Thursday, 9 October 2014

Andrea Urban Fox is FEWMING (sic)

 Oh dear dear. Andrea. And Councillor Karen Danczuk, her latest obsession.

Andrea is full of it today, updating her spiteful and juvenile Storifies, lost it totally.

 Oh really? But you haven't been a nasty conniving deceitful lying abusive bitch Andrea?  No question, you have, and your pals, and police are aware of that dear.  Lying about police didn't help did it? Lying to police hasn't helped either has it?

Yes this is from your blog, oh so innocent and put upon (not) Andrea:

Yes I have it all documented, many years of abuse and trolling from you and your pals.

And police have dismissed all your nonsense haven't they?  Yep. Wasting their time again.

And you carry on with it. I think I called you a hypocritical oaf.  Not got anything original to say?
 Andrea, attention seeking diva and troll?

No you were called a troll for your attention seeking spamming the McCann tag for a long time.  It's what you do.  Again Andrea, twisting truth (and by the way I see the man you are currently abusing says he's autistic. Well you don't like anyone with any sort of disability, so that's normal for you).

Sounding butthurt Andrea.


Today was business as usual, obsessively spamming tags, foaming and fuming, even trying, unsuccessfully, to troll BBC Bake Off:

Screenshots enlarge with a click

Could it be envy? Andrea not being talented, or likeable, or able to create anything beautiful? Or even original? Apparently Bake Off is dumbed down telly, but Come Dine With Me gets Andrea's approval?

And hey! Bingo!

You know Andrea, some folk feel the same about you.

Like when you called Alison Chabloz' grandfather and 21 other British soldiers killed by the nazis deserters.

Pretended to be a Christian? No decent Christian is as full of hate as you.

Like when you lied and lied and lied about me? Even impersonated me on a website to be vile? Lied I had been in contact with your church?

You retweeted an outright lie about me on Wednesday.

You had my Twitter account suspended by lying to Twitter I was under police investigation, long after your allegations were dismissed as the nonsense they were.

I could go on, but it's all here documented.

Most of this blog is about your shameless lies and hypocrisy, and general all round petty vindictiveness.

But you don't disgust me.

No. I feel sad for you, sorry for you, and that tiny intellect of yours, that overweening narcissism which is totally unwarranted, but disgust?

Nah. It's obvious that your life is petty and trivial and you clearly have no sense of irony at all. You make me laugh.

Stalker? Laughable.

Obsessive? That's you dear. Laughable.

Yep gotta love Twitter, so much fun to be had from people like you.

Andrea's latest obsession, a Labour Councillor Karen Danczuk

who Andrea claims is a 'hot chick' (cos that's all that matters in a woman, eh Andrea?)

And that those critical of her activities are jealous?  Er...  poor Andrea just doesn't get it does she?

Oh look who re tweeted that same tweet, as homage to her latest sleb crush (though Andrea doesn't like Muslims, so will not lose an opportunity to slur an entire religion):

 I see Cllr Danczuk is following Andrea. Birds of a feather?  You massage her ego? Though possibly being spammed by Andrea's Libertarian pal Old Holborn was more than she bargained for?

Father of six who is one of Britain's vilest internet trolls exposed after posting sick jokes about Hillsborough disaster

Read more:

Really? Jealous old Andrea... out of her own mouth...

Rod Liddle though. The Sun.  THE SUN?  Councillor Karen Danczuk thinks this is an acceptable way to speak of a woman? Lovely piece? Really? I'm not Janet Street Porter's biggest fan, but she did attempt to engage in meaningful discussion on Loose Women, not this sort of low level misogynist abuse:

I doubt JSP is jealous.  She's made a very good living from her brains.

Dove's back? Eh?

I think Miriam O'Reilly has the selfies issue about nailed:

 Independent on Councillor  Danczuk 

There's a good Storify here about several of the issues raised.

 No it isn't jealousy, it's the knowledge that Karen Danczuk has a large following on Twitter not because of her work as a councillor, or her intellect, but because of her selfies and her cleavage, which she exploits for personal publicity and publicity for her business.

As Miriam O'Reilly says... it has nothing to do with feminism or politics.

That awkward moment when you have no answers, and so resort to petty spite, bitching and blocking?

Oh dear. And a tad hypocritical.  One Andrea could take to heart though?

So Coun Danczuk had the power to decide the election candidate from the shortlist of four? Really? Then possibly that's something the Labour Party needs to investigate.

Oh dear.




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