Wednesday, 8 October 2014

For Ambrosine Shitrit / Chetrit and Andrea Da Silva Goncalves

I'm sure if you don't read this today you will soon.

Possibly Andrea will pass on?

I see Met Police have failed to arrest myself or Alison Chabloz re your recent BS too Andrea. Well, that could be because of your lies, harassment etc of ourselves?  Dismissed as the nonsense it all was? Vexatious reports? I suggest you stop wasting their time, and that of the courts.

 I have a long record of your abuse of me on the internet, which rather negates your lies about me stalking you and all the rest, Andrea.  I have a HUGE record of Ambrosine's abuse, lies, admission of nuisance calls etc.

Oh look, who was stalking whom here? I had just joined AppNet when there was a frothfest, posting abuse, lies, my address, phone number,  etc from Andrea?  Nutter? Oh dear Andrea.

Anyhow, I received further abuse and BS in my email inbox today from Ambrosine and her one man band 'org' Yad (I see she's created another fake org to pretend she has support).  I see Andrea Da Silva Goncalves retweeted this lie too.

2 police warnings 6 years plus antisemitism under her old nic@NemesisRepublic

Utter tosh. Total tosh. And the first tweets I ever made with Ambro were December 2010. I hadn't a Twitter account six years ago.

 Let's recall that Ambrosine  @Mrs_Shitrit @RealMrsShitrit @NemesisRepubllc @ZionistAdvocate @NuttyHeritage etc etc is suspended on numerous Twitter accounts for abuse, many for abusing and lying about me, making fake accounts of me and my family, lying I stalk her etc etc.

Of course there are others she made fake accounts of, in order to be a pest, including fake accounts of a man and his wife, and she used those accounts to be abusive about their small child, and to sexually harass the man while pretending to be his wife.

Ambrosine pal of banned from UK Pam Geller?

Today she lied yet again I have had two harassment warnings from Met Police.

She used to claim I had had a caution.

All of this is total fiction. Lies.

So, I called Met Police and they took a report, I have the 'crime' ref.

I also called Northumbria Police and got a ref.

Northumbria Police checked police records online and could find no record whatsoever of these supposed caution or harassment warnings. I have no police record whatsoever.

So Ambro, perhaps I should hire your pal Mark Lewis to bring a libel case against you? ;0)

Just for the record:

Ambrosine lies again. And if she carries on lying, I will take this further. I already received advice from police on the next steps to take. 

Remember Alison Chabloz wrote, following police advice, a warning letter to Ambrosine.

An apology would be nice Ambrosine? Andrea?

Today retweeting  BNP Bonehill again?  Oh dear dear. More to come on your "unfortunate" tweets.




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