Sunday, 16 November 2014

OCD Andrea?

No, I have no idea what email notification she received that she needed to froth about it on Twitter. Or is it that Alison Chabloz created a new Storify, and as Andrea CHOSE to follow Alison's Storifies she was automatically notified? Yes there's one tweet from Andrea there too.  (It's OK when Andrea makes Storifies to lie and smear  and use her vocabulary of foul language of course...)

But it strikes me the one who doesn't understand Cease & Desist is Andrea.  I'm not sure her legal knowledge is actually that great.

Hope she'll eventually Cease & Desist telling lies about me, impersonating me, attempting juvenile smear campaigns against me along with her pals, and all the rest of her nonsense.  Evidently evidence is something which passes her by too. See umpteen entries on this blog, exposing her lies and defamation and bizarre allegations.  That's on top of her theft of my copyright work many times over.

Perhaps I should seek an injunction? ;0)

Does she have #OCD?  Sounds like she's playing silly games again to me. Silly b*gger.

But Andrea the troll does have links with many EDL supporters doesn't she?  Yes she does. And what about the troll account (suspended for years of abuse of me and others all over the internet)  your best Twitter "pal"  @EDLNewsExtra aka @_Newsextra and before that a fake account of me @NemesisRepubllc?

Andrea certainly shares a hatred of Muslims with EDL and attempts still to denigrate the anti-hate work of @TellMAMAUK.  Thankfully, that only makes her look more stupid.

So this report is biased crap is it? She obviously hasn't read it.

Of course Andrea is a Church of England communicant. Her Sunday churchgoing appears not to have taught her anything about tolerance.

Is it any wonder police dismiss her as time wasting?

Not so innocent Andrea.

Oh... and she's not a feminist either. Though I doubt really rabid Andrea has much idea of what that means. But hey. She's no beauty,  though she deludes herself she is, and I wonder how much she's getting?

Could explain all that bitterness? No female role model is Andrea. No role model at all. She's just a sad old troll, really.

She loves the Sainsbury's WWI ad too. My grandfather and his relatives who fought in WWI I doubt would have agreed with her, but what could they know?

If it sells chocolate, their sacrifices were clearly not in vain. Andrea perhaps should 'get a life'. Many who were slaughtered (for what?) in WWI  were not so lucky.

Next year... Angel of Mons to flog mince pies?

I see your suspended on numerous Twitter accounts for harassment and abuse pal Ambrosine Shitrit  / Chetrit  is still at it. I'm sure Twitter will catch up with her latest harassment soon. Hasn't she had a warning worded by police not to abuse Alison? Years of harassment and lying Ambrosine?  You and all those fake and troll accounts?

Still lying about your address too I note. It's in the public domain luvvie. It's not illegal for a lawyer to write to you about your abuse.




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