Saturday, 11 October 2014

Andrea went fishing and caught a big old trout

It's like shooting fish in a barrel, outing Andrea's lies  :0)

Aye, she hooked herself.

Yesterday Andrea told a pack of lies on Twitter. I blogged here:

Today she's claiming it was a fishing expedition to see if my address was correct re an injunction application she lied she hadn't made, which she cocked up.  She's lying again. I'm sure the court will be interested to know :0)

She had already read my blog early this morning and downloaded the (copyright) pic of the injunction letter. Andrea loves my blog. She reads it usually several times a day. :0)

Then later, she went on to Twitter and pretended her pal (her own sock puppet perhaps?) had given her the heads up about the blog. That's after she had read the blog carefully and downloaded the shot.

Much later, she posted the (copyright) photo on Twitter she had stolen from my blog. This is illegal of course.

I've already blogged about this supposed injunction. Even named the judge. She knows this as she reads my blog avidly.

She's sly and malicious and so bloody obvious. Juvenile stuff.

No Andrea the court didn't ask you to confirm if my address was correct.  More bull.

Oh look, my copyright.  DCMA takedown I think Andrea?  That's my copyright photo there you put on your blog and on Twitter?  I see your Libertarian pal Old Holborn fav'd it.  The pal you told to troll Alison Chabloz the other day on Twitter, then deleted your tweet.

Name blanked out is Andrea Da Silva Goncalves. Why so shy Andrea?

No it wasn't, not exactly, but the address you gave courts was the one you have in your possession and tweeted as a d0x.

She's messed up and knows it, and trying to get out of it by lying again.

So going to stalk me again Andrea?  Not been on that holiday here yet?

Going to get your troll pals to tweet again that they sent round a hearse?  Going to LOL about it? Oh I have so many screenshots of your nonsense. Courts will love to see them!

More nuisance calls from your pals? Or even you?

Police know where you live Andrea.

And as for an injunction. Oh yes you really do need to get a lawyer as it's clear you have no idea.

Maybe I should take one out to stop your lies and bullshit?

Lies like this which you posted on Storify?

Prompt? Promptly told you to go away and come back when you knew what you were doing?
And this?

You have no proof  at all that either Alison or I have done anything dodgy whatsoever. It's all lies. And police are not at all interested,  they have your measure. They can't be bothered to waste any more time and money on your crazed claims. You are a whining, attention seeking liar.

I haven't hounded anyone.  Alison hasn't hounded your church either. Though I think it is time I contacted the Bishop of Stepney to alert him to all this.

And the link you keep claiming to your son's school is a lie too. You're the one linked to a video of your son's school,  you posted on Twitter and other places. It's in the public domain. And anyone linking to it would be doing nothing illegal, though neither Alison nor I did so.

Alison didn't. She made a screenshot, blanked out,  no names, no link, no faces, of a tweet, with a comment.  Already blogged about it.

Have a nice day dear. Don't feeeewm too much.

Injunction? You'd need to prove all this first. You can't. It's all nonsense.

Maybe it's time I sent you a cease and desist?  Don't bother sending one to me, I will ignore it. If it in fact arrives.

See you in court then. It should be fun. You will be made to look the liar you are.

I've passed all this to Met police, Andrea's local Community Policing Team, and CID, for information. And I'll inform my solicitor. :0)

New Storify too, from Alison. Andrea does spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about Alison. For someone one minute whining her life has been a nightmare:
 she's here shown quite clearly how much in fact she enjoys the attention in reality.




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