Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Andrea read my blog

Apparently it made her happy. Good. I'm pleased she also read the Cease and  Desist then :0)

This one.

I've been having some interesting correspondence with Wordpress over Andrea's farcical claims.

I've also been looking again at her history of whining in takedown notices, mainly ignored.

I love this one. (Action taken? They read and ignored you.)

Remember Andrea's BANNED troll accounts @GotABoneToPick and @_Newsextra?

Of course all her complaints to police have been dismissed. Anyone can get a ref Andrea. All calls to police are given one. It doesn't mean a crime has been committed.

Ah yes.
(That's many times BANNED Sheryl McNaught and your far right, Muslim hating loon mate ET aka Dave is it?)

Also this?  As stated many times, police dismissed all your allegations and no pics of  'underage' (under what age? Makes no sense) children have been posted on this blog. This does appear to confirm Andrea misled Twitter however:

(I'm so many people on Twitter according to Andrea... this week she claimed I'm @UKIPMaths. Oh how I laughed!)

By the way, Andrea, 14th October 2014, from  a senior officer at your local police force to me ... though I haven't so far bothered to forward to Twitter:

I can confirm that there is no current police investigations ongoing that name you as a suspect, or evidence that you have acted inappropriately via Twitter other social media to my knowledge.
Please forward this message to the necessary authority at Twitter to have your account reinstated.
Best wishes.

(Name supplied) 

Neighbourhood Policing
Tower Hamlets Borough

Nope, CID wasn't at all happy with your lies. 

Golly... what dubious means were these I used to get her full name? The one she claims she doesn't use on the internet?

Perhaps it was gained from her bullshit claims to Twitter and Blogger? Freely available on the internet? As submitted by herself?

Or here, though she later made attempts to change this and impersonate me (all very bizarre)

As for the claims she's Jewish, isn't she Church of England?

And er... wasn't it Trent Reznor who called her a pig, not me? Antisemitic? Don't be silly.

That photo... not Andrea's copyright was it? And fair usage in the circumstances.

Yes, her attempts to silence me from telling the truth about Andrea make interesting reading. All freely available on the interwebz.

And Andrea, I reserve and retain my full legal rights over my intellectual property and all my other freedoms and rights under UK law. That includes my freedom of speech within the confines of the existing law and freedom to not be intimidated, cowed and silenced by your bullshit claims and lies.



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