my local police that you are still lying about me :) I have an incident ref from previous reports. Maybe I should call Andrea's local police at Bethnal Green again, as I did last year when the pair of you first began all this BS about me being behind the troll? Just to keep them in the loop? I called Coventry then too.  They said Vicky had not been in contact with them. Maybe time for another call?

Remember all the threats you made last year, Vicky?  Police have those also.

No I really can't be arsed with the tedious Pengy either. If he wants to be trolled I'm sure Andrea has many, many pals who will oblige. Or maybe she'll make yet another Twitter account to troll him? It's something of a speciality of hers.

So, as you obviously are gagging for attention, here you are. (All screenies enlarge when clicked.)

Evil? Nah. Stoopid more like.  Who is Rich? I have not a clue. Can he enlighten?

Is it this Rich, now getting himself involved in er... Andrea and Vicky's  ridiculous and immature Twitter spats?

Day in day out Andrea spews bile, how can he miss it? Her entire online presence is built of bile.

Andrea's one of this blog's most loyal readers. But hey, thanks for the plug!

Idiots all. You have to laugh. Total saddos. What a waste of oxygen and electricity they are...



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