Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Andrea Urban Fox is stalking me!

I joined Appnet yesterday. I made one post.

Today I was sent a link to Andrea's account. It seems the charm bypass is still effective.

This sort of stuff doesn't make her look the innocent she likes to claim she is, does it?

I see she's already got a number of the slimeballs of the internet as her bosom buddies. Birds of a feather etc...

She should read the Terms and Conditions of Appnet. Very interesting.  Several breaches already, Andrea. 


Oh look, she's read this already. Must be stalking my Twitter timeline LOL!

I made one post. I only just joined. She sought out my account to get all foamy about.  Oh the hilarity!

LOL! Poor dear. Butthurt cream needed again eh? Remember... Andrea was the one doing all the foaming and bitching and stalking... I mean, if she has me blocked on Appnet and Twitter why is she reading my posts?? 

Updated 5pm August 6th 


Looks like Andrea is indulging in a spot of illegal activity, and clear harassment. 

Not so innocent as she tries to pretend. I wonder what Tower Hamlets police think?

A repost and a star. Nasty stuff. 

And oh look.

Oh my word. Narcissistic or what? 

Has she shown herself up again to be odious, low minded, spiteful, self obsessed,  lacking in humanity, and dull? You decide.  I made one tiny post on App Net.  Andrea did the rest.  There's more but it's sooo tedious. 

And the woman who lied I put her address and phone number on line is quite happy to do that to me and others.

Best tiptoe quietly away. She's not rational is she?


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