Tuesday, 20 August 2013

This is for my stalker...

I really would have been unaware of this without my stalker.  It thinks it is being clever. Well, no. It has been very stupid.

But thanks. More to come.



I have today heard from the Community Security Trust.

 Mrs Shitrit / Chetrit has made a *cough* major error and I am exonerated. I think she has a great deal of explaining to do and some apologising.

Smearing me as antisemitic to an official body (which is the gist of all this) with no evidence that I was the person behind a vile Twitter account isn't really too wise.  Quite how what was supposed to be a confidential letter to her was published on the internet in the first place perhaps she can explain too?

I'm sure the troll spreading it around can explain from where the photo came. Thanks however. :0) Without you I would have been totally unaware of this matter.

(Explanation... as I was not allowed to post this comment where the original  letter from CST was published I instead put it here)

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