Monday, 22 July 2013

Poor Andrea Urban Fox, still deluded.

Brief post. I got sent this as a link, I don't normally read the silly woman's tedious and foul mouthed tweets. As the attention seeking fruitcake likes to refer to me as her 'stalker' (yes she is that stupid) I thought a response was in order.

I'm sure extreme frothing, protecting her tweets, hysteria etc will ensue. Still chuckling...

Oh well.  I'm sure she'll get over her butthurt at me blocking her and showing her up for the liar she is one day (see previous blogs).

I had to chuckle at this too...

 Not Andrea's photo copyright and  Tower Hamlets police have not made any complaint. Deemed fair usage #Blogger 

Looks like her reputation is well known.



  1. Wow, talk about stalking? How's Trent Andrea?

    1. You've read her crazed blogs about me? Clearly she needs help and counselling.