Friday, 10 October 2014

Andrea Da Silva Goncalves & the injunction

Edited to include the following statement: Andrea Da Silva Goncalves, aka @_AndreaUrbanFox I reserve and retain my full legal rights over my intellectual property (which you frequently steal and reproduce) and all my other freedoms and rights under UK law. That includes my freedom of speech within the confines of the existing law and freedom to not be intimidated, cowed and silenced by your bullshit claims and lies, bullying and attempts at blackmail by continually making threats about an  non-existent 'injunction' and erroneous claims of a Cease & Desist. And if you have this post taken down by lying to Google again,  as you so often have, I will repost it on another platform.  

Update 11 October: She continues to lie.  Caught lying, she thinks lying further will get her off the hook. Idiotic.

Andrea is lying again today. Yes again. And yes...

No it's not news I know, her lying, a small recap:

I know, I know... it's nothing new.  Day in, day out, Andrea lies. And fumes. And basically sounds the nasty piece of baggage she is. 

But this is a biggie. 

On September 8th, Andrea went to County Court of Shoreditch and Clerkenwell and tried to take out an injunction against Alison Chabloz and myself. That's poor Andrea the victim... not.

Her bonkers complaints to police, after CID wasted time investigating, were dismissed, so Andrea thought she'd try it on with civil action.

I have a recent email from CID Andrea, basically saying they have more important things to do than waste time on your BS, after I offered to help with their 'inquiries' into your most recent butthurt whining.

Direct quote:

I am not prepared to devote valuable resources to investigating such matters when there are far more serious and real offences being committed against very vulnerable people.

The previous attempt was dismissed too. Wasting police time? Tut.

Monday September 8th 2014

Yes Andrea, you turned up without a clue didn't you?

Naturally, being Andrea, she cocked it up, and also forgot that Alison and I would be entitled to a hearing, a defence and rebuttal. 

And today she lied through her teeth again. 

Well, we all know who the attention seeker is Andrea... you. Pitiful. You need to go get some help for all the problems swilling around inside that head, particularly the obsessive compulsive lying disorder. 

Mmm? Well, nothing connected with your injunction attempt regarding Alison and myself. 

Andrea, we are still waiting. Whatever the claims you are now making, the lies you are telling, you went to court to try to take out an injunction. And failed to do that correctly.

How do I know?

The court wrote to me. You didn't get my address quite correct, but the letter did reach me eventually. I laughed.

I have no doubt you received the same letter Andrea.

Update:Yes she did, with her own name in full,  and posted a copy on her own blog for a while. I have the URL and screenshots.

Here it is. I will scan properly and repost later. 

This photograph is my copyright and no permission is given for reproduction.

So, you given up have you? Just so you know, I'm happy to pay for a decent lawyer, as you have no case whatsosever, and I will be seeking costs from you, if you try it on again.

I feel sorry for any child being brought up in a morass of deceit by a bullying liar. What sort of role model would that be?

And I remind Andrea  and anyone else reading this her claims there is a legal Cease and Desistin place is also not true.

I have emailed this blog post to police,  all those whose time she wasted in her latest round of butthurt, as a record of Andrea's further inability to be honest.  In any court, she would be deemed a totally unreliable witness. 



  1. What a lying scumbag this woman is. Keep up the good work, this blog is fascinating reading,

  2. Great blog, What a twat...What air does she breath? addicted to Bullshit as I am Tobacco no doubt.

  3. Got it in one. Thanks. She's the biggest liar I've ever come across.