Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oooh er missus... Andrea carries on trolling

 An update. Original post below.

Dear Andrea

No it has nothing to do with me.

Nothing at all.  Thanks for reading my blog again and obsessing though.

No doubt the Community Security Trust was thrilled to have your repulsive pal Keano spam them with abuse. I'll let them know about the pair of you, and update police. You do yourselves no favours, do you?  I think I recall that pic first tweeted by your YadBYadUK pal Sheryl McNaught (suspended on so many Twitter accounts) claiming it was me. Perhap she got confused with her own reflection?

Ageist and sexist. Dear dear. That's on top of the antiMuslim hate?

Another of Andrea's troll pals is one 'Emma Bunsen', claims to be a Human Rights Lawyer (yeah right) and 'free speech advocate', in reality another foul mouthed trolling abuser it seems?

 Charming. I bet the Community Security Trust loves being spammed by the collected pals of Andrea.

Andrea of course is well known for her foul mouth. Looks like she's found another friend! An anti-feminist too, apparently.

 'Emma' follows only a selected handful on Twitter.  Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin... Andrea? Well well!

Oh and Andrea...  Twitter removed another copyright theft? A photo you stole?  Tut Andrea.

Original post:

Poor Andrea Urban Fox.  She so hates being ignored, she continues to make stuff up in order to be the attention seeking drama queen.

 I fail to understand quite why she carries on posting her blog at every opportunity (the one where she illegally downloaded and posted a photo of mine, again, she's a thief... the one where she sounds so butthurt... and sort of obsessed...) and laughably goes on about a non existent 'cease and desist' (which basically isn't worth the paper it isn't printed on, but reality and Andrea are poles apart)?

Well, maybe it's time Andrea ceased stealing my copyright photographs, obsessing, and telling lies about me?

As for the supposed 'injunction' she keeps tweeting about which doesn't exist either -  I  look forward to her proving in court I've done the things she's lied I have.  And I have no doubt her lies and her abuse and her pretending to be me in order to troll me and bully me wouldn't go down too well in court either. Yes Andrea, I would have the chance to point out these things. You don't smell of roses.

I blog in order to refute her lies. She carries on lying.

Basically, she 's flaming as she's been ignored. She doesn't like being ignored. Doesn't suit her PITY ME I'M A VICTIM agenda.

Police have told her repeatedly to go away and stop wasting their time, especially after I have made them aware of just how many lies Andrea has told about me, and they have investigated and agree apparently, but she persists in her lies and her bullying and trolling and farcical claims I stalk her.

Now as I know, and so does Alison, Andrea's suspended troll accounts include  @_Newsextra and @GotaBoneToPick and she wasn't AFAIK any of the (growing number of suspended for abuse and making numerous new accounts against Twitter rules) YadbyadUK  Ambrosine Shitrit's accounts,  I can't see either of us making the basic error made by an account Andrea also claims is us.

Obsessed much Andrea?

Andrea is of course one of Ambrosine Shitrit's (Chetrit) poodles, favouriting and retweeting the lying abusive tweets which got Ambrosine BANNED from Twitter.

Oh and the Community Security Trust, who Andrea and her nasty pals have been spamming on Twitter @CST_UK is well aware of Ambrosine,  who won't report her pals for antisemitism but did lie to them last year about me. I suspect by now they have Andrea on their IDIOT radar too.

Nothing to do with me Andrea Da Silva Goncalves of Bethnal Green, #Shoreditch, #lyingtoad, and I don't think it's Alison Chabloz either. But hey everyone on Twitter is us, eh?

(I wish Andrea would learn to use the apostrophe.)

Looks as though word is out about Andrea :0) spam and a bully?  So once told the truth, Andrea blocks.  And what's telling about who 'it' follows and who follows it? Look at who Andrea follows and tweets with... all manner of nasties.

Her repulsive  EDL supporting pal Keano for one.

Oh the hilarity, like Andrea thinks it's amusing to call me #slug and Alison a bad pub singer.

Footie ref as in reference, dumbo. Keano. Fake name, Keano's too much of a coward to use his own name to spread his lies and abuse people.

Yes a charmer is Keano. Sick man, Andrea apparently loves his sick bile and lies.

But what you really don't want is for us to ignore you do you, Andrea?   Doesn't suit your trolling agenda and your flaming. You want attention, can't live without it. So you lie through your teeth. Again.

Paying a spam account to give #FF? Not sure how that works, but looking at all your spam followers maybe you have insider info?

No skin off my nose, nothing to do with me. I strongly suspect nothing to do with Alison either

Well, here's a thing. Why not ignore what you claim are trolls and don't respond? Not at all?  Or is it that you like to encourage enough tweets in response, order you can report to Twitter?

And you waste time making pointless Storifies, and fuming and obsessing, while wailing you are being trolled and that life's too short?  I'd put you and your pals in the category of ignorant.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I think Andrea needs help. Intervention. Counselling.

She's pathetic.



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